43 Yrs Old, Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's - MN

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Very excited about this opportunity to finally...

Very excited about this opportunity to finally lose a measurable amount of inches. Feel like I've tried everything. Exercise seems to make me hold onto weight. Tried paleo, AIP, Jenny Craig, Atkins, low carb, etc. My now 15 yr. old weighed 11 lbs. at (natural) birth, which stretched me to where my abs won't retract on their own. This may be a factor in my decision in not undergoing a TT, but I'm okay to not have a washboard/six pack tummy as I don't plan on wearing bikinis in public. This is for health reasons and to hopefully stop the vicious cycle of defeat. I plan on having liposuction of back, bra line, arms, inner/outer thighs, abs. They say they plan on 7-9 liters taken out! ???? YES!!!!!

Weight 170-180 lbs. Height 5'3"

My weight fluctuates between 170-180. Over the holidays I went over 180. Now it's back down to 174-175. Might've been 170 in the pic. I don't remember the last time I was below 170. Years. Was slim and healthy (115-130) before having kids. Gained around 60 lbs. with each. Lowest weight I've been after kids was 140. That was with starving myself and running 2 hours a day. I gained after that time and ballooned up to over 200 at my heaviest. Getting my thyroid diagnosed and stabilized has been a challenge to say the least. I'm now on compounded Armour and that has been wonderful.

Why doesn't my surgery show up in calendar?

I'm looking at the form and I don't see me listed for 2/8. Anyone know why?

Pre-Op Appt.

Had my pre-op with my PS Doctor yesterday. He is so nice. His staff took the time needed to answer all my questions, which were many! I had them printed out on two pages! They took my photos, which I wasn't expecting and was wearing my granny panties cuz I'm on my period. Oh well. He rolled them down to look more like a bikini. Got an entire sheet of paper with Rx's.

The countdown has begun. Ten more days!

I took my own before photos at home that I have on an encrypted flash drive now. Unfortunately, my husband saw all of them. Over & over he saw them as I needed help getting them off our glitchy computer onto the flash drive. Ugh. Great. Well, I guess he REALLY knows all the angles I hate about my body and I sure hope they look better afterwards! Poor guy has all those rolls of fat burned in his mind now. Sigh.

Surgery was yesterday. Was in & out all day in dry much pain.

Surgery was 2/8/16 @7:30. I was under for 6 hrs. Anesthesia made me throw up all night. I couldn't get up to walk and still haven't yet. Pain is non-existent today as long as I don't move. My arms yesterday are what burned and hurt the most. Still have yet to see my body. In hospital overnight as Dr H keeps all his patients overnight when he takes out >5L Not able to get pics yet. Can't stand. Blood pressure has always been low and is even lower today.

Day 3

Hubs got up all thru the night to make sure I took my pain oil,s. So not hurting as much. About a 6/10 and that is only getting up to walks.. Got up & walked,around around 10:30. My girlfriend loaned me here walker, which is a life saver. Hubs is home working today to help me. Weigh 173.-174. Haven't seen my body yet out of the garment. Vision is blurry up close due to the nausea patch behind my ear. Should get up and walk a little more now. Bruised all over. Couldn't keep anything down (like arnica) yesterday cuz I'd puke it right back up. Was hooked up to an IV and catheter yesterday which was a lifesaver. Thank heaven the nausea has subsided today finally (hopefully). .

Day 4. Still been stuck in bed.

Been mostly out of it all week. Still staying on top of the pain with pain pills throughout the day/night. Weighed my self yesterday. And was still at 172. Very weak and dependent on others to do much of anything.

Day 4 post op

Get sick easily. Taking zofran and have a patch but neither seem to help. Just took an honest to goodness shower At home tonight with my hubs superhero help. Ended up dizzy and almost puking. Such an awful feeling. Finally now in bed after much ado getting me out of the shower chair where I was content to stay hunched over while puking. But I made it to bed with my hudand's help, who is now called superman. We managed to get the compression garment back on, along with the sleeves, since I had my arms lipo'd as well I'm so grateful to have been given the right pain killers otherwise Im Convinced I'd be back in ER or something. My blood pressure is low to begin with, but was down to 77/35 or something at the hospital. They didn't understand the importance of keeping the CG on. But they were great staff there, very attentive and helpful.

Day 5

Still recovering. Tried going down the stairs today. Big mistake. Wanted to pass out and then not move until I puked. Hubs got me back upstairs slowly and w/o throwing up. Was at least out of bed and on our recliner by the window most of the day, even if most of it was spent sleeping. Never would've guess this recovery would be this long & painful. Although I do feel much stronger, hence my thinkin I could make it downstairs. Taking pain pills every 4 hours regularly and Valium 2X a day (am & pm). Wish I could get a pic without the body suit on to see what I look like. Maybe tomorrow. Here's me using my friend's walker. Meep meep!

Down 10 lbs. to 162

Up & around with a lot of ozone SS & nausea still. Ok if stay still. :-/

Weight & measurement no change

Been asleep most of the week from Percocet or Valium. Measured under breasts, waist and hips and they're the exact same as before surgery. I don't understand at all. I think,I need a new compression garment. This was seems to bunch up on the sides with the zippers. I have seen some faja brand on here so I'll look into that. Sizing will be interesting. I'm not moving around as much as I should. I keep falling asleep! I'm noticing I'm irritable from the drugs I'm guessing. Would love to try on a bikini to see difference in fitting. Some kind of change would be nice to see at least!!!

Day 7

Got up and showered by myself this morning. Was feeling pretty darn good I must say. Didn't need any extra pain meds to get me through the night. Figured I could get through the day without one. I'm a strong Norwegian girl, why not.

So I continued on getting my bandages off and rinsing myself with soap and water, even got out the razor to the much needed hair growing at lightning speed all over my legs and underarms. Pretty soon there may have been a need for a bush master with a machete or something. But I braved it myself and took that weapon of hair wacking and put it to good use. Had to be careful though around the sutures in the underarms and forget about the upper legs, I was good with just getting through bending over to reach the lower legs that were at least a mile down. The uppers will have to fend for themselves.

So, with my body washed, rinsed and freshly shaved in most areas. I was feeling quite like Wonder Woman I must say. With the help of "Wendy the Walker' as we affectionately call the borrowed geriatric device to assist me in staying upright as I attempt to do what is called "walking', I moseyed back to the edge of my bed where I proceeded to attempt to reapply all the bandages over the sutures that were now left naked and open to the wind, waves, storms and such that could possibly sweep them away without proper coverage.

Well, this was more than I bargained for, reaching and bending, twisting and turning in all sorts of contorted ways so as to apply the needed bandages where they belong. I was out of breath before I knew it and questioning my wonder-womanhood. I soon became quite much closer to a slothful Eyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Thankfully the hubs entered at the moment of almost giving up, and helped get the rest of those endless supply of bandages on the stitches covering my holey body. Just how many holes are there in this body of mine! I'm surprised I'm not leaking stuff out all over me! You'd think I was a leaky fountain or something!

So...ahhh...that's all done. Sigh of rest. So I think. Then I'm reminded of the evil bodice device meant to keep all my insides from escaping, most likely through the endless supply of holes. Up to this point, mind you, I was quite content staying drug-free for the day. Well that changed in 0.2 milliseconds once the evil compression garment had to be hoisted up over my hips. Percocet to the rescue.

All righty then, 30 minutes later, once the magical potion had taken effect, up went my loins into the evil armor suit of squeezation, and voila. All is well and for this day at least, all measures have been taken to keep up with the doctor's orders to keep up my hygiene, cover all holes and wear the torture device.

Weight is between 168-170. Got down to 160 one day but has been back close to 170 since, which is pretty much where I was before surgery. Measurements are same as well. Guess I need to wait longer.

Am glad to be less reliant on pain pills today. Last 7 days have been a very vague blur. Wasn't conscious much at all I must say. Ate like a pig yesterday. Had a craving for Chipotle salad at 9pm. Not a wise choice since I still haven't had a BM since before surgery. I'm taking milk of magnesia plus stool softener pills. I'm usually very regular so this is quite a change for me. I just hope it isn't painful once it finally decides to make its way out!

I'm so glad it's dreary February and I'm not missing out on beautiful summer weather. Looking forward to getting my stitches out here in a couple hours. Wish I could get the drains out. Guess it'll be end of the week for that though.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have enough super powers in me to try some bikinis and clothes on! Until then...

Is depression normal after lipo?

Today was tough. I tried to avoid Percocet because I fear the addiction aspect and sensed that it made me feel much worse emotionally after I could feel it wearing out of my system from 8 days of using it.

I searched my entire house for acetaminophen but found none.


I really need to go thru my medicine cabinet which is way beyond expired for 99% of what's in there.

I have a swollen drain which is causing quite a bit of pain & discomfort that I was waiting on the doc's secretary to get back to me on whether I could go in to have it looked at this afternoon, so I also didn't want to take percocet in case I needed to drive myself there.

Well by 2:30 I couldn't stand it and I gave in and took one.

Finally relief and functionality returned and I could at least fold the mile high of laundry that had been haunting me all day.

Until I took the Percocet though, I noticed a depression that I recognized as not normal and am sure it's from the drug.

From now on I will be resorting to acetaminophen. And ice if needed.

Has anyone else felt this sort of depression after their surgery? Thoughts of uselessness and wondering was it worth it since I haven't lost hardly any weight to speak of even though 9.5 Liters (that's over 18 pounds!) was taken out of me. I'm too exhausted to try on any clothes after showering and getting the bandages in place, then shoving myself into the dreaded compression garment, so I can't comment on what size I am.

It's quite disheartening to say the least if I'm still in the same size and have only dropped a few pounds.

Does it come off at some point? Am I holding onto water weight or something? I think I look thinner, but the scale & measurements don't really agree. I need some reassurance here that this was not another one of my incessant, stupid, sporadic whimsies I tend all too easily to get myself in to, all too regularly.

Can I blame my birth order, being the "baby" of the family? Always wanting what I want now and not a second later?

Someone out there, who is preferably a first born, please pipe in with your wisdom and encouragement. Wait. On second thought, no, not a first born-you'd tell me I am, indeed stupid and whimsical...how about another last born or maybe even middle child who knows all about risk and the wonders and the perks& benefits of trying new things!?


Day 12

Was sick all day yesterday. Threw up acid and was on the loo a lot. Couldn't eat much. Chewed on some raw ginger and drank some peppermint tea and that seemed to finally settle things down.

This was all after I got my drains out. What a huge relief!!!! It hurt like nobody's business when she snipped the stitch. I think I ripped open the medical chair with my finger nails! Once it was out I was in happy land. The right side came out with zero issues, no pain or anything.

But within 5-10 minutes my blood pressure must've plummeted or something and I got the pukey sweats and was too weak to stand. Hubs got a wheelchair to get me to the car.

Got into bed after dry heaving in a bucket I held as I hunched over stoop-walking towards my bedroom a good 10,000 yards away up mountains and through valleys to get there!

Once in bed I just sobbed and sobbed. I couldn't stop crying. I hated my kids seeing me like that when I got home. They had just got home from school.

I asked my man to hold me from behind in bed as I lay on my side and he did. I closed my eyes and rested. Today I'm feeling better but not 100%. But I'll take anything better than yesterday!!

Here are my measurements today:
163 lbs.
Under breasts 33.5
Nipples 38
Hips 41
Belly button 39.25
Waist below BB 43.5
Arms R-12.25 L-12.25
Thighs 42.25
R-24.25 / L-24.25

Gone off Rx pain pills

I've been off Percocet for two days now since my surgery. I took it for about 12 days I guess. Am I losing my mind or should I keep taking it? I cannot function. I keep getting sick. I'm very weak. I've been taking a couple Tylenol but it does nothing apparently to keep me functioning. Could I be withdrawing or something? I'm very edgy and depressed. This is not normal for me. I hate the edginess & irritability I felt when the Percocet wore off, so I went off the Percocet completely since I noticed when I started needing the next dose I get irritable and cranky. I don't want to become dependent on them so I'm trying to stop. But I don't know how to function for my family. I haven't had the strength to grocery shop, let alone cook, and forget cleaning. If I stay off it for a few days will I bounce back or is it too early to go off Percocet with having had a six hour lipo surgery that took 9.5L out? I really don't want to keep taking Percocet. I wish the Tylenol would work. I wish I'd stop getting so nauseated & weak all the time. Perhaps it's the hypothyroidism is attacking my body inside. I'm at a loss.

Took some photos for my man

Saved the rest for just him but these show the progress. Unfortunately afterwards I became nauseated and weak again. Been on couch again today. Yesterday was a great day though. Energy all day and pain-free. I took ibuprofen last night instead of Tylenol which I will not be repeating. Slept in pain if you can call it sleep. But wanted to give my man a smile today since he's put up with so much from me.

Anyone notice face breaking out after surgery?

My complexion was smooth and non-bumpy before surgery, but I'm noticing it's bumpy, like little pimples I guess or something all along the edges near my hairline and near nose. Not a big deal, nothing to lose sleep over, but just curious here. Anyone else experience this? What is it from? Does it go away? How long? I shower daily and use a natural sponge on my face lately with soap, used to just use Dr. Brommer's soap-no sponge. I'm guessing it's the trauma of the surgery or hormones or something. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

Why can't I poop!?????

Seriously folks. I took a stool softener (colace) three days ago, MOM yesterday & today and nothing. There's like 5 days of poop stuck inside of me! This is not like me! I'm Ms. Regular Regularity up to 3X a day usually! I eat salads, vegetables up the whazoo, fruit, cantaloupe, coffee, drinking like a gallon of water a day. I've been off all pain pills for 7+ days, only taking a couple Tylenol now a day if needed. I do take Zofran still for nausea, cuz I just keep getting nauseous in the mornings still after my showers. Could that be it? I've also been walking and stretching to try to move things along. I can only do so much though. Still painful to do too much.

I had my check up yesterday and Dr. Hoffman, who I just love-can't recommend this man enough!!!!-just said keep taking the MOM. Oy. Sigh. Come on BM! Time to exit!!!!

What is the dealio? I keep getting painful cramps like I'm going to go, but then nothin, nada, zippo. Sigh.

Well, maybe once it comes out I'll lose like another 10 lbs.! Geez! This is ridiculous!!! And of course I have to be out & about today running around. You can rest assure I'll be staking out where all restrooms are located upon entry!


Constipated. Guessing the bump is a mound of crap! LOL. Dr. H says bump on my thigh will dissipate, especially if I keep massaging.

Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea & Nausea-what fun!

Spent hours on the toilet from midnight Saturday night until late Sunday. Nauseated. Dry heaves. Hemorrhoids. Need I say more?

Never, I repeat NEVER take the late night thick-accented pharmacist's advice to drink an entire bottle of MOM!!! No matter how desperate! Don't do it!

I didn't know you could do a "digital" enema with your finger and a glove, until after of course, and this would've been much milder and would've started moving things along I believe. Then, ONE dose of MOM maybe twice a day.

I am still weak and it's Monday. I feel like I'm set back another week now. I am guessing I won't bounce back until the end of the week.

I'm afraid to eat meat, so am on bananas, rice noodles, broth and lotsa water for now. I may add a protein smoothie later today, but I'm sticking to soft foods for sure!!!!

Please take your stool softener the day of your surgery and then every day after until you're regular again. Don't skip this vital step! Get off the pain meds ASAP, even Tylenol once you can. Take as little as needed, they are the culprit for constipation. I guess even the Zofran I was taking for my nausea causes it. So, my advice at this stage us to get off all meds as quickly as possible.

The good news: I lost 4 lbs. Was down 5 lbs. Sunday but gained one back today. So there really WAS a lump of crap in me! Ha! What can I say...I'm full of it. Or at least I was. :-P


And isn't this why we do this?

I have NEVER worn dresses with confidence. Not even when I was size 4-6. Now I'm a size 10, 40-something, who LOVES these things!! I pulled every single dress off the racks today and tried them all on! And the floor length ones actually fit height-wise for once! I was tickled pink seeing that my arms fit into medium shirts and dresses for once! They're still healing and have dimples yet, but doc says that may shrink up over time since I have good skin elasticity.

I love dresses now!!!

This was THE funnest shopping I have ever done!

It's been such a rough road thus far. Yesterday I was in bed all day. Today was a good day. I'll take 'em as they come. This surgery ain't fo no sissies!

Before and Afters 24 Days PO


One Month Post-Op

It's been a full month. What a journey so far!

I'm enjoying my results. It's been hell but at least I can wear clothes in my closet without dreading going in there to get dressed anymore.

I am eating WAY less and have been for several months, even pre-op. Just couldn't get below 170 lbs. to save my life it seemed!

Was stuck in a tight size 12. Currently size 10 seems to be perfect, at least in the dresses. I think I squeezed into some old 29" jeans I had in a drawer from years ago a week or so ago. Haven't really tried on any different jeans sizes than what I already own. Medium tops fit wonderfully well for once when I was previously in a XL, Larges were tight.

I can't believe how much my body has changed. I am so pleased and so very blessed I've been able to have this second chance.


Sorry for my random days I post. It's just when I am up to it. I've been having more consistent good days for a good week now probably.

Still not "regular" in the bowels :-/ I'm afraid to eat any red meat. Been sticking to fish & chicken and soft foods mainly for fear of a reoccurrence of my night from hell on the toilet a couple weeks back.

I don't really eat much, once or twice a day bigger meal and an egg and maybe 1/2 banana in the a.m., but what's coming out doesn't seem to equal what goes in. :-/. Think there's still "stuckage" goin on.

BUT!!! Look at the difference in inches! Holy moly moly! I lost TEN inches in my belly!!!!!! (See "waist below BB#'s) Can you believe it!? Blows my mind! I used to have a huge bulge that is now gone.


And it's a gorgeous day in MN in March, which is rare so I am enjoying the sunshine in my bikini!!! I even painted my own toe nails for the first time in years! I couldn't before because my breath would be squeezed so much from my belly.

Blessings on your journeys! Hope my posts are helpful.

170-175 lbs (usually closer to 175)
Under breasts 33.5
Nipples 39.5
Neck 13.5
Hips 43.5
Belly button 39.25
Waist below BB 43.5
Arms R-14.5 L-14.25
Thighs 44. R-26 / L-25.75
Calf 15.5 each

159 lbs.
Under breasts 33
Nipples 38
Neck 13.5
Hips 40
Waist 31.5-32
Belly button 35
Waist below BB 33.5
Arms R-12.5 L-12.5
Thighs 40 R-24 / L-24
Calf 15 each

Anyone else notice this w/other women?

I found myself feeling quite ostracized and forlorn tonight after wandering through a high traffic area with all sorts of people tonight. We, as a family, walked outside (a rarity in MN) through a small town near a river, which we have always loved, that is filled with loads of people when the weather is warm. I, for the first time I years, maybe decades, wore an all white outfit, which I guess sticks out, but I noticed no women would make eye contact with me. I am very in tune with looking outward as I'm out & about, and this is the first time I have ever noticed other women shunning me like this. It was so weird to me. I didn't like it one iota. Men, another story, but I must say, I wasn't on the lookout for that as much as I was women (I was with my beloved hubs), as I adore making connections with other women and love sharing stories with one another if given the chance. Has anyone else noticed this sudden change of attention, themselves? I am quite uneasy with it, and can see why many women, perhaps myself included, that give up on weight loss because of this very factor. The difference in attention is disturbing to say the least. Thoughts?

Weight fluctuations? Constipation?

Anyone else know if gaining and losing 6 lbs. in one day is normal? I'm about 6 weeks post and have been fluctuating wildly with my weight.

Also, how long does it take to become regular in the bowels? I can feel it stuck inside me and its uncomfortable and I get nervous because of my nightmare experience with constipation about 3 weeks post. I only go like every other day and it's usually not that much. :-/

Six Week Measurements & Pics

It's been six weeks since surgery. I am still losing inches and am thrilled with the way I feel in my body now. I still have a curvy belly, but I don't mind at all. It's way smaller than before and much more appealing anyway now.

Measurements 6 weeks post-op
3/23/16-on period
157.2 lbs.
Under breasts 31
Nipples 37
Neck 14
Hips 39
Waist 31
Belly button 34
Waist below BB 37 (I have NO idea how I got 33 before...must've been a typo :-/
Arms R- 12.5 L-12.5
Thighs 40 R-24/ L-24
Calf 15 each

Before measurements:
Under breasts 33.5
Nipples 39.5
Neck 13.5
Hips 43.5
Belly button 39.25
Waist below BB 43.5
Arms R-14.5 L-14.25
Thighs 44. R-26 / L-25.75
Calf 15.5 each

It's been 10 years!!!

The last time these fit me was 10 years ago! The weird thing is that I was ~15 to 20 lbs. lighter I believe back then. I am loving how he took off exactly where it needed to be gone!

AND I have been able to walk around in dresses with no inner thighs rubbing anymore! No rashes! For the first time since before kids I can wear a dress without having to wear biking shorts underneath to avoid chaffing! And I feel confident wearing them!

I wore a longer, tight fitting black dress out one night and never felt sexier in all my life! I danced with my man all night and had the best time!

YEEHAW!! Size 12/14 to size 8!!!!

I am wearing size 8 Calvin Klein jeans I've stubbornly (and up to now, wishfully) had in my drawer for a decade or so. I am ecstatic! The really weird thing is the last time these suckers fit me, I believe I weighed around 140-145 lbs. I now weigh 158-160 lbs. It's so weird! Isn't that the weirdest thing??? Anyone else have this? I can't wrap my mind around how that can be possible. It makes no sense. But, I guess who needs logic when I'm only two sizes away from my goal!! Hahahaha!!!!

9 week photos

It's been 64 days since surgery.

I still wear a compression garment of some sort daily or I have a weird numb kind of pain in my torso. My arms, I don't need a CG as much and the one I have is way too big but I wear it at night sometimes.

There is still numbness in my arms, the sides of my waist and my lower back. I notice vague, shooting, needle-like shocks, I guess you might call them, once in awhile throughout my body, mostly my torso area and arms. Nothing major, but it's there.

I'm at 157 lbs. still today. Measurements have not changed much, if at all, since 3/23. Before pics are erased off my phone so just the current ones are here except for one I found from when I believe I was at my heaviest, over or very near 200 lbs., size 16/18 in 2009. Crazy it was only a couple years after I was also at my lowest since pregnancies. I was still dealing with regulating my thyroid, which is still a challenge to this day. I'm so thankful for compounded Armour! It has changed my life!

Closet Purge!

Getting rid of all sizes 14+, XL and larger. No more I say! I'm hanging on to some 12's just in case, cuz you know how as soon as I get rid of 'em I'll need 'em, so my philosophy is to hang on to some.

No changes in my weight or measurements. Still hovering around 157-163. I fit into size 8-10, depending on brand. I'm thrilled one of my dresses is actually a size 6! Ha! It's stretchy material, but still!

I'm not thrilled I seem to have a pooch that looks like it's here to stay. I've been exercising again, but very lightly. I have to watch it or I'll retain weight. Just the way it is with my body. I'm guessing in order to get rid of my pooch though for good, I may have to keep a tummy tuck in mind for the future (maybe when I'm closer to 50). Delivering an 11 lb. baby and two other 8-1/2 pounders just made a permanent pooch I guess. It's my mark of motherhood I suppose. :) It honestly doesn't bother me as much as my old weight did. I just feel all around more content with my body now. It's a wonderful and amazing gift to have been able to have this surgery.

One thing I find comical is my bra size is now a 32DDD (or 32F) according to my measurements. All my old ones are too big. I ordered a used one on eBay today. We'll see how it fits. I used to just buy 36D's. Tried some strapless bras on at Victoria's Secret the other day but they only had up to DD's. :-/

12 week update

Hit 155 lbs. this week on the scale. I'm on my period too. Been recording every single thing I put in my mouth. Turns out I'm a sucker for margaritas when the weather gets nice. Alcohol is a huge culprit in my weight stagnancy it looks like. :-/

I started walking long walks over the past week or so, along with trying to strengthen my muscles with sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, etc. My clothes that are the smallest sizes I own are getting baggy on me. All good news. Looks like I've lost another 1/2 to 1 inch or so in my thighs as well.


Here's some pics I promised for my realself friend whose also having lipo on her arms soon. I tried to get as many angles as possible. Hope this helps.

Weight and measurements same as last post. About 155-157 lbs. in the a.m.
Arms 12.5" each
Neck 13"
Boobs 37"
Under boobs 31"
Waist 31"
Hips 39"
Thighs 39" or 24" each
Calves 15.5"
Very happy with my body at this point. Love the way I look and feel. Plus our family doctor was dead wrong when he told me lipo would not help alleviate back & knee pain. I have not had lower back pain or knee pain like I used to after standing or walking, which I've take long one-hour walks with no pain. It's been absolutely wonderful!!! I do notice hip bone fatigue (like inside my hip area the bones themselves feel tired at the end of an hour-long walk) but I'm guessing that's just from lack of use and will go away after I walk more. Still loving my results. Keep fitting into smaller clothes which is magically wonderful! About a steady size 8 now which is thrilling!

Comparison at 12 weeks

I did this a couple weeks ago but helps me see the huge difference from before and now.

Size 6P!!!

Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm so stinkin excited! I just fit into my teenage daughter's size 6 Petite (yes we're short in this family ;) pants/slacks! This has been my dream goal for decades you guys!!!! I can't believe it! But I will believe it. Oh yes I will!

It is true though, that when I last got into this size in the 80's and 90's the sizes were smaller back then. I guess it's called vanity sizing or something where clothing industries make the sizes bigger but keep the number. I was a size 4/5 in high school and college and weighed 115-120 lbs. Now I weigh 155-160 lbs. so there's definitely been some sizing changes in the clothing industry. But WHO CARES!!! Right?!

I'll post pics next time. But it's hard to see the changes from previous photos. Looks the same really. Amazing that just 1/2-1 inch makes such a difference!

Pics & Update

I promised to post pics and it's been awhile. Fully recovered except once in awhile I still notice numbness around my sides and back. I might get a prickly feeling at any of the entry points from the cannula also on occasion. I've been walking/jogging now and have good energy. Weight is consistently right around 157 lbs. Size small to medium tops. Pants range anywhere from 6-12 depending on brand. 12's are pretty loose but for comfy days they work. Dresses are size small to medium. I'm not perfect, don't have a Barbie body but I'm very pleased with my results still. My skin is a bit saggy underneath my clothes around my tummy and inner thighs but I don't mind. It's so much better than before!!! My arms near armpits do have cellulite looking areas that are slightly noticeable with sleeveless tops and there's a weird spot on the back of my right arm I notice where the cannula must've entered. I can't get a pic of it by myself- sorry. I do have dark marks/spots on my outer and inner thighs from the cannula you can see in pics that may be permanent, but again it doesn't bother me because I don't wear bikinis in public and no one looks inside my thighs! Ha! Except my husband and he loves me anyway. :-P I kinda like the reminder anyway of where I came from. :) Here's measurements from 5/23 but they're pretty much the same now: 5/23/16 155.2 lbs. Under breasts 32 Nipples 39 Neck 13 Hips 37 Waist 31 Belly button 34 Waist below BB 37 Arms R- 12.25 L-12.25 Thighs 39 R-22.5/ L-23.5 Calf 15 each Before measurements: 2/6/16 Under breasts 33.5 Nipples 39.5 Neck 13.5 Hips 43.5 Belly button 39.25 Waist below BB 43.5 Arms R-14.5 L-14.25 Thighs 44. R-26 / L-25.75 Calf 15.5 each Love you all and blessings on your journeys. Message me with any questions. I'm happy to answer. ;)

Holy Crap!

Doing some spring cleaning and came across my doctor's photos of me before surgery. Holy crap! It's amazing the difference! I hope I NEVER get that fat again!! It seems like ages ago already and it's only been 4 months. Wow.

Follow-Up Appointment

Had my final follow-up appointment. Dr. Hoffman will fix the dark scar on my hip in the fall when I won't be getting any sun exposure that might darken it. He said some scars just won't lighten. I cannot recommend him enough. He's such a great doctor with a wonderful team around him.
Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon

Spent two hours in initial (free) consult. He showed me several before and after pictures from his thick book of pictures that match my body type. I have a good friend who is very pleased with his work who recommended me see him. 2/26/16 This man is a highly skilled, wonderful surgeon! He is a gem! I love his wife who works with him too! They're both very down to earth, not what I expected from a plastic surgeon, but so warm & welcoming. Dr. H will take all the time needed to answer all questions thoroughly, even drawing pictures to explain and writing references of names, links, etc. as appropriate. I couldn't be happier with his team. Karen, his nurse is also wonderful and answers all questions confidently. She is very sweet and personable. She's worked with many surgeons in the area before and knows her stuff. She knows Dr. H is the best around too, having seen the rest how they work. He is a perfectionist, which is what is needed in this field if you want good results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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