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Asthma Inhalers Before Surgery

I am 27,BMI of 19.2,have mild asthma and dont take inhalers unless i start wheezing which is usually due to excessive laughing or hay fever/allergies... READ MORE

I Have Asthma Problem but Want Rhinoplasty, is It Possible in This Situation?

I also want to know the approximate cost complete rhinoplasty.that would be helpful to figure it out my economy. READ MORE

Under what circumstances would septorhinoplasty be covered by insurance? (photos)

My deviated septum is caused by a deviation in the structure of my nose. I am prone to sinus infections an and have trouble breathing. I also have... READ MORE

Have I Damaged my Nose After This Injury?

I was training about 4-5 months back when I suffered an injury to my nose as someone accidentally stomped on my nose from the right side to the left.... READ MORE

Getting rhinoplasty, scared I won't wake up? What's the chance of dying during this procedure?

Hello, I am getting rhinoplasty on the 11th September in the UK at a good hospital. I'm happy with my chosen surgeon he works in... READ MORE

Risks of anaesthetic on a asthmatic patient undergoing rhinoplasty?

Are there any pre op tests to be done to determine whether im at risk? My asthma is generally under control but i often experience wheezing and... READ MORE

I have an anxiety disorder and asthma, I want to get nose surgery. Should I get it?

Since 5 years old I have not had an Asthma attack and never used my inhaler. READ MORE

Should I be worried about the possibility of dying under anesthesia? I have a 5 year old and I'm thinking worst case scenario.

I will be getting a septo/rhinoplasty done. I have a deviated septum as well as nasal valve collapse. My symptoms are generally not feeling like I can... READ MORE

Should I have Rhinoplasty? Costs? (photos)

I have always considered my nose to be large or at least to big for my small frame/face. But if I were to get one, how much would it cost and how much... READ MORE

Will there be higher risks in a nose job procedure if I have asthma?

I have childhood asthma and i have to carry an inhaler if i engage in sporting activities. READ MORE

For Rhinoplasty, would you suggest being numbed and sedation? My first event was frightening.

During the beginning of the surgery I Had general anesthesia. The procedure had not started but my pressure dropped my heart skipped stopped and then... READ MORE

Is it safe to undergo rib cartilage rhinoplasty if you have asthma? Would it make the risk of pneumothorax higher for me?

Is it safe to harvest my rib cartilage to make my nose bridge taller even if I have asthma? I read pneumothorax is a possible risk, would it make the... READ MORE

If I did not have an allergic reaction to IV sedation, will I be okay with general anesthesia during my Rhinoplasty?

Having rhinoplasty done and very nervous!! Procedure will be done in hospital OR. I have PVCs, asthma, hypothyroid, and anxiety READ MORE

Have had septorhinoplasty - asthma has gotten a lot worse - can't breathe from one nostril. (Photo)

Have had septorhinoplasty - asthma has gotten alot worse - can't breathe from one nostril. Doctor has recommended mometasone spray for a few months -... READ MORE

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