Tummy Tuck Drainless lipo No Muscle Tightening - Winnipeg, MB

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Ok well im a few weeks away excited and scared to...

Ok well im a few weeks away excited and scared to death (thought about cancelling) lol I'm 47 with grown children 5"3 and 134 lbs hoping to drop 4 more :) I have been exercising and am a size 4/5 happy with my size more or less need to tone and build muscle. However it's my stretch marks that have always been my issue. I hide them from even my husband as they make me very self conscious. So I'm taking the plunge the doctor does drainless I'm happy for that and at my initial appointment confirmed by my own doctor as well they say my ab muscles have not separated so no muscle tightening needed. I'm hoping this helps my recovery time. They will hopefully get rid of most the stretch marks and my little ponch! He will do Lipo of the flanks as well. I have my preop tomorrow I'm soo nervous for the surgery worried about the risks the pain and the outcome. What is scar is too high, skin can't be pulled down enough belly button is ugly yeesh. I really did consider cancelling so scarred. Have my list of questions about supplies needed.

Day before surgery

Well surgery is tomorrow I'm so nervous! I think I'm prepared with all supplies needed feel like I'm nesting, house clean meals prepared lol.
Added a few more before pics (not sure why upside down sorry) my weight is 130lbs lost a few more pounds as you can see my main issue is stretch marks that are deep loose skin and a little pouch, which I'm hoping all gets resolved I'm a little worried I won't get as flat as I'd like because no muscle tightening (my surgeon and gp both agree my ab muscles have not separated). The Dr hopes to get rid of 85% of stretch marks I'm nervous about liking results getting a decent bell button and having enough skin to pull down for low scar and removal of old belly button yeesh worry worry worry.

Wish me luck! I'll update as soon as I can

Day 1 after surgery

So surgery went well dr said, but as I feared not enough skin to pull down so will have vertical line from old belly button. I'm not sure of placement yet as o haven't seen it . Laying in bed I have a dull pain managed by meds however getting in and out to go to washroom has been difficult painfull.

I'm itchy from Percocet but nothing I can't handle there taking 2 every 5 hours so far. I can't believe how much I've peed...5 times since I got home at 2:30 yesturday and I've only drank 2 Gatorade seems like allot.

Slept a few hours here and there.

Well that's it for now, I'd be happy for any tips fellow tummy tuckers.


Day 3 post op

Ok day 3 is such a turnaround feel much better! Only taking extra strength Tylenol as had bad nausea last night. Day 2 was hard moving around but day 3 pain has already dropped lots :) Had a shower and am gonna try to eat have not had any appetite just having some crackers and protein raspberry smoothies. Here are some pics had to tell but I think looks ok. Omg putting on spanks was very difficult lol

Post op day 4

Feeling pretty good today taking extra strength Tylenol ever 6 hours and managing fine. Had a good sleep last night too!
Stomach and pubic area are soooo swollen and hard.
Incision looks ok nice and straight I see some red in there hoping no infection I've been very careful. I'm my belly button doesn't stay so small.
I can stand a little more upright today !!

Day 6 PO good and bad

So feeling pretty good and getting around not bad! Husband has been awesome and so helpful.
Was concerned with the redness on the middle of my incision thought maybe infection :( shit shit shit! Well went to see Dr and it looks like no blood supply to that section not sure why, I have of course looked it up and cried. I never asked if he was 100% sure it would die but have a follow up with him next week until then have cream to apply. I guess it dies off leaves a whole which heals itself hopefully. I'm feeling very discouraged I never knew this could happen.

2 weeks post op tummy tuck

Good news no necrosis !!!!! Dr feels dark area will just scan over and fall off....thank god.

Healing well feeling well and happy with results. Dr Lockwood has been super very gentle very considerate and always made sure you have full access to him and his staff even has on call cell he gives out to you after surgery if you need him.

Week 3 PO

Healing well feeling good ! Can't fit any pants because of swelling but big gains every week.

Week 4 post op

A little swollen but not too bad. Big week had sex and went to the gym ! I used treadmill :) can't can't wait to get back to full workouts I feel saggy :( Besides that healing is going well!

5 weeks post op ...love my belly button

So 5 weeks feeling good love my belly button!

6 weeks PO

Feeling great back at the gym this week jogging on incline and using weights! So glad to be back :) got scar cream this week started Monday so hopefully the scar starts to flatten a bit. Doc sez I still have swelling and results will get even better ????

8 wpo

Summer ready! My first bikini shopping whoot whoot !

9 weeks Po all good!

So not much to update scar is really starting to flatten out and fade, still swollen a bit but nothing that is super noticeable unless your looking for it. Layed in the sun a bit yesturday whoot whoot! Skin is a little loose under breast not sure if that's water or just 47 year old lady skin lol.

Week 15

Doing great getting feeling back around incision, weight you feel on stomach is gone feel kinda normal ???? so happy I did this for myself which I would have done it years ago.

8 months after tummy tuck

Well 8 months still happy with things little ring around my belly button is a bit of a bummer but hey I'm not 20 lol!
I've been working out no abs as they seem to swell so will give it a year and really don't need to work them. Feeling in coming back in my tummy and slight ache in my hip is gone. Totally happy and feel so much more confident would do it again !
Scar is also doing great.

He is right to the point and wants you to have realistic expectations. He was amazing the day of surgery very kind and considerate, holds you hand to see you under and there to check on you in recovery. You are given a cell number to reach him at once you go home. Calls the next day to check on you. I have been in for two follow ups and he has been super. The office staff is great the facilities are great. I would totally recommend

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