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I'm 40 years old and I've been debating trying...

I'm 40 years old and I've been debating trying Sculptra for a long time. I'm a runner, very active and typically burn thru fillers within 2 months. After going to a few PS and other RN's and not getting good results, and by not good, I mean I looked weird and unnatural! I finally found a bunch of great reviews on yelp for Michelle Hunter RN( I think it's called Zona Med Spa, it's in Scottsdale) . I've been going to her for about two years. Love her!
I had it done around noon today so it will take a while to see actual results. (6-9 months). My face is a bit swollen/sore in the cheek area but no bruising. ... at least not yet.. I've been taking arnica and massaging every couple hours as directed. I'm hopeful! I'll be going back in 4 weeks to see if we need to add one or two more. I will update later as I know more. I will add the pix they took today so you can see before/after.


I'm more swollen today than I was after the injection- thankful I don't have any public events to attend today. It's also a little sore but nothing that interferes with my day. I'm massaging five times a day and started icing this morning. I also started talking tumeric for the swelling. Probably should've started yesterday! Oops!
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