33 Years Old, Goodbye Genetic Double Chin! - Winston Salem, NC

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I hated my double chin. I hated my profile. I...

I hated my double chin. I hated my profile. I never realized that my jawline was slowly disappearing until seeing photos that other people had taken of me. I am 33, 5'5" and 150 pounds. I used to be about 130-140 pounds for most of my life and then my metabolism dropped as soon as I hit my 30s. So sad :(
Anyway, after checking out this website and visiting with a local plastic surgeon, I felt that chin lipo was the best route to get the best results. I didn't want to spend thousands on things like coolsculpting only to get a fraction of the results. I stayed awake for this procedure to save $650 and I actually liked that I was alert the whole time. I took pain pills beforehand and the doctor numbed the area before the actual surgery. The numbing process was by far the most painful but it only lasted 30 seconds. The whole procedure took about an hour. Right now I am just past 48 hours and I can already see a difference! No more double chin!!
Scott Tucker, MD
Scott Tucker, MD
26 Jul 2017

Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Clarification on procedure

I had the Precision Smart Lipo Triplex. From what I understand, that is just the name of the laser that is used for the neck/chin area. It helps to tighten the skin after the fat is removed. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor for an ultrasound although I am not sure why....that part was not explained before I had the procedure. Here are pictures from this morning. The double chin is definitely gone but I don't see much of a change from yesterday. All of those lines on my skin are from the head garment that I have been wearing 24/7. There is bruising under the head garment area. I think that is from the garment pushing in my skin while I sleep sitting up.

Seeing improvements

Here are some updated photos with makeup. I used to contour under my jaw and chin with bronzer. This is my makeup with real shadows. No more contouring with makeup!!

The "lumpy" stage

My doctor said this would happen. Week 3 My neck looked great and then I woke up one morning and my neck looked lumpy. I don't think strangers would ever notice, but I notice and makeup makes it look worse. I now go to my doctor about 3 times a week to get the ultrasound machine used on my neck. It's supposed to smooth everything out. He told me not to panic. He said the final results will be in 4 months.

Looking better and feeling better

I do have some "lumps" but it is not that noticeable. I used to feel random sharp pains in my neck and now I only feel them once a day. Overall, my face is looking better, I can see my jawline again and my neck/chin area is just numb which isn't a problem.

I am starting to see my natural jawline!

Sorry about the photos but it was hard to find past pics when I wasn't sticking my neck out to avoid the double chin shot. I can definitely see a difference in the mirror and in photos. The shape of my chin has changed. It looks less full. Now my nose seems big compared to my chin. Oh well, I am just happy to have all that fat around my chin area gone :)


Pics - post op 1 month


Let's try this again. 1 month post op pics. I am not sticking my neck out and no contour makeup.

Looks better each day!

I am loving the results! I hate looking at old photos of me, esp my wedding photos like the first pic. All I see is that huge double chin. I love my look from straight on bc it looks the most improved so far. I don't have to stick out my neck anymore for photos :)

Still seeing changes :)

New photos

Still feel tightening

I can still feel and see improvements. I use the Clairsonic Mia to massage my neck in the shower and I think it really helps.

I can see my jawline!

Sorry for the blurry pic (it was a group photo and I had to zoom in) but this one really shows the difference. I'm no longer scared about how fat my face will look in photos. I haven't had any Botox or fillers in almost a year so all changes in the appearance of my face is due to the chin lipo. I'm soooooo glad I had it done :)

I love Lipo/Botox/Fillers!!

I was going through old photos on my phone and I found that first photo in the top left corner. It was before I ever had any type of cosmetic procedures. That was 2 years ago (I was 31 years old). The right column is me after getting Botox/fillers a year ago and having the chin Lipo 4 months ago (I am now 33). I have gained at least 10-15 pounds since the left column. I can't believe how much different I look now, even though I could use more Botox and fillers :)

No Regrets!

Pics on right were taken on this New Year's Eve. Pics on left were before. I am not sticking my neck out. I am wearing makeup in all the photos. It's hard to contour a real double chin. I look so much thinner in my face since surgery and I have actually gained weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life right now but I am extremely happy with how my face looks. I feel like everyone else on this site. I wish I had the procedure done earlier. It has made me more confident and my husband is finally seeing the results. He thinks I look like the day we met :) I actually feel pretty now.
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon

Excellent!! They made me feel comfortable and explained everything before and after the procedure. The doctor even called to follow up the night of my surgery.

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Scott Tucker, MD
Scott Tucker, MD
26 Jul 2017

Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

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