50 Year Old, 3 Grown Children, Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Woodbury, MN

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Once upon a time, prior to about 34; I looked...

Once upon a time, prior to about 34; I looked great. Of course I didn't know that. This type of realization comes with time. Lately with skinny low rise jeans back in fashion, I now have this excess fat that hangs over the jeans. The flab can be cleverly covered with peasant tops and roomy sweaters. My sister had a mini tuck this summer and boy was I jealous. We went shopping and she look d great in everything while I had to strategically Find clothes to hide the muffin top and fat under/around my bra.

I decided then and there to loose the 20 pounds gained over the prior year and make some serious changes for myself

I lost 18 pounds before survey using Weight Watchers. I exercised to get in better condition.

2 weeks before surgery I : got all my prescriptions, loaded up on juice and Gatorade, completely cleaned the house, we used a spare room for recovery. The recovery room had a recliner, which the doc recommend for sleeping, all prescriptions, books, phone charger, tv and anything else I would need.
Day of surgery I was scared. The staff was kind and reassuring. i had lipo of the flanks, and, hips, and back. 3 liters of fat removed: which roughly equates to 6 pounds. After the operation I couldn't pea. Needed a cathitor. Didn't hurt, was great. Day 2 my surgeon wanted me to see a urologist right away. I needed the cathitor until Friday. Peeing on my own has been fine since. I had no appetite the first 5 days. Mostly ate dry toast. Didn't poop until Saturday, even though I took stool softener and MOM. I did need a Fleet enema to help.

I have 2 drains no issues with them. Drawing well and just starting to go from red tinged to more straw color.

For this much work, you need someone around to help you! My husband had been a blessing. Anther tip , we found little zip lock type pill bags called ezy dose pill pouch You can label the day and time to take the dose. We were up every 4 hours taking pills to stay ahead of the pain. Due to this, I didn't have any problem sleeping.
Bruising significantly reduced by Day 3. My husband was impressed since there was so much work done.

Dec 15: 8 days after surgery

The lipo stitches were removed. How do I feel? Whenever I have to out of the house to go to the doctor I am wiped out afterward! Prior to leaving the house, my energy was up. I was looking through my stash of yarn and thinking about starting a project. I didn't start anything because I was getting tierd and need a cat nap before the appointment.

I did weigh myself this morning (I know that is a no-no). When I went into surgery I was 162. For lipo, swelling, etc; the doctor expected me to have at least an extra 20 pounds following the
operation. Today I weighed 166 just 8 days post op; so I think that is terrific and showing the drain tubes are doing the trick.

Day 10

Feeling way better! I am getting up and moving quiet a bit. I am using the treadmill at the lowest setting for 20-30 min a day but not all at once. My PS said light movement is the best way to begin healing fast and getting the fluid drained.

So far I have had 2 post op appointments and 2 phone calls asking how I feel me if I have any questions.

More before pictures

Just adding some more before pictures so you have a better idea of the improvements over the coming months

2 weeks post op

14 day update after surgery

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Lessons learned and quick update

6 week update

Feeling good after 6 weeks. 10 pounds down after the day of surgery. Removed 3 liters of fat from lipo on flanks, upper an and back. Will begin using silicone strips on the incision this week. Tummy is flat, still tight. Back is smooth, fat bulges eliminated.

50 Terrific Tummy Tuck with Lipo

I was so tierd fighting the battle with the flab hanging over my skinny jeans, I always had to wear 'pregnant' blousey tops. My sister, 5 years younger, had a tummy tuck last summer and I was so inspired, it was my turn. Dr James Hoffman spent time explaining and answering questions, showing and explaining pictures and helping me decide the next step. I had a full tummy tuck, lipo around the ack, bra area. Amazing results! Instantly flat tummy. Firm, beautiful. No fat hanging under my bra. I can wear fitted tops, no flab over my pants. Went from a size 12 the day of surgury to a size 8 pants a few short months later after healing and swelling went down. I went in at 162 pounds now I am 152. The 10 pounds is the weight of the skin and fat removed. Bonus is my back pain from a degenerated disc has eased up considerably. I think it is due to the tightening of my abs and loss of all that extra flab. I look fabulous. It was so very worth it! I told Dr James that I would never wear a bikini before surgury. Guess what? I bought one for this summer!

Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hoffman really took the time to explain his education, tools he uses, how much he cares about your results. He discusses in detail the before and after pictures so you understand what the tummy tuck does vs lipo. He doesn't use a resident to stitch you up, he does everything from beginning to end. He called my husband the night after surgery for any questions, and we had some. His staff is equally as caring. Before surgery I told him to make me beautiful again. He said I am already beautiful and he will help give me back the hourglass figure I once had and deserve. I can't wait to see the results in 3-6 months!

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