43 Y/o with 4 Kids Never Breastfed - Yellow Springs, OH

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I just had my initial consultation for breast...

I just had my initial consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Rigano in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He may be the nicest person I have ever met! His demeanor makes you feel completely comfortable and since he's been doing this for over 25 years he ends of answering questions you didn't even think to ask! He works with you ton determine what size and type of implant works best with your frame based on the look that you want to achieve, without steering you into a particular direction. When I asked question no about what might be best (no matter what it was, placement, size, projection) he explained pros and cons of each and also let me know what would would work best for me based on what I wanted my breasts to look like. I made an appointment right after the consultation and I can't wait!!! I'm still undecided on size, but he helped me narrow it down and gave me enough info that I'll be able to look online at other women with my same frame and we're gut to determine what I want. I have my pre-op a week before the surgery and we'll do one more set of measurements and make a final decision on on size. I can't wait!
I'm 5'6" 180lbs 38C (deflated) I'm getting high profile saline with either 550cc or 600 cc's

Pre-op appt 10/18/16

My pre-op with Dr. Rigano is tomorrow and my surgery is next Wed 10/26/16
I'm soooo excited, I've been waiting for this for over 16 years!
I'm 43 175lbs 5'7" 38 deflated C (currently)
BWD 14
Plan on 500HP Round Silicone, but after looking at so many profiles I am considering 600cc. PS says my stats allow for up to 800cc but also warned me of potential problems with XL implants. So I'm definitely not wanting to go too large since my skin is probably a little softer and thinner since I'm older. I know 500 and 600 isn't much of a difference, so if anyone has any suggestions or pics they want to share I'd love any input from all of you awesome gals before I make my final decision tomorrow at the Pre-op

Pre-op appt today

Had my pre-op to make my final decision on size. I'm going with 500/525cc or 600/625cc (depending on what looks better when he puts them in) HP Silicone Dual-plane so I should go from a 38c to a 38DD hopefully. I'm super excited, only 7 days left!!
Stats: 5'7 170lbs 38 deflated C

1Day post Op, I love them!

They are final here!!! And even though they are very high and tight, I can tell they are are going to lol great!! I was already able to take a shower and get up and walk around a little. With the help of my family I've been on my pain meds regularly so I'm in almost no pain at all, my husband even sets his alarm to give me them on the middle of the night. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Rigano did an amazing job. They are still snoopyish (is that a word? LOL) but I can tell when they drop and fluff they will be amazing.
He did 550cc in left and 600cc in right. Silicone HP
Pic with mad chihuahua is before and flowers are 1 day after surgery. I don't know how some of you girls take such amazing pics because mine always seem lopsided and weird haha. But you can still see the changes from before to after

Post Op Day 2

The pain really isn't as bad as I had anticipated and I have virtually no bruising. I can move a round pretty well, but am totally milking it for the next couple of days since my family is taking such good care of me, hehe.

Post op day 3

I'm not taking anymore pain meds today, just Advil and ice. They are still very high and swollen. They definitely look like snoopy boobs and I need to remind myself that they will eventually drop into the pocket and look amazing, but I will admit it's scary when they don't immediately look perfect. I'm so glad that other ladies post tons of pics during their journey, so I can see their changes and not get discouraged.

1Week Post -Op

Stats-5'7" 180lbs 500cc/550cc Mentor HP smooth silicone Bi-Lateral Placement
So I had my 1 week check up yesterday and got my boobie birthday card from my doctor. Before surgery we talked about maybe doing 550cc/600cc (fixing asymmetry) but my official size is 500cc left and 550cc right. My nipples feel absolutely raw and morning boob is REAL!!! Uuugh! By doc has me massaging my breasts at least 5x a day do prevent capsular contracture and to help them drop. They are still super high and I hate them right now. I didn't even want to post pics, but I am so that any other women that see this, or feel this way know that they aren't alone. I really wanted to come out of surgery looking like a bombshell and even though I read a million profiles of women that said they looked horrible for at least a couple of weeks, I thought they looked great and I wasn't expecting these results. It's not my docs fault, it's my anatomy and I know with time they will be amazing. So here the pics, warning: they look deformed ???

1 week post op bruising

The bruising is getting lighter and stitches are healing well.

Update- Boobie Blues -Feeling Better ????

I'm feeling so much better today, boobie blues really suck! I'm glad that there is a place for all of us (guys :) and girls) to come and feel so loved and supported during this life changing event.
I'm not sure if it was a combo on being tired from not really sleeping well since I've had to sleep on my back, and not having pooed in almost 8 days and mixing in larger implants that were still sore. But I was having a heck of a time loving my new gals. Well I finally got some sleep last night, finally went to the restroom and my boobies finally aren't completely sore and aching when I got up this morning, so I feel great! I looked at the pics I posted earlier and realized that my boobs don't look anything like I was making them out to be, they aren't perfect yet, but there is nothing indicating that they won't be. They are positioned perfectly and will give me the perkiness that was promised when they finally drop and they are huge compared to what I had. I just need to keep massaging them and they will drop into their gorgeous positions in no time. Thanks to all the gals on here that have been so sweet and encouraging, Y'all have been wonderful and I completely appreciate it.
Stats: 5'7 -180lbs-500cc -HP-Round -Silicone-Mentor

12 Days Post Op

I think they are starting to drop a little bit. They aren't as sore and I'm sleeping better. There're still pretty high and tight and I will finally be getting my stitches out tomorrow at my 2 week check up. Victoria's Secret is having a flash sale tonight and it's so hard to not buy a new bra based on what I hope my size will be ):

3 weeks post op

So I've been having crazy Boobie blues and was hating that I didn't look exactly like I had imagined I would. Then my right breast got pretty sore from using a staple gun while I was getting my chicken coop ready for this big winter blast we were expecting. Anyways... I was sure that I somehow messed up my boob, so I massaged and iced twice as much as usual and HOT DAMN! It must have helped them drop a little because I woke up this morning and they look amazing! My cousin showed up today to stay for the week of Thanksgiving and asked what kind of bra I had on because my Tatas looked huge yet perky!!! What??? I had on a super stretchy sports bra and I hadn't told anyone in my family that I had surgery, I didn't go huge and I figured nobody would notice anyways. Totally knocked me right out of my funk!!! I was having some serious boob greed and wished I had asked for at least 700cc. I've seen a lot of women say that around 3 months is when they really look great and for the first month you may not even want to look at them, so I try to remember that when I feel like they're too small. They definitely have a lot more dropping to do and a heck of a lot of fluffing, but they are finally starting to turn into the amazing boobies that my PS promised. I'll upload progress pics tomorrow

2 Month Update

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks since my surgery, it seems like it's been sooo much longer!! I will admit I've had Boobie greed on more than one occasion, but love having the ability to keep them concealed when "big ol boobies" are called for Lol!! I have gained some weight over the holidays which I feel my my girls look smaller, but now that I'm feeling better I'll be back in the gym starting tomorrow!!

6 Month update

Hi ladies! I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I'd post a pic or two :)

6 month update

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while and figured I'd add a few pics to show how much they have changed!! I absolutely love them.
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rigano is so nice, personable and takes as much time with you as you need. I did not feel rushed for even one minute.

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