45 Year old, 4 Kids. Hoping to Look Like Me Again - Winston Salem, NC

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So I have been considering doing this since last...

So I have been considering doing this since last summer but couldn't muster the courage till now. Have had several consultations but finally made a decision to go 1 hour out of town to Winston Salem. Have had my consultation, paid my deposit and finally picked a date. April 12th is the D day. Back in college and until 10 years ago, I was known for my shapely figure especially my slim waist. But sadly, that is now all gone. Have gained quite some weight the past 2 years and now at my heaviest. I aim to lose some weight and get fitter before surgery. Let the count down begin!

Lipo of the abdomen, waist and back vs tummy tuck

Still reviewing my plans to have this tummy tuck. I am sure i want to improve my appearance and the tummy tuck is easily affordable and will be a somewhat permanent solution. ..... but I sometimes wonder if I am also being too vain In wanting to get it.

When I manage to lose weight, my shape is not too bad although the saging skin on my lower belly and the stretch marks remain.... right now I am at my heaviest and was just looking at my body... even now at this weight I do not look so terrible. ....

Should I just get Lipo to my waist and back and abdomen? The destroyed skin on my lower abdomen from stretching skin during my 4 pregnancis do not bother me that much. I consider them battle scars but for a great cause. This body has carried 4 beautiful babies! My hubby does not seem to mind. And I am not one to ever consider wearing a bikini.

But on the other hand I also feel since I am fixing things to do a good job. Not sure how much change just Lipo will make. But lipo ( i believe) comes with less risks and less downtime...Any opinions are very welcome. Thanks

Urghh!!! Impatience creeping in!

I am finding this wait so distracting. Just want to get this over and done with so I can move on. All I do these days is read reviews on RS and check out post op pictures. Then I stand in front of a mirror and try to imagine what I will look like post op :). Which I could get my Dr to do it now but I am only Nicotine free 3 weeks now. Will still try to move my date to Easter.

iconsult photos

So, I had a virtual consultation yesterday with a Maimi Area Dr and he used a software to show me what my results would look like. I was really impressed with the potential outcome. Even more excited now. Currently taking daily walks and minding my diet as well as using the elliptical machine once a day. I'm trying to keep fit and lose some weight but perhaps not too much. I carry most of my excess weight on my boobs and buttocks and then abdominal area. My current thinking is to keep the boobs and bottom the way they are and get rid of the tummy to get the result depicted in the potential post op image.

Updated Surgrey date

Hurray! I'm getting bumped up to the 22nd of March due to a cancelation . Really happy. Oh my God.. I'm having surgery in less than 2 weeks. Really need to start getting my supplies. Where to start....? :)

PCP annual physical and pre op clearance today

Went in to see my primary care provider for physical which included labs and ECG . Went ok and I am ok to proceed as long as pending lab results are fine. Will see the Plastic surgeon tomorrow for final review and preop assessment. Surgery is next week. I have to admit i am a bit more worried /anxcious than excited as the surgery date approaches. I think other peoples anxieties regarding anasthesia and surgery and associated risks are getting to me. Ordinarily i wouldnt have been that concerned as I am an experienced RN and have been around for quiet few surgeries and looked after hundreds of patients post op. But I am going to put my trust in God and ask for his peace which passet all understanding to wash over me. His grace is more than enough for me.

... And with that, I march boldly forward towards the flat side :)

Nearly there...

Can't believe I'll be having surgery in less than 48 hrs. Getting every thing organised at home. My daughter flew in from Dublin Ireland for the easter/ surgery to help out. She is looking great. Also my sister in law is flying in from San Francisco to help out. Plenty of support. .. I feel so blessed.

Moved the Chaise Lounger in my bed room to the Loft so I can still be a part of the family while healing. Will serve as my recliner. Have the supplies I anticipate I will need and also filled in my prescription for post op care. Will post an entry when I am all marked up in the hospital

Made it to .....eh......flatish swollenside!

So folks. i got a call yesterday from my awesome, rather goodlooking and really nice Nurse Aneasthetist who took time to reassure me that he will take good care of me. How cool is that? Amazingly i felt great yesterady and happy and even excited. I arrived this morning at 8am and was promptly attended to. My nurse Sarah was super. Then Dr DeFrano came in and marked me all up. I can tell he is a nice man but the straightfoward -no- meaninless- niceties type. i dont mind that at al. infact i like that, a bit like that my self. So i chatted away to the nurse and anesthetist about my Job as a Clinical Trials Monitor, and next I know, I am in recovery with my daughter and my friends daughter smilng down at me! Awesome! No real pain, mostly discomfort in my upper abdomen. Curretly i have no waist, just a numb and swollen mid section filled with fluid. Wish I had a binder to help with this swelling. Maybe the Dr will order one after he reviews me.

Just placed an order for some food. Loving the attention. Happy Happy in my modern private room with a nice view of Winston Salem!


Hi everyone. Hope everything is well with you all. I'm day 2 post op today. Wao! Can't believe I did this and that it's finally behind me. So glad I had the courage to do this. And that I had my family's support as well. I'm being looked after very well at home. My daughter and sister in law have been simply wonderful. They make sure I have all I need to keep me comfortable and watch me like a hawk! Also have everything at home under control. I'm so comfortable I'm walking straight without and difficulty and have to keep telling my self to bend over. Drains are putting out very well. Have a small ooze from my incision site so I put a sterile gauze over that spot. Otherwise no problems with wound. Belly button looks funky but ok. I'm still supper swollen but it's calming down steadily. I look a bit crooked as I have more swellin on one side that the other. Developed a couple of small blisters above my incision and the word from my PS clinic is to not pick or open these but just let them be. I'm super flat in front but so broad and plank-like and thick in the middle. I know this will resolve with time. Eating clean and taking my vitamins and protein shakes. Taking percocet approximately every 8 hrs or so. Have the binder on at all times

Getting happy happy.

Swelling continues to receeding and getting curvy! Happy Happy. Feeling almost like my self today . Does anyone else have these weird sensation across there abdomen that feels like ripples? Almost similar to a baby moving around during pregnancy! Feels like mini ripples across different areas of my abdomen.

One week post op today

I'm a week post up today. Doing good. No pain at all whatsoever... even when I cough. Just a tightness. My drains are still in and draining darkish blood although the volume has droped significantly. No ooze from my incision at all and appears to have lead over nicely. I do however believe I have a moderate size hematoma on my left side extending from above my inscion into my groin. The swelling make my tummy look uneven and croked. I see my PS tomorrow for my first post op visit. Hopefully he will get this fixed without having to open me up. I feel I have lost so much blood since this surgery and was easily worn out with very minimal activivty but I'm getting stronger each day.

Annoying blisters ruining my lover surgical scar

Hi all. I'm doing great. Took a shower for the first time since surgery yesterday! Hot water never felt so good I can tell ya. Also snuck out drove to a mall 32 mins while hubby was at to briefly do an exchange. Bad idea. Mu tummy muscles where in knots half way to the shop! And remained so the entire time till I came home and took some diazepam. Was like being pregnant and having Braxton Hicks all the time all over again! On the bright side, still pain free, taking benadryl for the itch around my steristrips which have left me with blisters that turn to black marks. Can't wait to get all of them off but ps wants them to remain in place for now. Some have fallen off though ;). My scar is so thin you actually have trouble identifying then at some spots. Swelling continues to receed. I no longer look as crocked. I ordered a compression garment that arrived today. Will seek clearance at my PS visit next week to use these.

Went for a walk

Was going stir crazy and feeling full or energy this morning so decided to go for a walk. Walked 2 miles and happy to report it went very well. No I'll effects afterwards. Really pleased with my healing so far.

Not even sure how many days post up I am at this stage.....

Hello all, I have to say, I have had an amazing recovery! All glory and honor to the most high! And so much thanks to My wonderful PS! And my adoring family! I am practically back to baseline. I had to make a necessary trip to my base office yesterday and it is 2.5 hours away and handled it like a champ!! Five hours of driving! I have been driving myself for over a week now, walking, even 10 mins a day on the elliptical machine and I actually catch myself running up the stairs in my home like I did before surgery! Not a twinge or tweak from any part of my body! Swelling continues to resolve. My youngest daughter actually questions if I am sure I had surgery! Only complaint is the Faja which is uncomfortable to sit in and all the dark marks left on me from my reaction to the steri strips. Oh and the fact that I have lost absolutely no weight! But besides that, all is going so well I can't believe it. Thank you Jesus! I wish you all a smooth and happy healing too .

Day 17 pics

Dark marks galore!

So so worth it !!!!

3 weeks post op and having a phenomenally smooth recovery. On a work trip and a look in the mirror makes me wonder why I waited this long to get this done! So worth it! Even with the swellubg!

Talk about scars..

Mine is so flat and thin and seamless. Impressive work by my PS!

5 weeks now .. I think

Wao can't believe it's only been five weeks! Feels more like 3 months ago I had this done. Still have absolutely nothing new to report. Besides that tight feeling in my abdomen when I go for too long without my compression garment on, I have nothing to remind me I had this surgery done. That is really great! Just like Mzcutetummy... no BA needed ;)
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