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So many questions, help! Ok, my journey org began...

So many questions, help! Ok, my journey org began w/me wanting a brazilian butt lift, which ended up being that AND a tummy tuck. I am 5'5 130 lbs & have had 2 kids. I gained 50 lbs with each, then lost it all after however i was left the typical loose skin.I also have always had a very flat butt. 3 yrs ago I had a 12 level spinal fusion for scoliosis which straightened out the natural "S" shape of my spine which even made more flat. I have seen a handful of surgeons who all said I had limited fat avail to achieve a big rounded butt, however, I could get enough for an improvement. (Anything more than i have now is good, really!)

My doc, after examining me suggested the tummy tuck w/the Brazilian. His reasoning was this: 1) more fat can be used from the skin being removed 2) he could be more aggreesive w/the lipo 3) Id get the flat tummy & tighter skin I was lacking. Seems like a win/win to me. I was so excited that I booked the surgery for March 5th. Now, have done limited research on both procedures, I was really educated.

Now I see, after reading the posts on here, that there are mixed responses on doing them at once. Has anyone had this done at the sametime? Is it even safe?? In what order? How messed up was your belly button. (THAT SCARES ME MORE THAN THE NASTY LONG SCAR) Did you have a lot of pain from the lipo, butt and tuck? Who had the fat injections into the muscles? How on earth did you sleep or rest if you can lay on your back OR your stomach? WHen could you drive?? Will the lipo incisions go away or will those be totally noticable too? (ANOTHER THING I DONT WANT) what about the injection site on your butt,will that also be scarred? LOL Sorry for the question over load but any advise or answers would be nice. =) I will be posting some photos soon....

Well had my Pre-op today & feeling much better...

Well had my Pre-op today & feeling much better about everything. Got my questions answered but still some what concerned about recovery. Looks like I am to get a few pillows that will be my new friends for awhile!! Other than that I'm all set! Still can't believe I'm doing this! Just seems crazy...yikes!!! Well it's wine time...going to have a glass or two to settle my nerves!

Good morning Real Self friends! The day has...

Good morning Real Self friends! The day has finally come and I'll be honest I'm freakin out! Doesn't help that I'm alone in a hotel in another state & it's 2 hrs from the time of my surgery. Ughh! My hubby started a new job not quite 6 months ago and CAN NOT take time off til after the 6 month mark. SUCKS!

Anyway..slept like crap & had bizarre dreams to boot. Yikes. Wonder of its to late to back out?! Lol kidding! I'd REALLY like ahoy cup of coffee but I can't which makes things worse. Maybe a nice hot shower will snap me out of it.

Okay well ladies wish me luck! I'll post when I'm coherent & try & get pics up when I can.....CHOW!!! :)

I'm alive and well!!!! And somehow not that...

I'm alive and well!!!! And somehow not that loopy!!! I'm sure the major pain will kick in soon but as now feeling ok! My PS found more fat than he thought!! Wwooooohoooo? Got 500 cc's in each cheek!! Yay baby!!!! Well my tummy feels like its on fire & I'm
Sleepy! I'll check in later!!!

OMG I can not pee! Help?!?! Ideas?! I went right...

OMG I can not pee! Help?!?! Ideas?! I went right before surgery n I feel my bladder is full but I any to come out! And Im afraid to drink more!1st set back!! HELLPPPPPP

Well here I op going on day was...

Well here I op going on day was a tough one. I think I
Was in the most pain today thus far. If I had to put painful parts in order from OUCH to no biggie here's how's they rank:

1) ab muscles ALL OF THEM from top to bottom side to
Side 2) butt muscles 3) incision site for these gawk awefully drains 4) my inner thighs & upper back (assuming Lipo pain) & 5) the actual incision site. That will from time to time just start burning like its on fire which I'm going to have to assume is "normal?"

I still can't get up unassisted and I'm pretty hunched over. I pee every hour which is super annoying cuz getting up SUCKS! I'm still fighting with myself as far as the best positioning is that will allow the fat to survive yet help take pressure of my tummy. My husband has been SO helpful but does gets annoyed when Im constantly asking to be repositioned.

My butt is BIG! Lol I mean it's BIG! Maybe I'm just not used to it being soooo..bubblely?! I know it's swollen but OH MY!? Lol

I have not had the courage to sneak a peek at the tummy tuck yet. I have only adjusted the compression piece but I'm too chicken to check out the situation. I have my post op tomorrow at I'll see it all then!!!! I'm gonna have my friend snap some shots If she can stomach it!! Lol ;)

Thats it for today- back to playing words with friends on my iPhone! ;)

Post op day 3: again. Lol I had an actual dream...

Post op day 3: again. Lol I had an actual dream last night(in the 3 1/2 hrs I slept) that a went poop! Lol what a lovely dream. If I had a magic geanie lamp I'd wish for a BM! Wow...that's pretty sad! My GOD I wish I could go! You'd think the Delcolax 2x a day with the double dose of MOM and the nasty warm prune juice would help just a tiny bit huh? Nahhhhh...How frustrating! I fear an enama is in this girls very near future - yay lucky me. Plbbnnfftttttt :(~

Post op at at 1 today. 2nd wish from my magic bottle: removal of these 2 dreaded god awefully drainage tubes. ;)

Wish me luck- ill check in later!!

Post Op day #....uhhh...loosing track of time. Day...

Post Op day #....uhhh...loosing track of time. Day 4....not including Monday. How does that work anyway? Surgery was Monday! Ok, sooooo feeling really good today. I FINALLY made a BM...well, I wouldnt say was alot...but considering it was built up from Sunday, that sounds about right! Thanks to MOM, Delcolax and a liter of warm & delicious(sarcastic) prune juice! Enough doo doo

So had my post op w/Dr Lu yesterday afternoon. He said everything looked good....just swollen as expected. Checked out the BB is about 1 1/2 inches lower than where it was before. Which is good...due to my shortened torso from my Scoliosis, my ab was short and my BB sat up to high, making my torso look even shorter. You ge the point. Anyway, it looks OK...its a little squashed and oval, but it will take shape Im sure. My incision is fairly thin and very smiley mouthed-ish! I wasnt able to get the tubes removed tho...thats this coming Monday!! WOOHOO!! I was given my new garment...MUCH nicer and more comfortable than the other thingy I had. This is crotchless I can go pee and poo with ease...what a novel idea! Def comes in handy! No pics.....i guess cuz i didnt really have time...he was in bewtween surgeries. When I shower tomorrow I will be brave and try & get some shots. I am not quite happy with the results of the TT thus far....due to excessive swelling I look heavier than when i started....sorta like Im about 5 months pregnant. A little upsetting but again, I know time heals. BUTT!! MY BUTT!!! how lovely!!! im thrilled with the outcome! Its beauiful and round and shaply AND upside down heart shaped!! OMG!!!! Ive never ever had this before....ever!!!!! I know the swelling w/go down, etc...etc...but im still super happy at the outcome! Dr Lu is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Today was my 1st day on my own after 7am this morning. I was feeling my youngested his breakfast, got his clothes....did our usual AM rituals. I took a nice 2 hr nap and enjoyed the house to myself. Then I showered...a real shower unassisted!! I took it real easy, and tried to keep as much water and soap away from the drainage tubes and scar. But OMG did that fell nice....ahhhh...didnt wanna get out. Getting the new garmernt on myself was a challenge but after like 15 did it! I also had 3 visitors today....2 from work and my best friend who was highly enamoured w/my new booty! LOL I love it....she was like Ohhh, let me take a pic and show Mike! (her hubby who constantly calls me pancake pants!) lol :) HAHA! pain pill this morning at 7 and didnt take another til 5 today! I hope i didnt just jinx myself but damn i feel great!!! Heres to more happy healing to everyone!! thanks for reading!! Til next time!!! CHEERS!

Post op day 5-6: what's the trick w/the crotchless...

Post op day 5-6: what's the trick w/the crotchless garments ladies? Omg it's driving me nuts. I mean the garment and a women's vaginal area are designed the same way. Wouldn't a Velcro flap be better?! My poor lady parts are getting abused in this thing & my only 1/2 assed solution has been taking 2 panty liners sticking then together then inserting it into my garment to block off the area and take some pressure off my stuff! Lol I mean really...a dude had to have designed n made this thing! Lol ok
Done venting. Today was aunt took my youngest n I to his swim class so I was able to free myself of my prision for awhile. I probably could have driven but I didn't wanna chance it yet. The fresh air was cold but nice!!

I did slowly venture downstairs to our bedroom where I located a pair of jeans that I though may fit...curiosity got the best of me & wouldn't ya know it those bad boys fit! A little.... ok they were tight over the entire belly part but they closed AND actually sat on my hips rather than above my hips thanks to my fabulous booty I have! I was so excited to how wonderful they looked on my overall. I could def see the sculpting that was done to scoop out my lower back. It truly was like a stranger was starring back at me! =} I can only imagine things fitting even better as weeks pass.

Coughed ALOT AND HARD today-1st time unexpectedly. OHHHHH MYYYYY GOD that was so not cool. We have 2 cats...well one needs to be touching me some how no matter where I am. Needless to say, I must have inhaled her fur and it got stuck in my throat. Wow wasn't expecting that. I swore I popped all the stitch work in my upper abs and popped a rib...or that's what it felt like. I CRIED like a baby!!!! I just hope that didn't cause any damage?!?! Cringing as I'm replaying that in my head..eck!

I'm going to attempt sleep again as my body has been acting like a new born infant who has not clue between night & day. Fun. Sweet dreams & hope all my fellow friends are either staying calm for their big day or are continuing to heal nicely!
Xxoo Lynn ;)

PO 1 week: a week already?! Wow! I had another...

PO 1 week: a week already?! Wow! I had another post op today..and guess what?!?!? My dance to the drain tube gods worked! lol I was kinda nervous that I'd end up leaving w/one left as one was pretty much full daily while the other was very little...but..they are both out!! Thank god. Eshhh I'm glad I'm not a need to know person cuz I just shut my eyes, he made small talk..snip snip the stitches were pulled out(gross) then...GGASSPPPP...yank and both came out. OMG! A little warning or maybe some numbing gel would have been nice! Gesh! ;) wasn't THAT bad compared to everything else this poor body has gone thru this past week! Right?! No really...I did almost faint...and it took me like 15 mins to snap out of it but I lived to tell the tail! Lol
I go back Saturday now just to follow up with the swelling. ( advised IF needed they can just easily remove excess fluid via 100 foot needle! How...nice!) lol

One more milestone today! I was sick of feeling like a zombie so I stopped my pain pills. Didnt really even need Tylonol to be honest just took it cuz I thought I should!? I think I'll reserve the good stuff for night time when I need to just relax n sleep which I can't seem to do.

Back to work be comical! Going to be hard to 1) explain why I'm not sporting my typical tighter fighting sweaters/pants n heels 2)why is my ass so BIG and bubbly and 3) why aren't u sitting like normal in your chair?! Gonna need to be creative but my initial plan of "spent time with family & got fat in 2 wks" I don't think will fly! Lol ;) oh weeelllllllll...I had a tummy tuck and fat pumped into my ass, that's what happened fools!!! Lol ;)~

Going to make supper now. Pasta bake thingy.. Hardest part I'd frying the ground beef n boiling the water! Then maybe I'll get a foot rub WITH LOTION for my reward!

Happy healing everyone!!! Take care n keep in touch!

PO day 10: my insomnia continues...hence this post...

PO day 10: my insomnia continues...hence this post at midnight (cst) grrrrrrr! I may ask for lunesta or something. Last time i tried sleeping pills after my spinal surgery they didnt work so I'm sceptical. Oh well I'll come around I'm
Sure. Overall, i think I finally got over my hump...just been feeling depressed, and unsatisfied with my body thus far. I guess I didn't have those real expectations like I thought I did. Part of me really thought I'd have this amazing Victoria Secret model body!! Lol I'm funny! I guess i just assumed that being more of a petite framed woman he'd be able to sculpt more of an hour glass figure for me. I still have no waist line with that garment on. No wonder some ladies say they wanna keep them on longer n need to be weaned off! It's a girdle it sucks ya in and makes u look
Good! It's not a super powered magical device that will modle you into a Barbie doll body permanently! Lol my figure ROCKS with that sucker on which to me, isn't what the final outcome will end up to be. Maybe he didn't do enough Lipo?! I know I'm swollen but I have this feeling I'm still gonna end up straight as a ruler - with an ass of course!!!' lol my ass makes me smile! Lol am I nuts?! Think there is swell swelling in my waist & thighs?! I mean I guess he did Lipo the snot outta me.why do I have to be a RIGHT NOW kinda person?! Bad habit but makes me -well me!!! ;)
Thanks 4 letting me vent. I think one eyelid is tired now maybe it'll convince the other to close too?! :) good nite!!! U ladies r so great! This is an amazing group of people!!!

PO day 13...and counting. Man I'm done with this...

PO day 13...and counting. Man I'm done with this stupid compression garment! Ugh! The thought of having to wear it for 4-6 more weeks makes me cringe. Well..went to work Friday a full day. Not cool. I was SO exhausted & 3pm I was practically asleep at my desk which by the way...finding a way to not sit & put direct pressure on my butt was VERY hard to do. Argggg..oh well that's the price I have to pay for wanting a bigger butt! As far as the TT. Regretting it...sad to say. Not because of pain...very minimal...but more becuz of how extremely swollen my lower tummy is and mostly cuz of how low my bb is. I don't know if I explained or not...but he didn't do the incision and cut/replace my bb. We talked before I went under as he was marking me..becuz of my short bb was org high. He explained that he could lower it w/o cutting it and it would make my torso appear longer. Well needless to say it ended up much much lower than I expected. When I wear a thong or bikini that covers my scaring it pretty much hit my bb. I'm still very upset about this & I do have options but really...I can't see how he didn't think it was pulled down too low. He will move it up after I'm healed if I still think it looks weird but the fact that I have to go thru another procedure & pay for it kinda ticks me off. Grrr!

Enough anger lol anyway - I did go out last night for St Pat's Day! Had a few beers...had fun but over did it. Man was I sore this morning! Dumb dumb dumb! Lol had fun tho & was happy to get out and show the public my new bod!!! Lol

Ok the end!!! ;) take care & happy healing!

****okay for any of ladies out there who had their...

****okay for any of ladies out there who had their inner thighs Lipo'd*****

OMG. Everyday I swear I find something new...not good new. So today putting on lotion...I feel my inner thighs...they feel lumpyish. So I say "no biggie it's from the Lipo ur 16 days PO it's normal"...ok talk myself off the ledge there...but to the get to the other side(inner thight again) and what do I see?!?! A patch a little larger than a 1/2 dollar of saggy, nasty loose skin. REALLY?!? WTF?! I'm completely deviststed!!! He hardly took anything and I have loose skin?! It's wrinkly n gross and was NOT there Pre-Lipo! So now, on top of:
1) my looking 5 months pregnant (enough to where I can't look down & see my scar cuz my nasty, hard, numb stomachs in the way)
2) my BB is lowwwwwww to low & wearing low rise undies covers it up
3) Now this...inner thigh b/s

I'm afraid to look any where else seriously! I'm so done. I should have just kept my flat small ass and droopy tummy. I looked better & felt better then.

Some one tell me something positive about this new sassy thigh skin...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;(

PO 3 weeks! Hey ladies hope all is well with...

PO 3 weeks! Hey ladies hope all is well with everyone! Not much to report but I haven't updated in awhile. Some good news! I can sleep on my tummy butt will be happy! It's not very comfie cuz of my boobs but I'm so sick of my pillow cacoon and my other contraptions to keep the pressure off my ass! I'm still on the couch & my hubby faithfully sleeps on the recliner next to me. Don't get y he doesnt go downstairs to bed...but the company is nice! I'm gonna do this damn couch one more week then it's time for me to get reacquainted with my bed!

Some other good stuff! I FINALLY got a little relief from my little pregnant belly yesterday! I woke up n it felt flatter so I got up went into the bathroom and to my surprise looking back at me in the mirror was indeed a slightly flatter belly! 1st time I genuinely felt good about this damn TT! ANDDDD my BB actually looks like its not AS low as I thought. It's still low but it's not as freakish as I have previously perceived. So I hope when the next round of swell-hell goes away it'll even looks better?! I hope!!

Feeling good I ventured into my closet, a place I've been avoiding too much time in since after surgery, I pulled out all my jeans, pants, dresses n old Halloween costumes n decided to try these bad boys on. WOW!! The only jeans that didnt fit were my skinny jeans! My very favorite pair pretty much laughed at me as I struggled trying to force them over my HIPS!!! Never had hips before or this ass so, while bitter-sweet I was kinda happy! My dresses that I always felt boyish un(no shape/no ass) looked good!! Mage me wanna go out n show off!! The Halloween costumes look good too!! All good stuff, BUT...worried guys! This is all thanks to my compression garment I assume! There's NO WAY I'm going to look just like I do when im in that again bitter-sweet. Time will tell I guess...just hope I look super hot in July for my 20th HS reunion!!!!! 20 years?!?!?!?! OMG where the hell does time go!?! I'm dreading my 38th bday guys. It's April 7th...I'm not handling this aging thing real well. Obviously! Lol but hey, I look better n feel better these past 10 yrs than I ever did so I'm hoping my 40's will even be better n more exciting!!!!!! I just hops I don't have some weird Pre-midlife crisis!!!! ;) haha! Well hell my TT n butt job will be paid off by then, maybe then for my 40th I'll get my boobies fixed, AGAIN for the 4th n final time!! Lol

Okay enough of my blabbing!!! It's midnight n I'm WIIDEEEE awake no sleep insite n I work in the morning. Sucks I didn't win POWERBALL Sat!!! Damn my bad luck!!

Until next time, same time, same bat channel..,good night favorite ladies of mine!!! Stay hot, healthy & healing!!!! I look forward to all ur updates!!!


25 PO today. Still lower belly swell. Now Im only...

25 PO today. Still lower belly swell. Now Im only looking 2-3 months pregnant but gezzzz already, Im wanting this to be done with!!!!

I have a question for everyone. Am I the only one "concerned" (for a lack of a better fitting word) that they will get used to their body/shape/curves, etc wearing this dreaded garment, then, when we're freed of it, our bodies will look way bigger? I mean, I know, with how tight mine are, IM WAY smaller than what I really am...swelling aside. Common sense...before the surgery...if we wore these, we'd appear smaller. Im just afraid that i will be (even more) disappointed in my overall results once I dont have to wear this anymore. I mean wow, I look skinny as hell, all curvy & hour glass shaped now, with this thing on....I take it off and Im like "Oh, well, thats kinda gross. I look like i did before, except I have a pregnant belly and a horrid looking scar...great." I did ask my PS if Id resemble my garmented body(not a real word, i know lol) after all is said and done, and of course, I got his standard response " you should". I dont know that that is possible...but eh who am I but an impatient recovering plastic surgery patient! LOL Anyone having similar fears????

PO day...I don't know..4 weeks-ish. While times...

PO day...I don't know..4 weeks-ish. While times has gone by fast it also has been painfully SLOW.

Well, so much for my better looking booty. =( I'm sad & pissed to report that A LOT of the fat didn't take or reabsorbed or whatever it does and my cute heart shaped fuller butt is starting to deflate. It literally happened over night. Took a shower yesterday, did my usually after shower body check and was like "WHAT THE HELL!? WHERE'D MY ASS GO!?" Water works began, swearing started & all hell broke loose. Needless to say, I'm sure I'll loose more. Huh..I guess it's only money. Grrr!!!!! I have a post op next Saturday (my bday by the 30...ok ok ok, fine I'll be 38 damn it) I'll be inquiring as to what my options will be becuz damn it I WANT MY BUTT BACK! I'm sure he'll suggest implants - gross.

Well tummy tuck news: swelling continues to SLOWLY subside, I mean slowly..gesh. I'm still packed into this compression garment. I tried Flexies got 2 pair but I don't feel theyre as tight or fitted as they should be. I don't feel as supported is a better word. :( so I'll continue to get addicted to my garment & get used to the small waist & hour glass shape it leads me to believe I have. (See previous post in regards to the evils of compression garment-HA!) I did take pics yesterday despite my crying n cursing. I'll post them later today when I can get in to my my living room where there are currently 2 sleeping kiddos..5 &7. My cousins son spent the night n that's where they wanted to sleep. Ps- slept in my bed last night. Not comfie at all. Still trying to keep pressure off my butt so I need to continue to use 1000000 pillows to build a little bridge thingy for my ass. I'm telling u IT SUCKS n clearly didn't help save my butt fat cells. BOO!

K I'm done bitching now. It's early n I should try to get more sleep before those monsters wake up. ;) til next time...

:( - pics

:( - pics

OK. I compared before and after....big difference...

OK. I compared before and after....big difference in tummy and lower back, in a good way. And butt I guess.....still mad tho. lol Im really never happy. Really. True story. Bye

Tummy Tuck update: Woke up this morning, to my...

Tummy Tuck update: Woke up this morning, to my prego belly shrunk!! I can look down now and see my scar!!!! I was even able to ahhh, shave the small forest that has grown down below! LOL Tell ya, thats smarts when your hair gets stuck in that stupid crotchless garment! LOL Like we need more issues to be bother with, gesh! :) So this was good news......My too tight garment that made me wanna barf from lack of breath and pressure on my stomach now fits nicely! It seriously happened over nite! Im hoping I didnt jinx myself....ugh.

Butt update: Im not even gonna say it.....ok I will. Its even smaller today. The dents are gone, but the fullness is lost. From the side view, from me looking down, it appears flat. Hubby took a peek, and said yes, its flatter but youre still fuller in the back, below the lower back area. Good news Iguess. I still refuse to put any real pressure on my cheeks tho. Cant take the chance. Really thinking I should have just done the stupid ass implants, as much as those freak me out.

Not posting anymore bad butt stuff til I talk w/Dr Lu Saturday. Im already expecting the standard responses of course....but maybe I will get more insight.

Hope you gals are all doing great!! I should probably get to work...considering I was 15 mins late and have pretty much been useless thus far! LOL :)

PO 5 weeks...feels like 50...really. Had another...

PO 5 weeks...feels like 50...really. Had another po check yesterday on my too boot..what a buzz kill! Lol (ladies I'm having a hard time with this getting older thing.) So to start of the day I have a horrid very vivid dream I lost my youngest..woke up sobbing and & in tears & this started my morning off in a very somber mood. Got Zack up and packed up for his over night stay at my cousins house. (went to dinner and out bar hopping after to celebrate my getting older) got there at 10:40 and began my 1 hr drive into Vernon Hills to chat w/Dr Lu. I almost run out of gas I'm
So out of it I didn't even look at the gas gage so I'm praying I make it there with running out of gas! Sheww made it..barely! Good thing there's a gas station across the street! Anyway...he is on time for once n sees me right away. He is disappointed my tooshie shrunk. I feel tears welling up but I get myself in check and smile and I say "I knowwwwww I'm sooooo sad" He assures me there's still more there then there was. Then he checks my BB. He agrees..little bit low but still says it doesn't look like a freak of nature. He then asks me if I'm aware that my right breast is about 1 1/2 inches lower than the other & low on my chest. Tears coming back but I said "THANK YOU!!!! Everyone tells me I'm nuts!!" He says that he noticed it whole I was on the operating table. He also says that if they were moved up high it wpuld elongate my torso n also make my bb look even lower but where they r now the BB isnt THAT bad. He agreed that if I plan to get my boobs fixed (again) then yes def wants to move the BB up. So..overall I'm not thrilled AT ALL really with any of it. My scar is the only positive thing so far as its thin-ish and is healing nicely. I'm
Using Scarguard. It stinks like wart remover but it seems to be working. So Im in a horrible mood..very mellow don't even ask the questions I had for him. I just wanted to go back home and wallow in my misery. I know have a migraine by the way which isn't helping my mood. I leave schedule my next po apt for May 5th. And yay! I get to continue to stay off my ass AND continue to wear this f'in cg. Sigh.

I decide shopping is therapy n hell it was my bday & I'm kid free so I hit the mall near my house. Bought 2 pairs of jeans one a size 3 very stretchy "skinny jeans" and one size 5 boot cut. They fit well n looked cute so I decided to add them to my denim collection. I'm ashamed to admit but I know own 20 pairs of jeans!! Lol granted 1/4 of them no longer fit due to either the waist being to big or my old skinny jeans that my ass now won't fit into. Of course these WERE my favorite ones! ;( bought a cute short sweater n a tank for under neath and a brewer shirt!! GO BREWERS GO! I felt a little better but looking at myself in the fitting room mirrors pissed me off. Decided today was NOT a good day to trek into Victoria Secrets. I head home lay out my jeans n decide that I need a nap to get rid of my migraine. Can't sleep..nothing new. It gets worse so I finally decide to take one of my expensive pills. It works thank god so I finally get up shower and get ready to party. While in the shower I have a total melt down. I come to the conclusion I'm not happy with who I am and had very unrealistic expectations of what this all was going to do for me. I realize that I'm disgusted by my scar, my lack of the hour glass shape body I wanted, my flat ass and now paranoid about my crooked boobs. Really? So I like feel like a monster. To boot Paul is having a hard time being intimate with me. Says I look and feel different which is throwing him off. WHAT?! I don't understand it but it sure isn't helping my lack of self confidence. We've had sex 2 times in 5 weeks n neither time was sucsessful. So not only do I feel I wasted 14k but I've scared my husband away..super. Way to fuck up my birthday! BOOOOO! I ball in the shower for 10 mins get a gripe n decide I need to get out n have some fun.
Dinner was incredible. Flemmings steak house..mmmmmm lobster tail & filet with a wedge salad n garlic mashed SO GOOD. I'm stuffed but them my bday lava cake comes out and down that goes! Orgazzzmic!!!! Lol were with another couple by the way. I consume one glass of wine n
Drink water. Headache comes back SONOFABITCH! we leave and go to an Irish pub who had a local band playing figuring that may get me outta my funk. Nope. Wasn't feeling it guys. U must know this about me. I am a party girl! So this is a clear sign I'm not right. We leave n head home. LAME! Lol gift from hubby. I was advised my tummy n ass were my gift. Oh. Funny I thought I saved my money for this..guess not. He didn't even take my boys out toget me a card. I'm big on bDays my whole family is while his could care less. Just a pet peeve of mine.
Ok I'm done bitchin sorry this was so long n boring. Bottom line is this : not worth it...nothing positive has come from this yet. Ill be happy when I can fix my boobs n BB.til then I'm staying Negitive Nelly!;(~

P.O day 37....ugh. That's all I have to say. Since...

P.O day 37....ugh. That's all I have to say. Since Saturday I've felt off. Sunday I woke up with PAIN in my incision site. Felt raw and irritated...I've been putting Niosporin on it and covering it with a bandaid but it's not helping. It's hurts cuz the garments constant rubbing on it then my jeans over it isn't helping. Emailed Dr Lu this morning about it & he had me take pics to see if he feels its infected. I know it's bright red in that area n hurts like a mother freaker!!! Waiting to hear back...I'm so bummed. What a bummer of a set back :(

Hoping everyone else is having better days...

6 weeks already?!?! Time flys when you're...having...

6 weeks already?!?! Time flys when you' Yea..let's go with that.

Okay..TT & LIPO news: none-lower belly still hard n puffy, spitting stitch..still gross...still not convinced this was a good idea. Still in this god foresakin garment & still having the damnedest time not consuming too many mg's of sodium n I keep forgetting to drink water. I hate's so boring! Lol

ASS news: none- still shrinking and looking flat from the side view. My friends/family say it looks better now..more natural looking. That doesn't make me feel didn't look freakish before & gezz, that's what I paid for a big(ger) ass..not a "looks more natural on you" ass! Lol I still have to not "sit" and I swear I have nightmares about pillows invading my house! AAARRGG!!!!

Okay-there bitch fest has officially ended...until next time..PEACE!

New pics.....forgive the lack of matching bra &...

new pics.....forgive the lack of matching bra & panties...LOL...I didnt really care much but now that I look at the pics, its kinda funny. Oh well.....

Take note of the lower left side of my ass.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Also I JUST took these after 20 mins on my elliptical and 8 hrs at work...and well, a salty swollen as HELL! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Lots of growling, there are....

One last side note.....i started light cardio...

One last side note.....i started light cardio today...20 mins....low resistance. OMG did that feel good to move. Ahhhhh!!! =) Buying my alliptical was a good investments. Works the whole body & can really give you a good cardio work out!

Sorry so many pics....I didnt know which to post.....WILL SOMEONE please admit my shits gone down??? quit being nice and admit to it, damnit! LOL =)

Also....i think Dr Lu is full of horse crap....Im certain I have enough fat in my gut for a redo/2nd round!!! PLEASEEE!!!.....Liar liar pantssss on firreeeeeeeeeeee!!


Take about a shitty day...that was yesterday....

Take about a shitty day...that was yesterday. Starts with a call from my aunt asking if I've heard from my brother. I said no which is totally aunt & mom live together by the way. My brother was an alcoholic and also after a bad cycle accident became dependent on oxy & vicodin. He had been binge drinking with pills more frequently n we also lost him a few months back. He is very close with my
Youngest niece who just turned 30. Anyway..back to yesterday. I ask mny aunt if my niece had heard anything and she said she was going to check on him later in the morning. I asked for a call back once we knew what was up. 2 hrs later I get a frantic hystercal call from my aunt that my niece found my brother dead in his recliner with a empty bottle of vodka & oxy nearby. Due to the stench n the grayness of his skin they think it happened Sat/Sun of this past week. Unreal. In shock it still hasn't sunk in yet and my mom...poor thing..she just had us two so she lost her 1st born. I can't imagine this...your child is you child at any age. My brother was 54.

I know this a blog about plastic surgery but talking/writing about it helps me deal with thanks for letting my post my misery.

No new otherwise...hope ur weekends good..

7 weeks PO- Ok.....well ladies, i went thru all of...

7 weeks PO- Ok.....well ladies, i went thru all of my jeans....every single pair and have gotten rid of at least 1/2! That leave me with about 10 pairs! I had a revaltion during this process....that I am actually pretty small & flat & that my butt while a lot small than that it was, still looks pretty OK to me. I tried everything on w/o the garment so I didnt get a false sence of reality and to my surprise, I look better in each pair now, that I ever did before. I mean....its weird. I feel like Im holding my tummy in....but Im not. My only one gripe that I will still fix is my BB. As I type, Im wearing a very low rise pair of jean belly button barely sticks out the top. It looks pretty silly. I am def going to have him take care of that...needs to seriously go up 1 1/2 -2 inches. If I can get that taken care of and have him make my boobies straight and up on my chest where they should be I will be VERY happy. I think it finally happened. Ive been waiting for this day patiently for weeks! I just hope that evil swelling stays away. If it doesnt, thats OK too as I know what is really there. ME! And Im finally beginning to see, Im not so bad afterall. :) Just wanted to thank ALL of you awesome ladies out there who have supported me this far & tried pounding that into my head.You are all sweet!! I hope everyone gets to this point if they havent yet as it does feel pretty damn good! I wish it was 47 degres out....Id me struttin my stuff in mytiny short and tank top WITH NO GARMENT ON!! Ohhh yea!!!

Ok ok okayyyyy....omg! LOL So im laying on my...

Ok ok okayyyyy....omg! LOL So im laying on my couch....head slightly propped upper tummy was a little sore so I did what I always do.....gave her a lil massage. Ladies......are you sittin down????? I HAVE A 2 PACK!! LOL At 1st I was like what the hell is THIS now...really?? So, my heart start pounding...Im like wait a minute...nooo...SO I rub my fingers over it again, and again and again and got a BIG shit eatin grin from ear to ear and I slyly say to my hubby...." hey, come here for a sec, feel this" He goes " what the F is that, they're hard?" I say " I KNOWWWW! There muscles!!!!!!!!!! I have a 2 pack!!!" lol Ive never had them before, so Im SO excited. Very encouraging......Im so gonna start eating better and attemp some ab stuff SOON!

I had to glowing!!!! =) Altho...tomorrow, Im sure they'll be covered by swelling! LOL ugh

8 weeks as of yesterday ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

8 weeks as of yesterday ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling good overall. Some days def more swollen than others, but its mostly my own fault for consuming too much salt. Cant help it....i LOVEEEEE salty things!!! Been working out on my elliptical 3-4 x a week and have increased the resistance a little....feels GOOD!!! Ive been adding in somw squats...mainly focusing on the right side....Im still seeing some asymmetry in the lower butt where the left side is more rounded than the left. Not worrying but know how i knit pic. Oh...and from the advice of a fellow RS member..she said I should take pics w/heals on to poof up my booty! LOL So I grabbed some heals, a matching pantie and Bra and worked it! LOL Im very happy with everything now! Thanks for believing in me everyone.....took me awhile like i said last time...but I did it. I go in sat for my 2 month PO....going to discuss the BB moving up!!! :) Check the pics guys!!! I LOOK LIKE A GIRL...CURVES AND ALL!! =))

Pics would again

pics would again

Sorta of an irratating day today was. I had an apt...

Sorta of an irratating day today was. I had an apt w/Dr Lu at 11:40.....I was on my way 1 hr drive...and i got a call, asking if i was still planning on making it today as my apt was at 10am. I was like Nooooo, its 11:40, I have the text confirmation saying so. Either way....couldnt get it & of course I wanted to discuss fixing my BB, garment useage & when I can sit again & also decide on when I can get my crooked boobies fixed! He called back, apologized for the mixed up and then proceeded to tell me I only have to wear the garments when I am swollen. He said to wear when Im planning on having an active day, working out, etc. WAHHOOOOOO! Ive been waiting for this! Altho Im happy to get to lay off of them, I will sorta miss the security of it...and the feeling of being tight and compact...but it will be nice to be free of them. Ive decided to start going w/o as of Monday....then maybe depending on how swollen I am after being at work all day, I will wear it at night. In regards to the darn BB....he is still convinced that I need to leave it be. He thinks that I will not be happy w/a small scar (closing up current bb) and re-creating a new one. I dont know ladies...its really low. HOnestly, it really should be up 1 1/2- 2inches. Its so weird when I wear low rise jeans and undies and its pretty much covering the BB. Just isnt normal looking. ******What are your thoughts????***** I know its deceiving in my panties....but look at where my hips are...the widest BB lines up with it. BB;s are typicallyat the smallest part of your waist give or take an inch either way. I need honest feed back. Ive been wrong before...but Im really not chaning my mind about this. ?????? let me know PLEASE!!!!

PO 11wks+.....Hi ladies! Hope all is well! Had a...

PO 11wks+.....Hi ladies! Hope all is well! Had a PO exam this past Saturday...left kinda pissed off and depressed. To sum it up, im stuck w/my stupid looking, way too low BB. Apparently, he was hoping Id forget how much i hated it or maybe thought as time passed, Id get use to it?? Not sure...but bottom line is he pretty much is refusing to fix it as he feels the end result will be worse. Here is his logic: He cant made a whole new BB. Wont look like anything but a round scar. Mine was disconnected from the muscle during the TT and the skin was cut and pulled downward...lowering my BB....2+inches. He did it this was as it was "too high" before and thought id like this better than a vertical scar and a scar around my BB. *IF* he did move it, which he wont, he'd be pulling upward on the skin and it would only move about 1 centimeter & would look odd and squished and unnatural. So...there ya go. Ive been looking on line for PS that specialize in BB surgery to get a 2nd opinion. There HAS to be another way. At this point i could care less about addtnl scarring....I just want to have my BB back where it belongs. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try to post pics soon. I keep saying that I know, but im forgetful!! :)

So...I got a reminder this morning from RS telling...

So...I got a reminder this morning from RS telling me it was time to update my review! Didn't even realize that a month had passed already! It'll be Christmas before we know it! HA! Anyway.....not a lot to report to be honest. I can say that I am kind of getting used to my belly button. I think over the past week some more of the swelling in my lower belly went down which I feel, gives the illiusion that it moved up a little? It's still not where it should be, but its better than what it had been..thank God!

We're going camping in upper Wi in about a month, so I finally broke down and ordered some bikini tops and bottoms from Victoria's Secret. I was having a God awful time trying to find bottoms that scooped down low enough to not cover my BB but that also went up high enough on the sides to hide my scar. What a bitch THAT was....gezzz! To my surprise, the bottoms I picked out look GREAT!! I can honestly tell you that in all my years, i have NEVER EVER liked myself in any swim suit, bikini, etc. I would wear them, get depressed, then walk around w/a cover up on. I was prancing all over my house....smiling! I was like "look, i have a butt!! Look!!! I have a girlie body now!!" I did have to return the 2 tops tho, as one was a "add 2 cup sizes" thing and the other was to small and my nips were trying to pop out! The add to cup size top was ridiculous! LOL OMG!! The padding was about 1 1/2 iches thick if not more and made my boobs look weird! The other was perfect but i ordered a D rather than the DD assuming it would fit. So I have to exchange those. No biggie! Either way, I finally have the confidence to walk around, in public, with out a cover up on so, Clear Lake, HERE I COME!!! LOOK OUT!! LOL! :) I cant wait to lay out on the beach and get some sun...swim....drink beer and sit by a fire for a week! People tell me all the time, that I dont come across the camping type but i LOVE it. We have never gone for a week we shall see if I survive! :)

I guess, considering that its been 4 months, I should take some new pics to see whats going on. Im sort of afraid to see pics, especially of my lil butt...for fear its going to look smaller or boxy compared to the last set of pics. I honestly have no clue, as I cant see behind me and well my husband will lie to protect me if it has shrunk! LOL smart man! I'll work on that this week and post a few. Maybe I'll be daring and even include my mug! LOL :)

Hope everyone is feeling well, doing well, healing well, etc etc etc! I look forward to reading everyones updates and seein those pics!! Post away ladies!! have a super duper weekend!!


Hey Ladies!!! I hate that I dont visit this site...

Hey Ladies!!! I hate that I dont visit this site as often as I used to, however, I have a feeling that happens after you make it to the other side and start feeling yourself again! Leaving for "up north" ( like us Wisconsinites like to say) this Sunday...nice 4 hour drive....zzzzzzz....good thing I have my 50 Shades of Gray books to keep me company oh and my beloved iPhone!!! :) So....I went crazy and ended up purchasing a bunch of Victoria Secret's mix and match bikini's which leaves me w/7 different bikini options!! ! I for once, love them all and don't feel gross in them, so buh bye wrap & hello new body! lol Ive been slacking tho....real bad!! :( Mainly cuz I fell a few weeks ago and tore some ligaments in my left there goes the elliptical for now which was my main source of excersice! Ive also my trying REALLY hard to watch the salt in take...HA...that i find the hardest thing to do. I LOVE salty food, love love love!! I have 3 days to un-bloat a little & behave...I really wanna rock the bikini's and shake my new lil booty! LOL
I found my camera...I think my hubby hid it on me!!! So, I will have to put a few on & take some pics! My scar is healing nicely too...thank god!!

I hope that all you ladies are doing well...I dont hear from many of you anymore....but you are always in my thoughts!!! Keep in touch gals!!! I love reading your reviews and updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxoxo-- Lynn

Hey ladies!!! WOW!!! 8 months?!?! Crazy!? I...

Hey ladies!!! WOW!!! 8 months?!?! Crazy!? I haven't been here in thought I'd say HI & fill you in on my procedures. Over-all I'm happy, however I need touch-up. I reallllly don't want to go under again but I paid a lot n I want it all to be right. Im over the belly button issue & now Im looking for my desired results. I need done lipo on my flanks n lower back & am hoping to use that on my butt. I've lost a lot of the volume & I hope this can help. I'm posting some recent pics to show u the difference from may to now. I think the garment had temporarily sucked me in and it was hiding my actual results. I haven't gain weight so this isn't the reason either. Thoughts?! Comments?! Im open to them all!!!

hoping everyone's OK!!!

Wahoooo! Well ladies, it's a done deal...8am...

Wahoooo! Well ladies, it's a done deal...8am revision set for Jan 21st! I decided to fix my breasts as well so I'm super stoked!!!! =) just wanted to share!!!

Howdy ladies. I hope you all have a merry Chrismas...

Howdy ladies. I hope you all have a merry Chrismas and a save & happy new year! In a month, I will be 1 day post-op. Im actually more nervous this time...I think becuz I know what to expect AND Im having multiple revisions. I must admit, Ive let my self go alittle in the bod department. Ive been super lazy and I think knowing Im getting touch up lipo, I know if I gain alittle it will get sucked out anyway! LOL Bad I know, but eh.....its true...PLUS Im having another fat trans to my booty sooooo....hopefully I will live up to my screen name!! Either that or I will change my name to average-sized-booty-in WI! LOL :) hee hee! Anyway, Im really hoping this is my last major cosmetic procedure for quite sometime. I reallllly dont wanna go thru all this again any time soon. Dont get me wrong, I have a define improvement overall, and Im not sorry I had it done, but ...ughhh....I just want it to be done already! LOL Im also pretty stoked about having equal sized & symmerical boobs! Ive been crooked for quite some time and FINALLY I can get some decent lookin ta-ta's....I HOPE! :) I hope everyone is doing well.....

Happy Holidays!!

OH YEAH--and, looking back on my post op pics.......

OH YEAH--and, looking back on my post op pics.....I really didnt bruise alot. Not that thats bad, but I wonder, is that cuz he wasnt agressive enough w/the lipo? I mean, I bang my knee on something, and BAMB there is a bruise the next day...I do bruise easily...hummm, I guess another thing to add to my 100 page list! Anyone run into the same thing??

Ladies! ;) Hope all is well! My surgery is...

Ladies! ;) Hope all is well! My surgery is tomorrow at 8am have to be there at 7! I'm FREAKED out more than I was last time!!! This BA redo has got me scared!!! Man I hope they turn out nicely! I also hope he is able to find more than his predicted 300-400c's of fat to lipo for my 2nd round fat transfer!!!! My tummy is nervous!!! Lol I will post tomorrow if I'm able!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!hugs!! Lynn

IM ALIVE! I made it.....shewwww much more nerve...

IM ALIVE! I made it.....shewwww much more nerve racking than last time but I calmed down a lot as I sat & waited 1 1/2 in the pre op They were running a little late,which is fine with me. I wouldnt want anyone rushing on someone...just as I would expect the same if it happned to me. Anyway, I had lipo of my lower stomach, flanks lower/upper back and inner thighs touched up. He looked and looked for more and managed to get 400cc's of which he transfered into my booty. I will take it...he initally said "Lynn, now Im telling you again, you are a thin woman with a petite frame, there isnt much fat left..You will be lucky if I can find 200!" LOL Yea yea yea was my reply, I told him to search harder....guess he did! LOL I will take it! Got my breats re done as well and I did end up w/700cc silicone replacements so ma'mas a hapy camper! I just hope they arent as low as they look and feel and I hope that the boxyness of my butt takes on a better shape. I know im only hours out, but Ive been here before, and right after my booty looked ....well,not like it does now. BUTT(pun intended haha) Im being positive and I know Im swollen and things move and take place, AND i promised myself that this time, id be more realistic and be happy I was given this opportunity not once, but twice! UNLESS of course, I end up looking like a deformed circus freak.....then I wont be as pleasant! LOL HAHAHAHA

So, as far as inner thighs hurt more than anything as of now. Next in line is my incision, which is from the org TT...right side. There was deformation of that area, from lipo and there was a large dent. He lipo'd there, then pulled the skin down and sewed me back up. It feels like someone is burning me...I dont recall it being as intence as last time, nor do i recall my thighs hurting so horribly. Feels like ive done 100000 sets of that inner thigh machine at the gym, the one that forces your legs open to build muscle. lol Weird....again i recall pain, but OMG not like this. Next in line, my breasts. No too bad...considering I had my pockets fixed and a larger implant. It hurts on the sides, near my armpits. Not unbarable but enough to be annoying and cause me only ONE position to rest/sleep. Reclined at an angle on my recliner. I initally thought I could sleep on my side but my boobies are near there and its swollen and hurts. Arghhh....oh well, wadahyagunna do? lol

Im bored...already. This is going to be a LONG week. Im a busy body, so this recovery stuff isnt my favorite! LOL

Hope youre all doing well......time to go do more of nothing! lol Anyone here play words with friends??? If so, hit me up!! Lynnz74 is my user name! Im serious..lets play!!

Day 3 actually..boring week! Ha! Was allowed to...

Day 3 actually..boring week! Ha! Was allowed to shower so I had an opportunity to take a peek at the frame. Swollen as hell as expected & very prematurely Stomach & lower are looking good. The long dent on the right side appears to be corrected, lower tummy which stuck out is flatter & will continue to shrink as swelling subsides. My booty is def. more plump and rounded. My thighs look the same which is fine as they werent big at all before. I've got some pretty significant bruising going on on each side under my arm pits(boobs) my upper backs pretty banged up along with my flanks from what I was told. (Hubby is telling me as for some reason I wasn't really ready to see yet) My waist line spears to be okay...looks like I have the opposite issue now where the right side is now slimmer than the previous slimmer side also known as the left. Again swollen and WAY to soon to pass judgement bad or good. I'm pleased with the lipo/fat transfer re-do thus far. Now, for the part that just makes me wanna puke..oh and the earlier vow to not bitch & complain? Out the window. My boobs. The part of this whole thing i was the most scarec about..Well. Wow. Ok lets start with the pro's: they are super soft & finally even on my chest & are a little wider. Cons: In their swollen state they *maybe* MAYBE they project as they did before. Looking down on them, the left side is still more rounded on the inside pocket which was supposed to have been released so it was not as tight. Oh and the left is now bigger than the right. AND They by no means look any bigger. I whole heartedly fell the swelling will go down and I swear to you they will be smaller! This is my 3rd full implant exchange so I know what I'm talking about & what effects swelling have on my breasts. I should have said I wanted HP's. I have my post op tomorrow...Im pretty sure I'm just going to cry. He will think I'm nuts for judging on day 4...I will be honest but I honestly can't handle my breasts STILL not being alike on both sides. Maybe by an act of God shit will take place & even out but I'm so jaded in the boob dept that I just can't help thinking I'm just supposed to have mis matched boobs. I'm taking my pain killers, headed to bed and am hoping my attitude & my tits are better by tomorrow. >=•[ I will get some pics taken & posted of the re did bod & will post tomorrow. I just didn't want to deal with photographic proof of my post today! Lol
I hope the pics will look great and I will loom again and say, WOW, a lots changed since yesterday how wonderful! G'nite all

Well hello all. 6 days PO revision.....and SO not...

Well hello all. 6 days PO revision.....and SO not prepared to head back to work tomorrow. I spent yesterday shopping for a new sports bra, then went to my cousins house for dinner and some cards....I didnt get home til 12! and I was swollen BIG TIME and in a LOT of pain...almost as bad as Monday! OMG. I spent the entire week reclined on an angle to accomodate my boobs and my butt, legs up and sitting in a regular chair with all my weight shifted forward was NOT a good idea. (The fam has NO CLUE I went back for the revision, so I told them all my back hurt)

Anyway, mixed emotions here gals. Im superrrr swollen....and bruised and I cant tell whats up w/the lipo touch up....but I can tell a difference in my booty. Its fatter and more up side down heart shaped, which IS what I asked for. Im hoping my waist line goes down...alot cuz I look kinda chubby! lol My Again, I got what I asked for so Im happy! The scar area he fixed looks good. I didnt get a shot of that as I was trying to hurry thru the pics as my 16 yr old son and his girlfriend were down stairs in the rec room near my bedroom and I felt uncomfortable! LOL I going to post a few and I will take a few more and the end of the week to see if there are any changes. Again, I org had a TT w/MR with lipo to lower/upper back, flanks, inner thighs & full stomach & that fat was transfered in to my flat butt in March 2012. I had more lipo to those areas on 1/21/13 a small area of the org incision tweaked and that fat 400cc;s reinjected for fat trans back in my butt.
As far as getting more tolerable. Or Im just getting used to feeling like Ive been thru some kind of gang initiation & got the crap beat outta me! LOL My lower back hurts the worst now with my innter thighs a close 2nd. I have no pain in my lower tummy and this is the area that I see a good improvement in when the swelling goes down i should be nice n flat!

Hope everyones feeling fine & enjoying their bods!

Howdy;) So...11 days post op after revision of...

Howdy;) So...11 days post op after revision of lipo/fat transfer & minor scar tweak from TT/BBL early last year. How am I feeling? EH...I'm a bit more of a baby this time around cuz I know how long it takes for swelling & the residual pains & weird feelings to subside. My lower back & inner thighs are still pretty bad esp when getting up from a standing position for an extended amount of time. Pain scale from 1-10 I'd say apprx 6...but as I move around and stretch it goes down to a 3/4. I'm still VERY puffy n my poor legs....they're BIG. "Thankles" is a better word! (Hybrid thigh/ankle combo) LOL I know it will go away so I'm not bothered by it. Just not pretty to look at! My flanks are puffy. My lower abdominal area looks great! Biggest immediate improvement. Being patient is hard but I know the end results will be good. My butt is still pretty out there! ;) For me anyway! I asked got a fuller more upside down heart and that appears to be what's goin on back there! I have a feeling she's gonna stick around this time, which is AWESOME! I'm planning on more pix by Sat/Sun to see if there's any comparisons from 6 days out.
Hope all is well for all my RS friends!

Hugs n kisses
Lynn ;)

Sigh. Well 3 weeks today. Staying opened minded. I...

Sigh. Well 3 weeks today. Staying opened minded. I love the right side now, it's perfect..tight & well sculpted. Anddddd now, the damn left side is jacked up. My waist is, once again uneven. OMG. It looked better before. Lol. Dude, I can't seem to catch a break here. I'd love to think its swollen...and MAYBE it is...but most of the work with the touch up was done in my right side which was more fatty. Also right side was the scar extension which now *cant be hid under a bikini. Lol honestly don't care..I scar nicely but I do care that MY WAIST IS STILL NOT EVEN!!! waaaaa!!!!!!!!! Posted pics from tonight. Go ahead tell me I'm too hard on myself or, u can't see it. Lol I know the deal! Lol really tho, I spent way too much money to not have some damn symmetry. Positive note. My booty is staying full. Not a lot of projection but the upside down heart shape is sticking around and my lower cheeks look cute! Think of how much more nice they'd be if I had an even waist to go with it!? Grr. Post op check Feb 23. Hopefully it's swelling & magically ill be good by then or Dr Lu isn't gonna like what I have to say. Lol ha. Sorry ladies I seem to have a bad 'tude again. Hoping everyone else is doing good!


Howdy. Got an email reminder that I'm supposed to...

Howdy. Got an email reminder that I'm supposed to update my review. How nice! Lol I've been "away" for a few weeks as I've got a LOT of things going on at home. Won't bore you all with details but lets just say the past 14 months have been the worst of my life & I'm just patiently waiting to get back to a semi normal life. ANYYWAYYY...nuff bout that. Revision stuff. Not much to say. I had to cancel one of my last PO's cuz of family stuff but I was able to get in last Sat. Scar area healing nicely...right side at waist is perfect..left is off now. It could be my musclular structure or possibly still the small twist in my upper body from what's left of my scoliosis that's throwing things off. Either way, is what it is n I still look 1000 x better. Tummy is totally flat n tight no pouch at the bottom...,belly button still again a little low for my liking but can't do much about that & I'm getting used to it.
Compression: blah...I'm really not THAT swollen this time so I stopped about 3 weeks. I'm only wearing if I am swollen OR at night during sleep, unsure if it really does anything tho its loose.
Butt: looks OK...lost volume but still a better shape than the original antique model! Lol ha!
If I feel camera happy or I'm bored, I'll snap some shots soon!
Hope everyone is doing well!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Still undecided. My butt has gone down....I hate the scar and how low my belly button it.Dr Lu did what he said he would, and its not his fault, I dont think, that my ass is shrinking my the hour. I do look much better than I did pre op so for that Im happy. I am going to chalk this up to unrealistic expectations and me never being happy with my body. I will give this all a fair rating in another 2 months.

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