32 Year with 3 Children, Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of Excess Fat and Loose Skin - Winston Salem, NC

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I am really looking to be a better me. I'm not...

I am really looking to be a better me. I'm not looking for a barbie doll figure, but i would love to see my abs again. When I'm working out I feel really helpless. I know no matter how many crunches I do, I will never see my abs. I am a young woman and want to look my best. I have given birth to 3 amazing children and need to get my body back. I'm currently at 193 and don't care to be 140. I'm good with my final weight at 160. I just want to be comfortable in my skin, feel sexy when making love to my husband and look amazing in my clothes I design for my line. I'm very nervous, but excited to see a flatter tummy. I have talked about this for years and never had the money or time to do it. I'm truly grateful that I am in a position to help me. My husband wanted to be able to pay for this, but can't. It's ok, because he supports me having the procedure and I am more than thankful for that.

1 week away

Ok, so I have been telling myself I can do this and not chicken out. Believe it or not I'm 192 pounds today. Maybe, if I'm lucky to be 185 before surgery. Only protein and milk shakes until then. I have to finish payment today and I'm all set. My grandmother came up from Alabama to help me for two weeks. Thank god for her. My husband will be with me while I'm in the hospital, then he has to go back to work. I am staying overnight, so that makes me feel comfortable. I went yesterday to get my toilet seat riser, walker, and shower seat. I found these at Walmart. I will get my prescriptions filled this weekend. I went to CVS to pick up Arnica Cream and Palmers cocoa butter. I even made an appointment with my dermatologist to get a prescription for scarring. I'm not going to by that expensive Merderma and it may or may not work. The crazy part is the fact someone crashed into my escalade last Friday and put a hurting on my back. This really sucks, because I'm told your tummy tuck takes a toll on your back. So my doctor gave me 90pills 800 MG of Ibuprofen and Valium for muscles spasms. I guess life works like that. My 3 year old is the cutest. He tells me everyday how he loves my giantic tummy. Lol lol the funny things kids say, which actually makes me sad. I know he doesn't know he is hurting mom's feelings, so it's ok. Here are a few more before pictures. My husband doesn't feel I need a recliner. He wants me to sleep in our bed, so hopefully I'm not making a huge mistake by not renting one. Well that's enough for today, work is calling.

7 days away from surgery day

I am so nervous, excited, scared and happy all at the same time. My family is so supportive that it freaks me out. I guess since they ate not having the surgery they can have all the faith in the world. Trust me I'm not complaining, but i honestly don't know how to feel. I'm a one woman show with my new clothing line and I'm freaking out about running my business. I have to help with homework and just don't want to have a nervous breakdown in front of my children. I pray that the gods rain a speedy and not so painful recovery. If it wasn't for my car accident last week, I'm sure I would feel much better. My back is not 100% and I know tummy tucks can put a hurting on your back. I hate looking at cuts, so I'm sure my husband will be strong for me and change my bandages. Thinking about meal prep and if I should get a recliner or not. I am a clean freak, but guess what? I am not going to worry about this big ass house. Spending 5 hours to clean, then my kids mess it up in 30 minutes. Heck no. I am going to relax and get as much work done for my business. The weather is calling for snow this weekend and I have my daughter birthday party. I specifically schedule it after her birthday, so mom could be 100% for her. I'm loving my new breast and feel so sexy. My husband said I'm going to look amazing and he can't wait for me to feel more confident. God I thank you for a good husband. What in the world would I do without him. He is so positive and optimistic. I really hope my doctor delivers, because I have a husband waiting ;) bye bye flab.

2 days before surgery

Hi everyone
I am really nervous. I went to Wal-Mart today in this ice storm to get any supplies I think I may need. I got a
1. Grabber thing
2. 2 wedge pillows
3. Curad rolling gauze
4. Shower seat
5. Toilet riser
6. Prune juice
7. Foam ear plugs
8. Picked up medication by PA
9. Scar gel
10. Latex gloves
11. Heat pad
12.baby wipes
13. Arnicare cream
14. Dulcolax-laxtives
15 . Thermometer
I think that about covers it
I'm going to rent my recliner from rent-a-center. It's $90.00 for a month.
I go to my dermatologist for my raised incisions underneath my breast from my breast lift and she gives me steroid shots to help smooth the skin out. In addition to that. I use cocoa butter on them and massage twice a day my incisions. I'm a nervous wreck. The nurse called me today and I told her how I have been breaking out in sweats thinking about this surgery. I asked her if I would need a pain pump and she said No. She feels like I have enough pain medication. I just remember that pain medication makes you very sensitive and loopy. I couldn't wait to stop taking it during my breast reduction. You guys say a prayer for me. I am done with surgery after this. I have had liposuction to my inner thighs in November 2014. Absolutely love what it has done for my legs. Liposuction to my abdomen, sides and back. Breast reduction Nov 6,2015 and now this. My husband ordered me nutrisystem for a month. I ate my last piece of cake today and cleaning out my system. About to watch this Panthers games. Much love and I will keep you updated. I really hope I can keep my pain managed, that's the only thing I'm wondering about.

surgery in the morning

So, I my nurse called and said be there at 7:30. My potassium tested low. So I have to repeat tomorrow. Everything that go wrong today did. I'm so tired. I'll update in the am.

I made it to the flat side

I was in a freak accident this morning on the highway. I tractor trailer almost killed us, by throwing a slab of ice stop big off the truck, it came through the windshield. I was a nervous wreck and so thankful god spared my husband. I had to call the police and tell him in would be a hour late. When I got here they made me do labs for my potassium, since it has been low for a while. After a hour waiting, I was cleared. Surgery started at 10:30 am. I am in my hospital bed. I was so hungry. I ate protein shake, 3 bottles of ginger ale and a string beans. 2 cups of water. I started sucking on a cough drop to sooth my throat. I didn't feel the need to cough, but just in case. They have me really comfortable right now, so no pain, just light period cramps. Drinking plenty of water. Dr. Just came in to check on me. He is the best I tell you. He listened to everything I said. My scar is low, my muscle repair wasn't as bad as I thought. Only 1/3 of my muscles were out of wack. I'm up and alert. Watching TV and taking 2 percocets, Valium and antibiotics. Everyone bedside manner here is amazing. He told me no work, twisting, bending, or anything for 2 weeks. He said drains will stay for 2 weeks. No complications during surgery and I'm not nauseous at all. I prayed for a smooth recovery and so far god delivered and I have a high tolerance for pain. Even tho I have a high tolerance for pain, I'm no fool, I take my medicines on time. I get a bath in the morning and this catheter out. My husband is the best and a blessing from god. He is the biggest support system any wife could ask for.

pictures of what doctor removed

Hope you don't get grossed out, but the doctor removed 6 lbs. I asked my nurse to take a picture. I'm telling you, Wake Baptist hospital in Winston-Salem, has me blown away again. My doctor did my breast reduction/ lift in November 2015, did my tummy tuck. I am just so please and proud. I have about 20 pounds, left to loose, but at least in have a running start. I'm so excited about progress. Oh and my new belly button, is way more bomb than my old one. He did my flanks for contouring, so I'm sure he got alot of fat with that lol.

2 day post op

I made it home today around 3:30 pm. My tummy is extremely tight and walking hunched over. My toilet riser came in handy and my Grabber thing. They delivered my recliner, so I'm posted up on my living room. I'm cutting back to 1 percocet every 5 hours. I've been drinking Prune juice, water, green tea and mom. So trying to get that BMW out. I actually feel good. I'm trying to figure out, how to get up and down with out hurting my back or incision. My grandmother said you look so flat. I wish I felt that way. I'm just thankful I was brave and didn't walk out the OR. I have a heating pad on my back and a wedge pillow for elevating my feet. About to watch movies with hubby.

Ok, I think I'm still on day 2 lol

I'm sorry, but I'm off on my days. I haven't truly slept since the surgery, but i can tell you boy it's a journey. The main complaint is my back. I am putting a heating pad on it every hour. I was walking with my grandmother cane, but today I quickly walked to the bathroom, like an old lady lol. She gave me a wash up and help me put my robe on. I'm just hanging free. Breast and all. This binder that they gave me from the hospital, keeps riding up my stomach. I had to put a wash cloth under each breast to keep it from cutting me. I actually feel really good. I'm resting and eating a sensible diet. No BM yet, but i started taking fiber and Prune juice. Let's see if that doesn't take care of it. I'll probably be holding my butt cheeks together, trying not to poop on myself. Man I tell you, thank you lord for help. Your not totally out of commission, but i definitely could not do this without help of my grandmother and husband. She cooks, cleans, help with the 3 children, wipe my butt and anything else you can think of. I'm trying to stay away, but between the Valium and percocets, I'm done. Here are a few pictures from today.

here is a picture of the windshield from the accident

It's 3 am on day 3

I forgot to take my midnight medicine, so I woke up to pee and walk around to keep my back from falling off. Man the lower back pain is the worst. Around the clock in putting heating pads and sitting on my heated back massager. I'm actually breathing well. I'm pushing a 2500 on this air device they make you blow in. The only thing I would say suck, is the drain. It burns at times at the incision site. I don't mean to scare you, because it's actually really manageable. I guess anyone would complain, if they had octopus arms coming out they're hip lol lol. As of right now I feel like I'm still in plank position, but not as bad. I would say my pain level is at a 2. I'm more sore than anything which is to be expected. I honestly think I need to go back to grammar school. This site will make up its own words. I'm like dang where is the edit button on here. Any hoot about to drink water and dose off.

Day 3 post surgery

Ok. So lord I had to finally get the strength to clean my butt. Not to bad Andy grandmother helped change my dressings. Let me tell you, that's one thing you do not want pulling. I have to keep adjusting my binder during the day. I guess it's getting to big. I am still hunched back lol. Oh yes my freaking period decided to come as well. I ate a sensible breakfast at 10, then dinner at 6. Not really hungry, but boy when I do eat I clean my plate. Today my grandmother asked me to walk more, so I did. I was posting up on the wall every 10 seconds lol. I know she wants me to get my strength, but lord back off granny. I'm taking my medicines more spaced out now. I honestly don't have pain, but from my back. My 3 year old is crazy busy, so trying to sleep is out the question. My husband has a blow up mattress next to me, since I'm not ready to walk upstairs. How nice is that? I mean I can't believe I was looking at a flat stomach today even with swelling. Everyone talking about swell hell, but i took all the salt in could out my diet and I'm doing just fine. I drink until I can't drink no more. I took a b12 liquid vitamin today. Hopefully this helps with healing. I was able to get a quick picture, while emptying my drains. I think if I had stood 3 more minutes, I was going to hit the floor. Remember I have 3 babies, so looking like a doll is not my idea body. I want to look and feel better in my clothes. Oh and see my private area lol. Bye skin, bye fat. Thank you Dr. DEFRENZO.

starting Day 4. whooo hooo

Ok. So I usually do an update in the am and again at night. I scaled back to 1 percocet every 8 hours. To tell you the truth, I only need it to help tyne soreness of my back. My incision I really can't feel it. My drains are still putting out, but less each day. I believe they have to be under 30 for a 24 hour period, so getting there. Now let's talk about this eating thing. I have an appetite, but i try to remember I spent a whole lot of cash to get this tummy, so sweets are out for now. And please don't feel bad for me, because I have no self control. Me and cake have a personal relationship okkkk... lol lol
I'm serious, food can be the devil. Now I have to eat to live and not live to eat. However, on super bowl Sunday I will eat some chicken wings. Come on man, we have to celebrate our Carolina Panthers making it to Super Bowl. So, today I plan on working from the recliner and taking orders for my business. Girl can't work, no business, no money. I am so excited to get back on the Rd doing my empowerment speeches to women all around the world. I just love motivating and inspiring women to just be their absolute best. Anyway, with that being said, I am in my recliner, wiggling my toes to prevent blood clots. I Took more fiber today with Prune juice. Have to stay regular right? I did 3 laps around my living room and each time feels better than the last walk. Ok, my medicines are starting to work so gotta go. I'll be back later today for day 4 update.

Day 4 photos

Never mind my standing position, I was really trying not to hit the floor. I'm telling you, trying to wake those muscles up again is a beast. Like I said before I was close to 200 pounds and I'm flat, with swelling. That's all I wanted. Yess I will be strolling the beach with my hubby this summer. My friends are jealous lol. Talking about I'm high school fine again. Hmm hmmm. Sure am. But seriously, what an amazing thing we can do for ourselves as women. We are so strong and brave. It takes alot of courage to have a tummy tuck. I'm just happy I was chosen not to have complications. Everyday I feel better, prettier, sexier and smart. I say smart because it is always smart to make a decision to look your best. Why not? We have one life to live and I'm going to be cute all the way through lol. Ladies you are not vein for wanting this. You deserve this tummy tuck, you earned this tummy tuck. Fret not, because this road is worth traveling. Going to do 5 laps around the house today. I'll keep you posted.

Day 5 Sleeping good

I have to say that I slept so good last night in my recliner. I found that putting a small pillow behind my back gave me instant relief. I ate a great breakfast prepared by my my husband and I watched Joel Olsteen to get my church on. I read a little bit and tried to invent the next million dollar idea. I tell you my mind is always on business and how to help employ other people. Anyways I was able to walk around without my grandmother cane and get 6 laps around the living room. Man my back was hurting, but pushing all this fluid out. Listen very carefully, if you don't do anything else, buy yourself a toilet riser and rent a recliner. It has to be the best investment ever. I'm eating every 3 to 4 hours. I'm hungry, but grandmother making me eat clean. No butter, no salt, no jelly. She is cooking straight from organic land lol lol. Geesh. Can I get some ice cream please. I actually had to take a hand full of peanuts last night and a bite of my son kit kat. Omg that was the best little piece of chocolate in The world. My husband and grandmother on me like fly on stinky lol lol I'm dead. I had to get that out. So with that said don't be afraid to eat, as long as your eating clean. My metabolism has picked up double time. Today I'm standing more upright. I can feel my abs pull more, so I quickly hunched over. I played around with my tummy and boy it is flat. It's still numb and I can't feel my incision. I guess my belly button is doing fine as well. I have minimum drainage, no pain and not emotional to say the least. You have to be mentally prepared to have this surgery. I have read stories of young ladies pulling out their drains, waking up during surgery, trying to cheat the system and pay less money. Honey, there is no amount in the world I would not pay to be safe, Wake up after surgery and wake up pain free. I can't believe all the horror stories on here. Remember this " It cost a few more pennies to be first class" Now let that marinate. I am a motivational speaker, but some people really need to think twice about this surgery, if you can't afford the right doctor. It's more than just finding the right doctor. It's about having help, being mentally prepared, affording prescription medications, being able to be out of work comfortably and most importantly coping with pain. I'm sorry to vent, but a lot was on my mind. I'm doing fantastic, ready to eat string beans, baked sweet potato and t-bone steak. Happy healing guys and keep resting.

Today Makes 7 days Post Surgery

So, Not much has changed on day six, besides I ate myself to death. All healthy tho. So today is day 7 since surgery. I milked my drains this morning and was able to stand long enough to make me some sweet potato pancakes and sausage. I was through after that. I think I was up really early too, around 6:30 am. I usually get up that early to see the kids off to school and have my husband to milk my drains. What would I do without my husband. Their is no amount of money in the world I would pat to switch husband's. He has been so incredibly supportive during this entire process. I give praise to my almost 70 year old grandmother, who flew up from Alabama to watch over me and clean my butt, when I couldn't. During this time in your life you really see who is for you. Ok I have to tell you the drains are officially getting on my nerves. I take a little Tylenol just to relieve the tension. If I turn they pull, if I sit down to fast they pull. I'm just sick of them period.i just have to be too dang careful. So i'm still taking baths in the sink, since I can't shower or take a bath with the drains. I think that's the most annoying part. Honestly I probably couldn't stand long enough last week anyway. It's so funny how things work themselves out. So later today I'll take some pictures of my belly to show you guys. I am really trying to convince my grandmother to throw some biscuits in the oven. Can I get a amen. She agreed to me having 1. I'll take it. Damn it's hard eating clean all the time. It's a mental game that I plan on winning. Ok, so I'm going to order me a treadmill and a elliptical from costco, so I can start walking and getting my light exercise on when my doctor approves me. I haven't been outside in 7 days. Geesh, but i just look out the patio and just thank god I'm still alive and this journey is almost over. A couple of girls died in the DR trying to have this surgery so I am giving thanks all the time that my god spared me. I pray that everyone do your homework on your doctors. Ask as many questions that you need to. If you have a bad feeling about a doctor, go somewhere else. Don't choose a PS because of price. Make sure you have a contract stating the price, so they won't change on you the day of surgery. Ok. That's all for now. I go for my first post op appointment tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I will be drain free. Then I can get some great pictures. Oh by the way, my abs are so tight, that's all I need to know. I will have a 6 pack come july. Keep up with me ;)

8 days post surgery

Ok. So today has been absolutely crazy. I was working in the morning taking orders for my business. It's a women empowerment clothing brand. Anyways I freaking snagged one of my drains and about fell out the chair. Life doesn't stop because of a tummy tuck. I was up at 6:40 am in my home office working on my seminar coming up in march. Lord I actually ditch the cane, but i just scoot like a old woman. You guys are going to Crack up. My 3 year old son, took the cane out and started mimicking me. He said he was walking like mommy. Lol lol that just tickled me to death. Anyways since I pulled that freaking spider tentacle o was ready to see Dr . Defrenzo today. When I got there, they said you ready, I'm like if you want to be kicked yea. Lol I just knew it was going to hurt being pulled out, but i was smart I took my percocets before I went. They still hurt, but I'm sure not as bad, if I didn't take it. I couldn't believe how long that drain cord was. So the doctor said I still have to take it easy just like the first week with the drains out. You can't do any more moving than the first week because you will collect fluid. If you collect fluid they will have to use a needle to get it out or go back and put the drains in. So no shower for 48 hours after drain removal. Water can get in them and they are prone to get infected with water around them. So wash offs for the next 3 to 4 days still. I'm cool with that. No driving for 2 more weeks and sex until 5 weeks. Honey I'm not worried because I'm just trying to stand up straight. Actually I'm getting straighter everyday. The nurse asked me was I holding my stomach in? I said no boo, it's all flat, but let me show you how it looks when I do. Lol lol. Then she asked what made you have the tummy tuck. I said well its really none of your business lol. No I said that in my mind. Lol But what I did say was I am a mother of 3 and I'm ready to be fine like wine again. Then I showed her my before pictures. I said see, if you had skin hanging over your tutu, you would have signed up for a tummy tuck too. Boom don't ask if you don't want the real. It's been great speaking to all of you. Some of you have even made appointments with Dr . Defrenzo. That's is absolutely fabulous. I told him some of my followers on my blog may contact him. He couldn't believe it. He is nothing but amazing. So here are a few pictures from today's visit.

Day 8 post op pictures

more pictures from day 8

Day nine post op

Not much have changed, but feeling better without those dreadful drains. Taking it easy and worked in the home office from 6 am to 11:30 am. Then ate around 1pm. I was so hungry the first week. This week I'm eating 2 meals a day and yogurt ice cream for my snack or air popped popcorn. Sometimes I just eat a can of pineapples and call it a day. I don't eat dinner after 5pm, just a light snack. About to find a movie on Netflix. Happy healing everyone.

15 days post surgery

Whoo hoo
I'm on my way to recovery. Ok so I was cleared at my 2 week check up to take a shower. Still no driving for two more w weeks. I went in at 196, I guess with clothes on, but I'm 189 today. Can you believe I ate a brownie Sunday today. I was doing so good yall, then I ate it yes. And I was full at that. I felt so bad like I cheated on my husband or something. I was so upset with myself. But anyways I said tomorrow is a new day and I guess I deserve a snack. Anyways, back to my appointment today. They clipped my stiches and reviewed my incision. I am now able to go into Spanx, or a waist trainer. I can not drive, walk, lift or anything like that, but i was cleared to have very and I mean very gentle sex with my hubby. I'm so damn excited since it's valentine's weekend. They said it's always better for you to be on top to control everything and a orgasm will not hurt your tummy. But not sure if I'm ready for all that. They said have sex if you think your ready, just easy. Hmm. What else. Oh! They said not to put anything on the incision at this time, just lotion. He did say if I want to order silicone sheets I could. He gave me a list of websites to order from. He also suggested Merderma or scar gel when it is time. I'm selling all my tummy tuck stuff in the next two weeks, so if your in need of that supply list above, let me know.

15 day pictures

I just ate at Applebee's a t-Bone, broccoli, smashed potatoes and brownie sunday. My tummy is bloated and hurting. I ate too much. :(

4 weeks post surgery

Hooray. I'm in week four or starting week four. I will be able to drive next week. I went in at 196 I'm 191 today. I actually lost then gained 4 pounds back, eating to get my strength back. But starting today I'm on protein shakes and nutri system. So the food isn't to bad. I'm just jump starting my weight loss for a month, then after that I got it. I'm super excited. My treadmill, elliptical and bike are on the way. I'm ready to put in work honey for this summer. I have to been beach ready by june 1st. I'm standing straighter and still using my shower chair. I'm sending back the recliner next week. I went to the hotel last weekend for my daughter birthday party, and my hubby pushed me around in a wheelchair. That place was to big to walk. After that I know I'm not ready for the mall. So i'm just chilling and working from home. I'm so blessed that I didn't have a job demanding me to come back in 2 weeks. I promise you it takes the full 6 weeks to heal. My belly button is looking good. It still has some surgical glue around it, but it's falling off everyday. My incision looks great and no problems with healing what so ever. I ordered some silicone tape to start with scar treatment. So I'll let you know how that works out.

4 weeks post op pictures

Going to be fly when I get down to 160. 30 pounds to go. Even tho that seems like alot to lose. I'm just happy I'm flat at 191.

week 6 post surgery

Hey guys. I'm doing really great. My body is looking better each day. I'm not able to work out yet, so I'm about 189 now. Close to 8 pounds down. I'm still swollen, but flat as a pancake. My abs hurt if I twist or bend to fast. I still sleep in a recliner position in my bed. It takes the tension off your stomach. I'm Starting to eat a great diet. I consume about 64 ounces of water a day and 2 protein shakes and 3 meals. I will start working out next week. I am working heavily on my scar therapy. I'm using bio oil, Merderma, scar gel and a prescription from my dermatologist. I see my doctor every two weeks for cortisone shots under my breast, where two areas keloid a little bit. I'm rocking my waist trainer now and all day until bed time. Then I switch into my spank for bed. I still use my shower chair because after a long day of walking I need to sit down. I think I swell a little, but not much. I try to stay away from added salts and sodas. I have been so busy getting ready for my first women's seminar, it's bananas. Lol some of you from this blog are coming so excited if you are. Sex is amazing, but i still have to take it easy. No crazy tricks. I actually thought I saw a ab, but then my husband said it was my ribs lol lol I'm dead. Honey I'm seeing something lol. Oh my grandmother makes me send her a picture of my tummy every week. She said I'm to fine and went through to much to get a fat stomach again. So someone is holding me accountable. My husband still tells me I was fine the way in was, but he is happy I'm happy. I was in Home Depot the other day and I couldn't figure out for the life of me, why they were all staring. My husband said it's you honey. I couldn't believe it. I'm so use to being so sad about not being the right size, that I still think I'm that fat person in my mind. I actually went back to sit in the car.

6 weeks post surgery pictures

6 weeks post surgery

8 weeks Post surgery

Hello everyone,
I feel so blessed to have many of you reach out to me. I didn't know I inspire so many of you. I am so happy to continue to share my journey. For those that have went through the surgery since my last update. Congrats to you. It is just a blessing from heaven to wake up after a major surgery such as this. So I will give you a few updates on me. I started working out at weekend 6, but the pressure from walking was to much. I even started going without my binder for a while, but quickly realized that my tummy still need the support. I recently broke out with a heat rash or hives on the right side of my incision. The crazy part guys is the fact it goes away when I'm not stressed. How if I start thinking to much, they hurt and ache. I never seen anything like it before. I just got back from Tennessee. I walked the smoky mountains. I saw such beautiful waterfalls at the top. But honey my stomach is on fire today. I knew I was pushing it. As I was walked down the twisting and natural turn of your body, is a workout. I recently ordered some workout DVDs from beachbody. I'm so great excited to start working out. I'm at 188, do down 12 pounds since surgery I spoke to my doctor and she said I look amazing at my size and 180, was her recommend weight for me. I told her 160 and she said that would be to small on my frame. My stomach being so flat trick people I guess. I'm a solid girl, so I would be at a 25 Bmi at 160 at 175-180 a 30
I'm currently 33 BMI. Normal is 30 not to be considered overweight. So i'm that's exciting not to worry about losing a ton of weight. Anyways, I'm just enjoying my kids guys and taking this surgery one day at a time. My body is very tired. Remember I had a breast reduction and lift 2 months before my tummy tuck. So I honestly need to focus on just getting well and not the weight. Ummm wahh to all of you. I'll have pictures soon.
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Defrenzo did my breast reduction and lift back in November of 2015. I am so pleased with my results and really trust him as my doctor. My recover was great. I decided to use him for my tummy tuck due to his knowledge. Dr. Defrenzo never over promise what he can or can't do. If he feels a procedure should be covered by insurance, he does his very best to get paperwork together as quick as possible. I feel I am in good hands again for my tummy tuck.

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