43 Y/o with 4 Kids Never Breastfed - Yellow Springs, OH

I just had my initial consultation for breast...

I just had my initial consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Rigano in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He may be the nicest person I have ever met! His demeanor makes you feel completely comfortable and since he's been doing this for over 25 years he ends of answering questions you didn't even think to ask! He works with you ton determine what size and type of implant works best with your frame based on the look that you want to achieve, without steering you into a particular direction. When I asked question no about what might be best (no matter what it was, placement, size, projection) he explained pros and cons of each and also let me know what would would work best for me based on what I wanted my breasts to look like. I made an appointment right after the consultation and I can't wait!!! I'm still undecided on size, but he helped me narrow it down and gave me enough info that I'll be able to look online at other women with my same frame and we're gut to determine what I want. I have my pre-op a week before the surgery and we'll do one more set of measurements and make a final decision on on size. I can't wait!
I'm 5'6" 180lbs 38C (deflated) I'm getting high profile saline with either 550cc or 600 cc's

Pre-op appt 10/18/16

My pre-op with Dr. Rigano is tomorrow and my surgery is next Wed 10/26/16
I'm soooo excited, I've been waiting for this for over 16 years!
I'm 43 175lbs 5'7" 38 deflated C (currently)
BWD 14
Plan on 500HP Round Silicone, but after looking at so many profiles I am considering 600cc. PS says my stats allow for up to 800cc but also warned me of potential problems with XL implants. So I'm definitely not wanting to go too large since my skin is probably a little softer and thinner since I'm older. I know 500 and 600 isn't much of a difference, so if anyone has any suggestions or pics they want to share I'd love any input from all of you awesome gals before I make my final decision tomorrow at the Pre-op

Pre-op appt today

Had my pre-op to make my final decision on size. I'm going with 500/525cc or 600/625cc (depending on what looks better when he puts them in) HP Silicone Dual-plane so I should go from a 38c to a 38DD hopefully. I'm super excited, only 7 days left!!
Stats: 5'7 170lbs 38 deflated C
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rigano is so nice, personable and takes as much time with you as you need. I did not feel rushed for even one minute.

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