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Cortisol Injection to Correct Large Nostril?

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, with a minor revision a year later for a "drooping tip. I may be looking way far into this, but my left nostril is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Swelling 3 Years After Surgery

It's been 3 years, but my nose still doesn't look like it did right after the rhinoplasty. will it ever? READ MORE

Can Revision Help Me? my Nose is Ruined! Too Small, Crooked,wide, Uneven Nostrils. Looks Piggish and Crooked? (photo)

My nose was really nice., but my girlfriend married a plastic surgeon who will remain nameless! he said he didn't like my nose and could straighten it... READ MORE

Does It Look Like I Have a Collapsed Nasal Valve? Will Fixing It Improve the Asymmetry I Have? (photo)

I had a Rhinoplasty 3 years ago to remove a big dorsal hump. Apparently this is the prime cause of a collapsed nasal valve. My breathing is not great,... READ MORE

Swelling 3 Years Post Septo/rhinoplasty. What Should I Do? (photo)

I am middle eastern w thick skin. I had a large bulbous tip as well as a big hump. I had a dev. left septum. I now have a nice profile view but 3/4... READ MORE

Reduction of Middle Turbinate Can Cause Nose Bleed?

I have done tonsillectomy, septoplasty and bilateral terbinate reduction. My nose still bleed it's been 3 years now. What can cause of my nose bleed?... READ MORE

I Had a Nose Job About 3 Years Ago and Still Have Congestion What Can I Do to Make This Better?

I thought this would go away but it hasn't my nose is always stuffed with mucus. I know it's not structural because sometimes it clears out and I know... READ MORE

Nose Filler After Rhinoplasty Recommended? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 moths ago and im sure my tip is not like i thought. i was wondering if its convenient to use a filler to rise the tip just a little? READ MORE

Swelling of Nose Three Years After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Three years after my rhinoplasty my nose is still tender and swells alot and gets really red when i am getting hot. ie:when i am out in the summer or... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness After 3 Years of Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi. I am 31 yrs old and i would like to ask for a medical advice about my present condition. I have underwent a rhinoplasty for 3 years now.Although... READ MORE

CT Scan Results For Sinus Infection. Will He Know I Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, where I had my nose narrowed (walls and tip), had a hump removed, and had the tip straigtened. Recently, my ENT... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty? Surgery 3 Years Ago and it Doesn't Look Much Different From the Front? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago but they didn't really touch the tip, just straightened the bridge, which although has improved my nose has left me... READ MORE

3 Years Post Rhino, Unhappy With Results. What Was Done? What Can Be Done? (photo)

3 years ago I had a rhinoplasty. I only asked to make my nose slightly small and less wide. But now I have: -A scoop nose; -Tip bigger&harder than... READ MORE

3 Years Post Nose Job my Dog Bit my Nose, is the Little Hard Bump Under the Bite Permanent?

I had a nose job 3 years ago and 3 days ago my dog bit my nose. He pierced through the skin and I now have a hard bump under the bite cut. It's... READ MORE

3 years post op Male Rhinoplasty and Too Drastic of a Change to Accept?

Hi, I had male rhinoplasty 3 years ago and initially was very happy with result (until swelling went down and my nose became very small). My nose... READ MORE

I Believe I May Have Damaged My Nose Three Years Rhinoplasty Post-Op.

I understand that after about 9 months should be full strength following rhinoplasty. I had this done (so-so pleased) about 3 years ago. But last week... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty 3 Years Ago and the Tip of my Nose is Very Swollen on One Side?

Rhinoplasty 3 years ago aged 39. I revisited my surgeon Dec 2011. He told me it was swollen, enlarged, not my imagination, possible skin infection?... READ MORE

Gortex nose job, nose infection, eroded skin, suture abscess? Please help!!!

I got a nose job 3 years ago and had gortex put in and received filler injection, then an abcess appeared inside my nose. I thought it wasnt anything.... READ MORE

Would a Revision Help This Crooked Nose? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago and it went fairly well except my frontal view still bothers me. The right side is totally flat and the left side... READ MORE

Why does my nose swell after/while wearing glasses 3 years post-op rhinoplasty?

I’m 3 years post op rhinoplasty. Whenever I wear eyeglasses, my nose swells - the bridge and tip swell and gets more bulbous, looks p... READ MORE

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