34 years old 5'7" 34A - 13 BWD - BA for 475cc HP Silicon - The Woodlands, TX

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Had consultation on 5/22. Dr Kim and Amanda...

Had consultation on 5/22. Dr Kim and Amanda (Patient Care Coordinator) were both so great. They were both very patient with all my questions and Dr Kim thoroughly explained the process. Based on my body, she recommended a few different types of sizer implants to try. The 450cc high profile silicon looked PERFECT! Can't wait for surgery on 7/2.

450cc HP silicon sizers

Love the look and feel of this size! Seems just right to make me look and feel proportionate. Currently 34A, 135lb 5'7", 33 years old.

Trying to be patient

Staying as busy as I can so I don't get too impatient while awaiting surgery! Pre-op next week - woo-woo!!

Wish pic

Here's how I hope I turn out!

Pre-op in 2 days!

While I am so excited for my pre-op in 2 days, I have some fear creeping in. Like point of no return kind of fear! I've always been consequence oriented and I'm hoping I only love my BA and don't have any regrets. So back to my concern of picking the right size! Silly emotions.

Pre-op complete!

Well my pre-op is complete. I guess I hadn't really planned on what to expect so it was different than I imagined. I filled out all my paperwork and then went back with the medical tech who drew my blood and had me give a urine sample. I didn't know the lab work was gonna happen, but it all worked out and was very convenient. It was a separate $45 fee. Then I went in with the nurse (Tatiana) who was incredibly helpful in answering my remaining questions and set me at ease about size. Dr. Kim will determine final size during surgery but it will be somewhere between 450-500cc HP smooth round silicone. We took pre-op pics and I paid the remaining balance. Oh, and I got a script for 6 medications! I'll be picking them up tomorrow and then counting down to 7/2! I'm celebrating early with a t-shirt I had made for the new girls! I'm goofy like that. Also included some pre-op pics of my flatness and the various meds I'm getting.


I just finished re-reading my pre-op packet and this snip-it was on the last page. For those who have already been through surgery, did you feel all, some or none of these? Trying to get my expectations in line so I have as few surprises as possible. I guess I've given away my control freak nature now :P

Another wish pic

Love, love, love this! Would be really happy with this size.

Lab work

So excited to say that my lab work came back great and I am on for surgery next Thursday at 8am!! Will be first surgery of the day and have to be there at 6:45am. Woohoo!

No fear

As I approach surgery, I no longer have fears about going too big or too small. I just am excited to be getting boobies and trust that my surgeon will do a great job. 5 days!

24 hours

In 24 hours I'll be in or just coming out of surgery. It's so surreal. The time really flew for me so that was nice. It's just here so quickly! I still have several things to buy at Walgreens tonight and my hubby is being so supportive which is really nice. I'm extremely independent and don't rely on anyone for help so this will be a challenge for sure. Here we go July 2 gals!!!

Here we go

I'm walking into the PS office in a few minutes. I'll come out about 2.5lbs heavier :) Wish me luck!

Tata got Tatas

I am soooo happy I did this and can't wait to see. The recovery nurse said they look so great. After I got to the office, they gave me a pregnancy test and then confirmed all the details. They inserted my IV and walked me to the OR. I remember feeling a little tired and then I woke up to the recovery nurse telling me I did so good and they look great! I got 475cc HP! I am in some discomfort in terms of weight on my chest, but nothing a little pain med can't help with! I hope all my July 2 girls had the best experience today! Good luck to the rest of you July gals!!

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank everyone for being so encouraging and supportive in this process. Couldn't have gotten through it without you all. Thanks for being my "Boob Blog Buddies" :)

Itchy all over

The hydrocodone is making me super itchy! I am hoping the nausea meds which are also antihistamines i just took will make it go away! Thank the good Lord that I haven't had nausea one bit. I did learn a lesson though...I need to set my alarm to take my pain meds. Woke up at 11pm with horrible pain.

I cheated!

I took a shower 45 min earlier than I should, but don't think it's a big deal. When I took my bandage and bra off I started crying...out of happiness!! I can't wait for them to soften up and look normal. Hubby was like "they're huge!" Lol. I think they are proportionate to my body and once they settle down I'll be in hog heaven!!

Before and after

This pic helps see why I am so tremendously happy!!


Does anyone else feel irritable on these meds? I'm being a pain in the you know what, but it must be the meds and prob the discomfort too. My hubby is being so supportive but I keep being a jerk :(

2nd day

I woke up in bad pain but took my meds and feel better right now than I have since surgery. Nothing has changed much, but I've posted a new pic anyway. I prayed and thanked dear new born baby Jesus for taking the pain away. I've had zero nausea which is awesome. Slept better last night...I put the upright pillow behind me with a feather pillow in front of that and finally a heating pad at my lower back. Since I'm not a stomach sleeper my back hurts sleeping on it. The heating pad works wonders. Gonna try to venture out for an hour to my mom-in-laws house for a meal.

Sleep setup

Bela this is for your request of my sleeping setup. Upright pillow, then feather down pillow then heating pad. I'm also on the chaise in my living room and iits working well! I got the upright pillow at Target for 20 bucks. The hearing pad really helps with the pain since my body is not used to sleeping on my back.


Had a full on meltdown today. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. Such a big change and so uncomfortable and about to "start" so it was the perfect storm for me to bawl my eyes out. Thank God my hubby and mother-in-law were here to help me calm down. I absolutely love my new boobs, I just want to feel normal again. It's only 2 days after surgery so it's totally unrealistic that I'm gonna feel better overnight. But, I'm sure it will get better day by day until I feel like myself. I hope everyone else is doing better than me today!


What exactly are zingers? My upper left boob has this burning pain that won't go away. Through taking meds it appears to lessen when i take the Valium. Thought maybe that was a zinger but not sure. I slept better than ever last night. My sleep set up was originally in bed but I moved my station to the chaise and wow it was so comfy. Gonna take a shower this morning and try on some of my lingerie that looked ridiculous on me with no boobs. Will share them on my next post. For now I'm going to crash again. So tired. Love and hugs to all my boobie friends.

For the first time in my life I feel sexy

I have always been a shy and socially unconfident person due to my small chest. I know feel on top of the moon and so sexy. Here are a few more pics in some of my favorite nighties and a before/after.

After 4 days

Wow its amazing how much the pain has subsided overnight. Still feel it but not like the 'I wanna cry' kind of pain. My sleeping station has been my saving grace, and my sweet sweet husband who has been doting on me without complaint. I called the PS office today to see if I could use my own supportive sports bra but unfortunately they want me in the compression bra for 3 weeks. Boo. While changing today I decided to try on this adorable bikini I got on Groupon for $9.99. No, that's not a typo! I love that it has the extra band of fabric below the top to hide any potential scars. They had about 30 different bikinis and I wish I had bought several more because it fits so perfectly. But in usual Groupon style by the time you get your order the deal is gone....so now I can't buy more. No I'm just whining! Here are a couple pics. Happy healing to all my girls and hugs to those who are still waiting for your big day!


I feel like the proud parent of a 3 year old who finally made a poopie...except I'm the 3 year old! Lol. Constipation is a real thing after surgery/pain meds. I almost started to panic but thankfully today was the day. Just be prepared for it if you are still pre-op. Sorry for the TMI!

First day back to work

I was with a client all day today working on a stressful project and was super uncomfortable all day. Since I had to put my "client face" on it was really stressful when I wanted to wince and Just couldn't. Then I had an hour long work call on my commute home. By the time i got off the call I called my mom and broke down crying. She reminded me that in 3 months I'll only be smiles and no crying. I have zero regrets about this procedure, but there are definitely ups and downs. I then checked my email for the first time all day and saw that I was awarded the real friend badge and i broke down crying again! What an honor. Thanks to ALL of you who have supported me through this process. I will keep paying it forward in any way I can to show my gratitude to all you amazing ladies. Xoxox.

Sizers vs Post Op

BieBie had a wonderful idea for those of you post op to help understand how sizers look vs the real deal. In this pic I have the same shirt and surgical bra on but one is a 450 sizer and I had 475 put in to get the look of the 450. I'm only 6 days post op so still VERY high but I will redo this exact post once I've dropped and fluffed. My biggest fear was going too big and I feel the sizers really do give you a good idea. Since I'm so high I actually look smaller than the sizer right now but think that will change.

Side Boob

Anybody else totally trippin out about having side boob? It's the most bizarre feeling to me when I'm driving and my arms are at my sides and I feel them. Me likey :)

Post Op

Had my Post Op today! Cried like a baby when my PS came into the room. Told her how thankful I am for what she's done for me. I am so very happy. She showed me massage technique. I forgot to ask if I can start sleeping flat. Does anyone know? I've actually been sleeping ok elevated, but I'm sure I don't have to do it forever. Also, can I keep using therapearls or do i need to stop icing?? Obviously I blanked out on asking any questions. Good job me. Haha. My mother in law bought me this awesome bikini! Can't wait to get back in the pool. Hope all my RS ladies have an awesome weekend!!

I love cleavage

U cannot express how much fun cleavage is until you experience it for yourself! Let me tell you that if you are pre-op and questioning whether or not you want to do this surgery....you really really should. It's given me a whole new confidence!!

12 days Post Op

Feeling much better this week than I did at all last week. I was very emotional last week crying at the drop of a hat. Glad that's over. Lol! Still have a lot of dropping and fluffing to go, but happy with the progress!

Glorious Groupon

Oh Groupon, how I love thee and all the adorable bathing suits you send me :)

2 Weeks

2 weeks has really flown by. I've been lucky to have an overall good recovery but I'm still not 100% energy level. It's way better and I've stopped crying at everything which I did a lot of week 1. Just felt so emotional and all over the place. Can't believe the change in just 2 weeks. I am having a pain every now and again behind the inside of my left boob which bothers me. My nipples have actually lowered which is weird but I hope when the top slopes down and the bottom fills out they won't be so low. I'm very happy with the size I chose (475 HP) and so glad I don't have boob greed. I love that they are discreet at work but big at home and in a bathing suit! Congrats to all my 7/2 boob buddies today on their Boobiversary!!

Freaking out

I am almost 3 weeks post op (tomorrow). I was opening a box of mac and cheese and felt a "pull" in my left breast muscle and it swelled up and became harder and higher than before. Is this normal?? I was totally proportionate on both sides and now one is higher than the other. I'm freaking out that something has went wrong?! Has this happened to anyone??!! What should I do?! Ice, heat, cry???

Great News!!

No surgery for me!! I am so relieved. I am a tiny bit still swollen but no bruising and doc said it couldn't be a hematoma without bruising. She thinks it might have been a severe muscle spasm but understandably can't say exactly what it was. I'm just so relieved! Thanks for everyone's well wishes, prayers and good vibes!! Will get updated pics up soon. Xoxo

Updated Pics

As you can see, the difference between my pic on Wednesday and today is striking. The swelling is almost completely gone down. As you all know I usually use the nip covers, mostly because I am super prude. But I think leaving these uncensored really shows why I was so scared after my episode. You get the whole picture on how bad it looked. I sincerely prayed for a miracle and I believe I got it! Doc said she was sure by my description on the phone it was a hematoma. Just so excited to have my new boobies back and not feel like one is a Frankenboob!! Obviously the lighting quality was very different between the pics though! :)

4 weeks Post Op

Hard to believe it's been 4 weeks. Even with the scare from last week, I still have no regrets about this procedure and I continue to have zero boob greed. See comparison pic to see why I couldn't ever have boob greed. I was flat as a board and am just so thankful that I have boobs at all! Glad I went with 475cc. The tops still have ALOT of sloping to do and those nips still need to come up (LynnCC's NAC explanation makes perfect sense so I will keep hope) but I think it's just gonna take longer for me to D&F than my 7/2 friends who are looking AMAZING by the way!! My incisions got irritated today by sports bra and I think I might go back to my surgical bra by choice for a couple more weeks. It's secure, doesn't hurt my incisions and as Cheeky would say it's sexy as all get out. Lol! I still have a bruise pain on the inside lower part of my left boob and it feels a little stiff even. I need to point it out on my next post op if it's still there. Thanks to all my RS gals for the support and outlet you all provide. You all are wonderful! Xoxo

Sizers Revisted

At one week post op I posted a comparison pic of sizers vs implants. I promised to update as I D&F and can already see a big difference in my 4.5 week post op pic than my 1 week post op pic. I just want to help those of you who wonder if sizers really work. They do! But, I went 25cc's bigger to get the look of 450 as my research showed you lose a bit of cc behind the muscle. I hope everyone that is pre-op is getting more and more excited and those of you recently post op are feeling and healing well!! And a special well wish to LynnCC as your upcoming 8/12 surgery approaches!!

6 weeks tomorrow

I feel like my first 3 weeks of recovery were awesome and the last 3 weeks have been very challenging. Mostly from a mental standpoint. I had a swelling scare at 3 weeks and it's sort of clouded the last 3 weeks for me in terms of fear that something else is going to happen or some hidden complication is looming from the original swelling. I know that I can't let fear control me, but it has been hard! I think I'm looking more symmetrical this week than last week. Left is a little lower and less stiff than it has been so it's catching up with the right. I am definitely happy that i had this surgery and have no regrets on size, but I'm ready for the worry roller coaster to pull over and let me off. I have started to sleep occasionally on my side, but it's just not as comfortable as it was pre-op and I'm worried that my implants are going to displace if I lay on my side too much. So I mostly still sleep on my back. Occasionally using a heating pad, which helps with back pain from not being used to the back sleeping. On a great note, both boobs are more squishy than ever, which is good. But I am more tense on the left side which I plan to address with my doc on Friday at 6 wk post op. Happy healing to everyone post op and good luck to those of you approaching surgery!

Crooked boobs

So I've alluded to the fact that when I asked my hubby to take my pic (rather than me taking a selfie) I noticed that my boobs looked crooked. This was something I didn't see in the mirror and only minorly noticed in selfies. But it's incredibly pronounced in photos and my hubby admitted he can see it when I am naked. So, I've decided based on obsessive measuring that my left IMF is higher than my right, which is also why this breast feels "fuller" at the top. The entire breast is actually higher. I am pretty sad about it, but do still know that it could even out a bit over time. I'm absolutely willing to wait until the recommended 6 month mark before determining that a revision is in order, but it's gonna be a long 4 more months. I think you should be able to see the difference in the attached pic. I have no doubt this is attributable to a pre-op assymetry, but I certainly never noticed it if this was the case.

Boobs in bra = happy

So regardless of how my boobies look in the buff, they sure show well in a bra! Went to VS for first time today since surgery. Fitting lady said she wanted to fit me with a 34DD and it fit perfectly. Then she said "I don't want to bring you anything with padding because you're clearly hefty up top". LOL! Best compliment ever!!

9 weeks

Well, I am sure my boobies are evening out a bit (YAY!), but the jury has not come back from deliberation yet. I still have almost a month before my next appt and know a lot can change in 4 weeks. I have to say that I am so happy to have boobs. The issue I have would never be noticed by anyone else but me (and hubby). It's just so nice to feel more confident. I find myself having to be a bit careful with my work attire so that I don't look too boobilicious! That's a first for me ;)


So I haven't taken any braless pics in the last two weeks, hoping that my left side would drop more. Well things have really improved and I took this pic last night and am oh so pleased!

4 Months

I am still so happy I decided to do this. Once I hit 3 months I started to feel less anxious about my results. I will have another post op in January and will let everyone know how it goes!

The honest truth for me

Good afternoon ladies! I wanted to share something a little more on the serious side. I have struggled with major depression in the past and have been on meds to control it. I went off my meds in 2012 as I didn't feel I needed them anymore. Most of my depression is onset by situations. However, 10 weeks after my BA, I felt the very familiar feelings of depression. I was unmotivated, anxious, sad and very irritable. I stayed quiet about it for another 4 weeks before I talked to my husband who encouraged me to see my family doctor. He put me back on my meds. I'm sharing this because I am sure that all the hype and aftermath from my surgery led me into this latest funk. Don't get me wrong, I have zero regrets about my surgery and would do it again. But, I share this for the pre-BA women who have shared my struggle so you can plan ahead and prepare for anything similar that you might experience. Just me being a little transparent.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I am so absolutely thrilled with how my surgery went. Dr Kim is amazing, has the best bedside manner, a true artist and made me feel very important during the entire process, as did the entire staff. Pamela made me so comfortable as my recovery nurse. So so happy right now. The entire office is so friendly and genuinely cares that patients are happy with their results. I can't recommend them all enough!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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