forehead dented after cosmetic procedure - Winnipeg, Canada

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Being a cyclist for 20 years, the position my head...

Being a cyclist for 20 years, the position my head being down and eyes looking forward on a 10 speed had taken it's toll on my forehead creating significant lines. I decided to let a surgeon address this. He stated he had to "think out of the box" and combined Fractura and Facetite. This was in combination with a mid-facelift.

Immediately post-surgery I had asked my friend who picked me up if she noticed a bruise on my forehead because it felt like I had walked into a wall. I recall on my first post-op visit to the surgeon when he asked how I was feeling I said fine except for my forehead "and feeling..... a wall".
Four months later the pain in my forehead is no longer there, HOWEVER, I am left with a nice dent in my forehead.
My surgeon stated it was fatty tissue that was destroyed during the procedure. I told him, I don't think so. I stretch that skin and there is a definite DIP in my forehead. I am going to a clinic tonite to have a CT scan taken to verifiy what I think it is and what it feels like... bone deformity as a result of that blasted procedure.

When I stuck to my guns stating I have never had a dent in my forehead, he apologized and I am scheduled for a "revision". I still have not heard from their office in three weeks. I am terrified to undergo another surgical procedure. These doctors are not god, they make mistakes... and when they do... they are big costly mistakes on the patient's part!

Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

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