Juvederm: Don't Do It! Duck Lips and Saggy Eyes but I Was Able to Fix the Lips!

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I went to the dermatologist to get Botox for the...

I went to the dermatologist to get Botox for the fine vertical lines above my upper lip. (Smoker lines but I don't smoke.) I wanted Botox because I thought it would stop the way I was moving my face that were causing these lines. The lines weren't that bad but I didn't want them to get any worse. The dermatologist would not do Botox in this area and said juvederm would be great. He said I would love it.

It was a pretty uncomfortable process, a lot of pressing and massaging, and as a result I was a bit swollen in the mouth area, but not bruised. I was not happy with the way I looked like a duck. I waited two weeks but I still looked no better. I also had two big lumps inside my mouth.

I had been researching getting rid of the juvederm, but I was afraid to get the hyaluronidase injection due to some of the reviews I read about that. I was searching the internet for a more natural cure and found that hyaluronidase worked by neutralizing the acid in juvederm. I found out that baking soda also neutralizes acid so I thought I would try it. I made a paste of water and baking soda and for three nights in a row I put the baking soda paste all over the inside of my mouth and on the outside of my skin over the juvederm area. (Very messy and does not taste good.) I even swallowed a little just to get it in my system. It worked! After three times, I didn't even need to do it anymore. My upper lip area was back to normal, wrinkles and all. Expensive lesson but I think I got rid of most of the juvederm.

And a bonus was that as I was researching the baking soda, I found out that baking soda helped get rid of pimples. I had a pimple on my face, put the baking soda on it, and it was mostly gone the next day.

My problem is now that the dermatologist also injected a little bit of juvederm into my upper check/lower eye area. I'm not sure exactly why, he said something about how it would help tighten the skin and pull up the upper lip area. I did not ask to have my eye area done at all. But I figured he knew what he was doing so I let him have at it. What a mistake. I now have what I would describe as a wrinkle sag pouch under my eyes/upper cheek area that I never had before. The left side is worse than the right. It really is not an eye sag as it is not exactly right below my eyes. It is more of an upper cheek sag/wrinkle. I am hoping when the juvederm wears off the sags will go away. Anyone else have his problem and if so, did sags go away?

The baking soda paste has not worked on this area. I think it worked in the mouth area because inside of the mouth must be more absorbent than the outside skin.

I am tempted to get a fine needle and poke myself a few time and then put the baking soda paste on my face to see if it will absorb and dissolve the juvederm. I am a bit afraid to do this though. I certainly don't want to make the sags worse. I'll update if I decide to do it.

Last comment: We always want to look younger and want the results to last. Think long and hard before you do anything to alter your appearance. If you get a bad result, like I did, a product like juvederm that seems great because it lasts so long can be a nightmare when the results are bad. All of a sudden nine months ia a long, long time to live with it.

My face was lopsided in the upper lip area when all was said and done and I looked way worse after this procedure, like a lopsided duck. He also injected the juvederm into areas I did not ask that it be injected into (eye area)(saying it would help the lip area) and now I have wrinkly sags on my upper cheeks. I have saggy skin where I have never had it before. I am a fairly patient person and will wait until the juvederm in the area dissolves, but if the sags don't go away, I will sue him.

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