Years and Years of Botched Rhinoplasty and Revisions

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I decided to have rhinoplasty performed by a...

I decided to have rhinoplasty performed by a surgeon whose claim to fame was being hailed by Donald Trump as the one he trusted to operate on his beauty pageant contestants. Another factor was the modest discount I received because of my own connections with that industry.

The doctor was very nice but his work was crap. In retrospect, I had a very beautiful tip that probably just needed to be raised. He cut into it and it looked off and crooked. Two revisions later and the tip took on a peculiar look as if it were just hanging off my nose. It drooped noticeably and crookedly. Every photo I took reflected this. He had attempted to fix the cartilage by piling more on it. As I said, my tip should not have been cut into in the first place.

I saved up and went to another doctor who was supposed to excellent with noses. Unfortunately, I did not heed his arrogance as a warning NOT to go with him. And while he may have been a decent surgeon for a primary rhino, he was WORSE than the initial surgeon. He performed a close rhino and narrowed my nostrils which I absolutely did not want done. I am not caucasian and he tried to give me a cookie cutter caucasian nose. But even worse? He totally F'd up my breathing! I have NEVER had breathing issues. To this day I still cannot breathe properly. Something inside my nose collapsed. I was so shocked to discover that all the mucus coming out of my nose wasn't a part of the recovery process but a result of the trauma inflicted on the insides. I hadn't realized this until a year later because I thought maybe it was still swollen from too many operations. Otherwise, I might have sued.

Aesthetically, the tip still drooped except now my nostrils were narrower and I could not breathe. I was SO angry I never went back.

Flash forward to 2006 and Beverly Hills, CA. Finally, a decent revision. Not perfect but the best nose job of them all. However, I was being nitpicky and wanted the bottom of the tip flatter. The doctor clipped cartilage from both sides using a closed technique. My nose is now slightly crooked and looks longer and more pinched and does not photograph very well. I am still kicking myself for not leaving it at nose job number 5. I am tempted to ask the same doctor to make it look like number 5 again but am worried it will be worse. The only thing I can of doing is to maybe have some silicon injected into the sides to make it look less pinched and more generous and even.

All in all, I regret ever messing with my God given nose. It was perfect as it was and extremely photogenic. The bridge is too narrow, the nostrils too closed looking, and I cannot breathe. I implore you to only go to someone who does noses almost exclusively. This has been a big waste of money and worse, besides the breathing issue, is that I don't photograph the same whatsover. BIG MISTAKE.

My advice for aspiring actors and models? Just because you don't look the way something looks in person, if it translates beautifully on camera or on film then DO NOT MESS WITH A GOOD THING. I spoke with another Beverly Hills surgeon and he told me that he often sees people who are shocked at how different they look on camera after someone else has worked on them.

Email me for the name of all three doctors

I recommend the third doctor for a revision but the first two doctors I don't recommend whatsoever.

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