33 Years Old, Breast Fed my Babes, 60 Lbs and Counting Weight Loss Journey - Winnipeg, MB

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I've always wanted to get BA. Being young I...

I've always wanted to get BA. Being young I choose to wait until I had my babies. With my kids being older, an unhealthy marriage that I am now free from and a 60lbs and counting weight loss..... My time is NOW! I researched surgeons in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan high and low and finally had my consultation back in July. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive partner who is along for the ride with me through EVERYTHING! Surgery is booked for October and it can't come soon enough! My implants will be Natrelle Inspira 630cc over the muscle. My surgeon chose over's as I have more than enough tissue to support the implants and that I lift weights. In my days before kids and marriage, I was a small B36. Back in my un happy years, I was a DD38. I have now shrunk down to a saggy, small B38. I miss dem titties!! Looking forward to having fullness, roundness and my boobie self confidence back!

5 hrs po

Quick update as I'm feeling sleepy still. Had my BA today. I was super anxious not for the procedure but for the unknowns of how they will look and how my body will continue to adjust. My PS was great! He held my hand as I went under. Super calm and relaxed with me. His beside manor was A plus! Karen, Dr. Lockwood's manager, was superb from consultation to the OR. We clicked and she put me at ease. The nurses and anesthesiologist were awesome! Thankful for a great team! Joking and laughing about having a coffee drip for my IV as I was wanting my morning coffee lol! Surgery went quick and recovery room time was about 45 min - I bounce back fast! The first 2 hrs it felt as though there was an elephant sitting on my chest. This is gradually fading away. I feel good but taking it easy!

I am now the owner of full, beautiful breasts that I can feel proud of and not hide myself. So surreal and I'm still saying to myself I actually did this! My partner has been so supportive and at my beck and call right now. He's is my everything! I will post update pics later as I'm relaxing now.

We went with Inspira SSF 630 cc's True Form 2 with Full Projection. Smooth, round over the muscle with incisions in the breast fold. I am an active lifter/gym rat as well as I had a lot of breast tissue that has enabled my PS to go over the muscle.

Pics of before and after to follow soon. I was very swollen but this is subsiding already. So far so good!

Before and 7 hrs PO

4 days PO

Day one and two were ok. Managed pain with my meds. Think I over did it as day three the pain was horrible. Nerves and skin stretching. Shooting pains down my sides. Thankful for my partner he's been so helpful! My daily boobie rubs ease the pain and tightness. Seeing stretch marks appear but I'll deal with that later. Focused on a good recovery for my investment! Drove today..... Hahahaha! Not use to the side boob when my arms rub against it. Still taking it real easy!! My right breast is a little more swollen than the left - I'm a righty and this is why so I've been trying to do things left handed ???? I am such a worry wart over thinker! Bruising is going down and I feel really good today! I took a laxative today as its been 4 days since a bm. I am super bloated and feel blahhhh! Get things moving in there. Drinking lots of water and started back on my supplements/vitamins. Ohh how I missed them! No energy, always hungry, never satisfied. Sure makes a difference when I stopped taking them! Check out the updated pics and let me know what u think!

1 week po

Slow recovery. Feel engorged like I did when I breast fed. Riding high. Pain is lessening everyday. Breast forming a rounder shape and settling in slowly. My right is more swollen than the left. Driving me nuts but in due time they will eventually become softer and even. I'm having a love hate relationship with my newbies. The swelling can take a hike! I thought it would subside more than the rate they are going at now. "Morning" boob is a real thing lol..... I'm relaxed but as soon as I get up from waking, I'm hard. haha! Off meds and my belly bloat can get lost too! Missing the gym as I feel gross. Next week I will hit the gym for light leg days.

14 days PO

Swelling is about 75% down. "Morning boob" subsiding everyday. Shooting nerve pains from implants settle into position. A very uncomfortable feeling. Off meds only taking an aleve maybe once every 2 days. Depending on the nerve/stretching pain. My right breast is more swollen than my left - I'm a righty so my muscles are constantly being used on this side. I can push them together now and squeeze them lightly. They are getting squishier! Strips still on my incisions for 1 more week as per my PS. I can remove them after three weeks but I will still keep them covered if I find they look angry. I tried laying on my side but nope! Felt as tho they are too heavy and uncomfortable. Back is getting sore from sleeping on my back. Can't find any sports bras that fit. XXL is not big enough in the bust but huge on straps and sides. I have a feeling I will be an E or larger once everything settles in a few months. I am happy so far with the size and ESP the projection!! Wish the healing was quicker but I'm not a patient person!!


Need them to calm down and start settling into place. I'm getting squishy in my upper poles.
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