Why Sculptra is Not SAFE.... - Winter Park, FL

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I initially was pleased with the results, and used...

I initially was pleased with the results, and used an experienced plastic surgeon. It was even injected near the eyes for hollows, and I never had lumps. HOWEVER, I also used it around the mouth to chin area for marionette lines. The first 3 to 4 injections went smoothly, and it was a very gradual process. Then, after going in for a 'touch up', the bottom half of my face just continued to grow out of control. It is very bottom heavy, and when I smile, my face looks stuffed, similar to a chipmunk. I was assured it would go down but it has been THREE YEARS! I tried kenalog and 5 FU injections, which left dents in my face, as it starts to eat your own collagen. I ended up have to use Juvederm to fill in the dents. It is very UNPREDICTABLE, and the vicious cycle I described above will leave you miserable every time you look in the mirror. There are plenty of other fillers to choose from, and you never know if you will be one of the 'unlucky' ones....

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