Finally Getting a Rhinoplasty! - Wisconsin, WI

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I've hated my too-large nose since I was in 5th...

I've hated my too-large nose since I was in 5th grade, and I've been considering a rhinoplasty ever since I learned such a procedure existed. I wouldn't say that my nose is TERRIBLE, but it definitely does not fit my face. The rest of my facial features are fairly soft and feminine, so I feel that having such a large nose has always detracted from my face. I guess I can thank my Croatian/German ancestors for my big nose. The frontal view is actually not so bad, but to the side you can see it is pretty large and there is a bump on it. In addition, it is slightly curved so my right and left profiles look different (right is so much worse). I'm constantly aware of the angle that people see me from, and not a day goes by where I don't think about my nose. My nose has really lowered my confidence, and I'm hoping a rhinoplasty will give me peace of mind about my nose.

So, I'm in my early 20's, and I recently decided that I don't want to wait until I'm 30 or 40 before I decide to do something about my nose. I want to do it now. About a month ago, I began researching plastic surgeons near the area I live in. I originally looked at a few plastic surgeons in Minneapolis and planned on setting up a consultation with them, but learned that most of them were general plastic surgeons and did not specialize in facial features. If you're looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon, make SURE they are board certified by either the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Otolaryngology. A general plastic surgeon may do an okay job, but a surgeon who specializes in facial plastics will likely have more knowledge and experience about rhinoplasties and how the nose should be shaped to fit the rest of your face. I did find one facial plastic surgeon in Minneapolis who looked promising, but ultimately did not like his before/after photos. So, I looked at the next state over: Wisconsin. I narrowed my search down to two plastic surgeons who are highly skilled, have a lot of experience, and have amazing before/after photos. I booked a consultation with one of those plastic surgeons and just knew right away that I wanted him to perform my rhinoplasty. It was almost like he could read my mind and knew exactly what to do with my nose. He did not rush me (even though the consultation was free), answered all of my questions with great detail, was super knowledgeable, personable, and was able to show me what my nose will look like after the surgery with computer imaging. I was going to book a consultation with the other surgeon and see what he would say, but I liked the first surgeon so much, I booked my surgery with him the day after my consultation. Generally, I think I would recommend seeing more than one facial plastic surgeon.. but sometimes you just know. I think the other surgeon may have even been a little cheaper, but with a rhinoplasty, you shouldn't focus on price too much. This is a permanent procedure that you will live with for the rest of your life.. so you want the best surgeon, not the surgeon that will give you the best price.

Anyway, my surgery is scheduled right after Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. As of right now, everything feels so surreal, like it isn't really happening. I'm hoping that I like my new nose and everything goes smoothly.. Wish me luck!

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Endless researching online

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