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Booked for Thursday. October 1st for facelift,...

Booked for Thursday. October 1st for facelift, brow lift, neck lift, chemical peel and dermabrasion. I am so anxious already my pre op appt. is Sept 10th..can,t wait. Have read every facelift on real self hope mine goes as well as those I've viewed on Real Self. Found my Dr. on their web site...booked consult with Dr. Frank Fechner after reviewing him and several others on the site. Went for my consult with him on Sept. 19th and knew he was the one for me. His manner was friendly yet professional as was his office staff. Booked surgery the very next day after checking his credentials. I will post some before photos soon.

wrong consult date

my consult was August 19th not Sept. Will post more with photos after my pre op visit tomorrow.

Pre Op visit tomorrow 9/10

On pins and needles waiting for my pre op visit. Bringing my niece with me for a second pair of ears as I know I will forget half of what he says because of anxiety. Keep second guessing my decision to go forward even though I have been thinking of doing this for several years now. Just a case of nerves...my niece is very supportive which is a great help. She went with me for my initial visit and was very encouraging.. I know once the surgery is over and I am on the mend I will be glad I went through it. Just the waiting that makes me anxious, wishing I was having surgery tomorrow.

Before 9/10/15

Before 20 days pre op.

pre op visit

went for my pre op visit today. Met with Dr Fechner and he went over all procedures that would be done during my surgery how they would be done, where incisions would be placed , what I can expect for the results and the healing process that would take place. Once he had answered all of my questions he had his nurse sit with me and go over step by step all pre and post op instructions as well as giving me written instructions for all pre and post op, so I do not have to rely on memory which would be difficult due to the level of my anxiety. Feeling much better after my visit with him and staff. Also met with one of his staff to go over pre op skin care and was given complimentary skin care (cleanser, anti oxidant, spf and moisturizer) which after just one use I can see difference in my skin. I cannot say enough about him and his staff, they are just so warm and friendly simply amazing. Now the waiting begins 20 days to my new face. I hope the time flies by, must keep busy and before I know it will all be done. I hope!

19 days til op

17 days and counting!

One More Thing.

When I went for my pre op visit I decided with PS advice to include a lip lift as well, as my lip rolls under making it appear very thin, he will also be doing Fat Grafting to face and some to my lips (very little) mostly to cheeks, tear troughs and upper eye area as well as between eyes in the deep groove lines. I am very anxious to begin but am trying to wait patiently and follow all pre op instructions to insure the best outcome for my age. The Retinol 50 was started to prepare for the chemical peel and dermabrasion. I have noticed a change in the pliability of my skin since starting it as well a more even skin tone. So now I will be having chemical peel, dermabrasion, fat grafting, upper lift, face and neck lifts. Dr. Fechner said the whole thing will be about 5hrs all done under twilight and local anesthesia.

Still Waiting, 16 days.

While I'm waiting, I remembered a funny thing that happened on the day of my pre op visit. I stopped at my bank to a bank check to pay my doctor as payment is expected two weeks prior to surgery. When the bank teller heard the large amount I was withdrawing, she asked what I was going to do with it and without thinking I said I'm getting a facelift. She looked shocked and said WHY (as if I was spending her inheritance) I smiled and said isn't it obvious why. She must have been all of 20yrs old with perfectly gorgeous skin , she said oh no you don't need one." Right" have you all seen my pictures !! I'm sure if I had said I was buying a new sports car she would have been more approving. Well that is my chuckle for the day. Will be talking to you later and Thank you all for your encouragement and helpful suggestions it is greatly appreciated. Bye for now.

Still waiting! 15 days to go.

I must say the days are not flying by as they usually do. Since I booked my surgery the days seem to be creeping by before booking surgery the days seemed to fly by. But time will pass and before I know it my surgery day will be here I must say that in the past few days I have not been experiencing any doubts about going through with surgery as I had been before my pre op appt. The doubts are gone since reading all of my Real Self friends' reviews and seeing how great everyone looks and how happy they seem to be now. Thank you all! Be talking to you again soon.

New color before surgery! 13 days and counting.

Had my hair colored prior to surgery can't color for 30 days after. What do you think.

Blonde or Dark?

10 Days

Well I have decided to wait and judge hair color after surgery. I have been wanting to change to a dark color for a long time now but know that dark hair on an older person makes the cracks more prominent and gives a harder look, but I am hoping that after surgery that won't be an issue.. Therefore I am going with the darker color until at least 30 days post op. I am still very anxious about surgery but reading all of your post has helped me to feel positive about the outcome. The time seems to be going by a little better now and I am trying to keep busy so that before I know it I too will be on the other side of my procedures. I am very excited to start my healing as well. Will be talking to you again soon. With high hopes I remain Bmannzi.

8 Days

Getting more excited every day. Thank you everyone for your input on hair color and you were all right, Blonde suits me better, I just could not get used to the dark color so I went back I don't think I could have lived with the dark color for another 30 days.

5 Days to Go. Surgery Oct. 1st (Thursday early am)

Well I've made it through the week of waiting with just a few days remaining. I get more anxious with each passing day wondering if this was a good decision on my part. The few people that I have told seem to understand why I am doing this and I have warned them that I will be looking quite gross for the first week or so. My PS told me on my last visit that I would look worse before looking better. As long as the better comes I will be patiently waiting. It is certainly helpful following all of you and knowing what to expect. This site has been so helpful and I am so glad to have found it. Actually, it was after reading all the post on RS that I decided to go forward with my surgery. When I started the journey I never expected that within 2 months I would be having all these procedures done: Brow, Neck, Face and Lip Lifts, Fat Graft, Dermabrasion, and Chemical peel. Can hardly wait to see the new me! My niece is very supportive and has encouraged me to "go for it" from the very beginning. She has gone with me for all of my appointments and agrees with my choice of PS. As a matter of fact she wants to have some work done when I finish with mine. Well I will probably not post anymore until I'm on the flip side, so see you and Thanks again for all of your input. Bmannzi

At Last Tomorrow is My Day.

Finally just need to get through today then it's my turn. Must keep busy and the day will pass.


Everything went well according to PS. Been resting a lot. Lot of swelling but has started to abate. All day yesterday Sat. 10/3 my face was so swollen I thought it would pop but it is going down today, eyes are half open. Go tomorrow (mon) to have second drain removed. First drain was removed Friday morning. Not much pain more of an ache sometimes but well taken care of by Tylenol or Percocet. Been up a lot more today, took a shower yesterday and again today not much to look at yet face is fat and swollen lips are huge but going done not able to eat much but have been nibbling on soft foods throughout the day. Will post more with photos soon.

Sneak Peak

Not quite up to posting details yet but here is where I am today (day 5) stitches out tomorrow and am still extremely swollen.


Looking and feeling better every day. One week today and starting to see what my end results might be. Dr Fechner was very pleased with my healing process. Everything is happening just as he says it will. He is an amazing surgeon an I cannot say enough about him and his staff. They are so welcoming and always treat me as a visiting VIP. I am posting a few more pictures don't be alarmed as the first few are quite gross, but want to let you see the amazing progress I have made in just 7 days.

Day 8 Post Op

Yesterday was my worst day so far. Around my mouth so swollen and sore was not able to get much sleep last night but doing much better today. Very red around my mouth from the dermabrasion, neck lumpy, tight, and bruised. No bruising anywhere except neck and chest. Feel much better today. Each day everything shows a gradual improvement. Love seeing the changes each morning. Healing massage Monday.

DAY OF Surgery

These are my earliest before and most recent after.

Day 12 Post Op, Moving Forward.

It is now 5am and I am just out of bed so I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone. Well yesterday I went for my complimentary gentle healing massage. Needless to say it felt wonderful, Sophia, my esthetician said that it would help with the swelling and to clean all the remaining little crusties on my face and incision lines. It was the first time I have laid down flat in bed since surgery and that alone felt great. The process took and hour of pure relaxation after which I was seen by Beth my surgical nurse who is also one of the key team members involved in my care. She answered the few questions that I had and gave me some new instructions for the ongoing skincare. No soap of any kind to be used for a while on my face, just water. I was given a very light moisturizer and was instructed to use in moderation because moisturizers could be overly absorbed by my new skin causing me to break out in clusters of small "pimples". All suture lines were checked and cleaned of any remaining crusties. Beth said with my brand new skin I could show signs of allergies to things that I had previously had no reactions so to be very careful. No make up for two weeks, 2 or three more days. Can, in 2 more days start adding activities to my routine slowly increasing as they are tolerated and for the remaining few days continue to rest, relax and sleep as that is how the body heals itself. I must be doing a lot of these as I seem to be healing quite well. Yea! Real coffee in 2 more days. I don't drink much (one cup in morning usually) but I do miss that morning cu[. I cannot express how helpful you all have been during this entire process. You are a special group and much appreciated. Will write some more later but for now see you later. "B"

Ready for day 12

All showered and ready for my day of rest and healing. Have a great day everyone, I will be watching all of your updates.

Good Morning (Day 13)

Just a quick hello to everyone, will post more as day unfolds.

Then and Now

A few new bumps and cracks (lines) today but I expect that will change soon too. No matter what Now is 2000% better than then. I woke up this morning (1am) laying on my side (face) with my neck and under knee pillows on the floor. But never the less I slept really well. Will have to be careful not to do this again as I don't want to wreck Dr Fechner's Masterpiece : ) And how is your day so far? I am going out for walk later to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors in this lovely New England fall day. Really am ready to start revealing my new self to the world. Most of my family see me on a regular basis so they have been more or less going through this process with me. There are only a few "friends" that I don't want to tell, but they will more than likely find out sooner or later. Oh well that's life and at this point in mine I really don't care. My true friends are supportive and that's who I care about. Well time to take my walk will talk to you "Later" "B"

Day 14

Good Morning everyone so happy to see you all today. Another beautiful day in New England. I took a short walk stroll) yesterday the trees are in beautiful color. I didn't get as far as I had planned because I started to feel a little woozy so I turned around and went home. Also yesterday afternoon one of those blue days that the doctor warned me about presented itself. I realized when I needed a ride somewhere just how few people I could count on for and that set me off. But today is a better day and I plan to make the most of it. Wishing you all the best of days. "B"

more photos

Good Morning Everyone (Day 16)

Out for a while with my daughter so a little mascara and a touch of lipstick feels good. Rainy day today in New England. Will talk to later this afternoon, til then have a great day.

day 15

Drove for the first time today, felt good. Rain has stopped and it is now beautiful out so I will go for a nice walk after my nap. For some reason I am very sleepy today. Catching up on lost ZZZ. Talk to you soon. Oh yeah I so need a new hairstyle and color. Suggestions please?


Good morning all, hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent the weekend with my youngest daughter estate sales and out to lunch. Shopping with may niece on Sunday evening. As for my healing process everything remains about the same. Around my mouth seems to be less itchy and less tight. Swelling is leaving my face and settling into my neck which is now lumpy/bumpy. Each morning the bumps are in different areas. Mostly under my ears and along my jawline. One last spot on my chin by corner of mouth (right) very small now but still not healed hopefully by tomorrow. My face has more feeling in it today but temple area and forehead to about the middle of the top of my head remains numb (no pun intended.) Gradually getting back to my usual routines. Have not yet seen anyone but my family, who knew about my surgery. Well off for my morning walk and will see what the day brings. Talk to you later. "B"

Day 20

Face feels much better but around my mouth is tight and rough feeling. Around perimeter of face remains numb. Brow is tender and without sensation. Top of head remains without feeling as well. Neck is still lumpy (swollen glands) and tight under chin to about mid neck. I am still thrilled with the results so far and seems to get better with time. My energy level seems down this week. Been catching up on sleep, naps in afternoon and early to bed in the evening still awake frequently during the night. My next appointment with PS is not until 11/17 at which time it will be about 6 weeks. No pain itching is not as severe so things are on the upswing. Bumped into a few people I haven't seen in a while and they didn't even recognize me so I guess that's good? Including two new photos from this morning. Well it is time for my afternoon walk so will talk to you later. "B"

And the Honeymoon is Over

The last couple of days have ben up and mostly down. My face changes daily. The left side swells way more then right. Yesterday was really swollen on the lower left jaw and neck. Neck remains really tight. Nothing hurts or is painful. Dr warned me about getting the blues even thought I love my results. Well the blues have arrived the last few days but seem to be going away this morning(I hope). My face is shape shifting from morning to night. TG for all of your post so I knew to expect the changes. Also was told by PS that this would be happening. On the positive note red around mouth is abating along with some of the tightness, have a lot more feeling in face more on right then left. Still have a lot less energy then prior to surgery and still taking my daily naps TG am able to do this as I am retired . Need to start my day so will talk to you later and will post pictures at that time. "B"

Todays Photos

One More

1 Month Photos

Brief Update

Went to the PS last week (Wed) had a small piece of suture left in the Left corner of my nose and it was not healing and was becoming painful. He had to numb the area to remove it. Turned out that it was just a speck of suture, which was so tiny that could hardly see it with the naked eye. Once removed the area healed within 2 days without any problems. Went to the hairstylist on Tuesday. She was amazed at how I looked and was surprised that I was willing to ntadmit that I had a FL and other work done on my face. She said that she has quite a few clients who have had lifts but will not admit it but she knows better because she sees the suture lines. My son and his wife came up from CT this past weekend and we. including my youngest daughter all went to Salem MA. (witches village) on Sunday. We spent the entire day there and had a great time. One of my sons daughters and her boyfriend went as well. I can tell you it was sooooo crowded there we could not get into any of the restrauants but it was a lot of fun anyway. The costumes we saw were so much fun. We only got into one exhibit (witches museum) because of the crowds. Well back to my face! Feeling is coming back to my face slowly mostly just numb around the peripheral and below my ears. My neck still feels a bit strange, feeling has returned to lower neck but under chin to mid neck remains without any. Also left forehead and top of head is without feeling. The left side of face is much more swollen then the right as well. But all and all it seems to be healing as projected by my PS. He did say when I saw him Wed. that I still had a lot more healing to do. I joined a gym for the winter so I can continue to walk and exercise when the weather doesn't permit me to do so outside. Hope everyone here is doing well and want to wish those who have upcoming surgeries my best wishes. Happy healing everyone. Talk to you later. Again thank you all for your support throughout this process. "B"

Will post more photos as soon as I take them.

Todays Photos

Better without smile!

Too many selfies, I too am a Kardashian!


My niece who went with me for my consult and surgery had a consult with doctor Fechner on Thursday (she too thinks he is amazingly terrific) will be having her surgery sometime within the next 6 months. She just has arrange for time of from her job. I'm really excited for her she is already very pretty woman but has lost a lot of weight recently and needs a few nips and tucks. She has had 2 BBL rxs since my surgery and her skin looks lovely so she will not be needing a chemical peel nor dermabrasion.

Not Much Change

Still healing not much change. Appointment on Tues. 11/17 for complimentary facial and skincare plan as well as 4-6 week follow up with PS. Few questions for him eg. small hollow spot (dent) near temple above left ear. Sutures behind ears have not fully dissolved yet, Numbness remains around periphery and under chin, top half of neck, last time I saw him he did say I still had a lot more healing to do. My healing process has gone pretty much as he predicted. The blues seem to have dissipated (knock on wood) last bout was the week of Nov. 1st which was pretty severe but I seem to be back to normal. Appointment with my GP on Friday follow up for my thyroid. Wonder what her reaction to my facelift will be. Went to visit my brother (youngest) who has terminal cancer, he kind of stared at me for a minute (haven't seen him since my surgery. I asked if he knew who I was and he said "yes you are my sister" later he said he recognized my voice not my face. We are having lunch together on Friday after my appt. He wants Chinese which I will bring. His wife said you're so funny when she saw me. Saw someone at the gym yesterday that I worked with for years and he didn't recognize me at all even when I said hi he just looked and walked on. Love it. It is a rainy cold day today in New England so will have to find some indoor activities (cleaning) My granddaughter is coming this weekend will see her and her two children for the first time since surgery. The youngest (boy) is only five hope he knows me. His sister is nine so I'm sure she will. Will be interesting to see what they all think. I am sleeping much better no more waking up with my face itching, just faint pink remains around my mouth from the dermabrasion which took the longest to heal. Still have a few scabs along suture line top of head. My neck seems to be getting smoother all in all everything is progressing nicely. I do have some real dark circles under eyes which I never had before. Will be talking to you all later, I can't thank you all enough for all your support during this time. Thanks, "B"

2 Months have passed, Unbelievable

Just to let you all know that I am still progressing. Feeling more natural, face is not as tight feeling as swelling diminishes. Neck is still real tight. and glands are still swelling but not as much. Feeling around facial periphery is coming back. I am feeling really great and so happy that I had these procedures best birthday gift to date. Will talk to you later. "B"

3 3/4 month upday

Still progressing feeling great. most of numbness is gone swelling is minimal. Still cannot feel top of head in center which is annoying when it itches and I scratch but cannot feel the scratch. Using skin care products that I got at Dr. Fechner's office and they are great. Sorry I have not posted in a while but with family issues and holidays have been busy, hope everyone is well and wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Oh yeah I cannot see any scars from my surgery.
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon

After one visit I knew Dr. Fechner was the PS for me. He has an amazing gift for his profession. Truly artistic, He knew exactly what I needed for a great transformation and by following his suggestions I got the greatest results that I could have ever asked for. He has such a gentle touch that I never experienced any pain during my entire operation.His office is very welcoming, His entire team is fantastic including office, aesthetic and surgical. I cannot possibly give him and his team all the praise that they deserve. He is simply brilliant and a truly humble man who cares deeply for his patients and their well being. Answered all my questions clearly and completely, After surgery he is and has been very reachable and quickly responds to all my concerns ( which were few because of all the confidence that he and his team instills.) Double Board certified....very important to me. Thank you so much to him and his team for all they great care they have given me. They are all completely amazing.

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