19, 34D, breast uplift with no implants!

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I'm having my breast uplift in 3 weeks! Can't...

I'm having my breast uplift in 3 weeks! Can't believe I'm actually doing it I'm so scared.
I have 34DD breasts, I am happy with the size but there just so droopy.

I've got my pre op appointment on the 27th of May and my operation date is the 6th of June. I've got my post surgical bra and everything that I need. I'm so scared! I will post some before pictures soon!

My op is a week today!

So I'm starting to get nervous now, I'm so excited though. I've got everything I need for my operation.

Just a few things I'm unsure about, I've been told to take arnica tablets a few days before my surgery, my surgery is on Monday so shall I start on Saturday and do I still take them even on the Monday morning before surgery?

I really hope I get the result I want, I have a lot of breast tissue so my surgeon said I wouldn't need implants, but I just hope I still get a nice pert shape to them!

He said I will have a slightly longer scar around the side as I have a random bit of breast tissue that keeps on going round under my armpit so I'm getting that taken away ( you will see what I mean in the pictures I'm going to post)

1 day left until my breast uplift

So there's only 1 day left until my operation, I can't wait now. I can't wait to just see them done so I can stop worrying. I hope they are shaped better aswel as lifted!

I have started taking my arnica tablets this morning and packed my bag for my stay in hospital so I am pretty much all ready to go!

Really hope I get the boobs that I want!

I will post pictures of them as soon as I can after my operation.

1 day post op.

So I have just woken up. I've got a bit of pain not much, more of an aching back if anything. Still can't keep food down I just keep throwing it up for some reason. My surgeon said he would take away the bit of breast tissue which was arkward let hanging around the side but he decided to use lipo on it instead so I am very swollen there, it looks much bigger at the moment than it actually did to start with but he said he's took a good amount away and the swelling will reduce.
In terms of my boobs, already I can see how perky they are, I havnt had any size taken away, I can't see them because there covered in big plasters but the shape looks good!

Few more pics.

As I said before I had a bit of breast tissue that went right round under my armpit and made me look like I had a roll of fat, I'm putting a close up picture of it on now before and after having lipo on it, even though from the front it looks bigger and very swollen, the roll from the side is actually gone which is good, I'll upload the pictures now and a few more!

2 days post op.

I went back today because one boob was bleeding slightly more than the other and my next appointment isn't until Monday so I wanted to be on the safe side. It was fine and nothing to worry about just bleeding abit, so I got the left boob re-dressed and managed to get a quick picture before they re-dressed it. Hopefully my dressings will be off next week so I can get some proper pictures!

4 days post op.

These god damn bandages! Honestly I will be so happy to have them off, the nurse said I might get them off on Monday so in praying I do or I'll have to wait another week! They are making me so itchy and plus I just want to see my boobs! I have no patience haha I just want them off!

It will be the best feeling when they come off! I'll feel much more comfortable!

Here is a few pictures, my side bird are still very swollen but my boobs are started to feel slightly softer now, still quite hard though.

Starting to take shape abit now.

My boobs are starting to soften abit now and feel abit more like boobs instead of rocks haha! They seem to be sitting into place nicely, I'm just dieing to get these bandages off and have a good look at them.

Starting to feel better...

I'm starting to feel abit more comfortable today, my swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit so I think that has helped. I'm really hoping I get the dressings off Monday so I can have a proper look!

I need to get back healthy eating tomorrow because I've ate crap all week feeling sorry for myself haha!

Bandages off!

I'm sooo happy, I got my horrible big plasters off today, the nurse said they were healing really well. I've still got to keep my steri strips on for another week and they've given me gauze pads to put over my incisions whilst I sleep so my bra doesn't rub, but I'm just so happy that the bulky plasters are off and I can finally see my boobs! It's very strange seeing my boobs with such a normal sized nipple and so perky, they don't feel like the same pair!

Can finally see my new nipples!

I went back today to get my steri strips off, I've still got two strips underneath as it's still bleeding a little bit but everywhere else is free! My sides are still abit swollen from the lipo but hopefully that will go down soon! It's only been a week and a half since my surgery so I'm pleased with how they are healing!

Nearly two weeks since my op!

I'm so so happy with my results up to now, there healing amazingly aswel and I'm finally able to wear tops without them bulging out and my back doesn't ache nomore from carrying bag saggy heavy boobs! I can lay on my back and they actually stay up and I can lay on my side without them both flopping over to that side Hahaa! everything is just much better and I actually feel like a 19 year old now rather than an old woman.

I will keep updating this to show how my healing is going. I'm going on holiday next week and I'm unsure if I'm aloud in the pool or not? And also will they hurt when I fly or will I be able?

3 and a half weeks.

I've been on holiday this week, I come back on Friday, my boobs are abit sore because I'm not used to be being so hot and I think when I've been sweating they have been rubbing, but other than that I'm fine, my left breast just underneath won't seem to dry up so I have a little dressing on still but everywhere else is healing great.

Nearly six weeks post op.

I've been back off my holiday a week now, as much as I tried my best to keep my boobs clean on holiday, they got infected. Which was my own fault because it wasn't the best of ideas to be going on holiday so I only have my self to blame. My nipples are nearly completely healed and are looking amazing, it's the underneath incision that was a bit infected, hence the bandages still on in the pictures. But today is my last day of antibiotics and there clearing up really well. I still can't quite get over that I have perky boobs that stay upright without a bra and nipples that arnt huge! I could literally kiss my surgeon he's amazing.

7 weeks post op.

antibiotics did there job and cleared my incisions up. There now fine. I'm starting to use bio oil to massage over my scars, does it work? I've never used it before.
I go to see Mr Baguley on Friday so I'm looking forward to seeing him.

About 6 months post op..

It's been six months now and they are looking great!

Nearly 1 year post op now!

Just thought I would do a quick update. Ive never looked back since having my surgery, best thing I did. I will add some pictures so you can see how they've healed.
Newcastle Upon Tyne Plastic Surgeon

Mr Baguley was lovely from start to finish. When I first seen him he advised me that I wouldn't need implants and I took his advice, he was really informative and as a 19 year old about to do something like this I was quite scared but his attitude was really calming, although he was obviously serious about the situation he was also really charismatic and friendly and the consultation wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I then booked the operation and his receptionists were so helpful and really nice. I got all my paperwork as expected and then the day came. He came to see me and was lovely, he explained exactly what he was going to do and then left me to get ready. He came back to see me after surgery just to tell me everything went great and he came back the next morning to speak to me. I havnt been back to see him yet as I'm only about 11 days post op. He is a great surgeon, I'm so so happy with the results, it's like magic, and he's also really nice and makes you feel very comfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing him soon and I am very glad I choose him to do my surgery. I couldn't thank him enough, being so young I was really self concious about my boobs, I hated them and they also really hurt my back meaning I couldn't do things without being in pain, he's changed all of that for me and I'll be forever grateful to him.

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