Polybeak Deformity/inverted V? Not Sure What to Do - Windsor, GB

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Hello, I had a closed primary rhinoplasty done...


I had a closed primary rhinoplasty done 1yr 6 months ago. I have witnessed many changes in my nose appearance in that time. Ultimately I am not happy with the results. I catch myself in a reflection or in a photo and I find myself unrecognisable at some points. As with many rhinoplasty patients - I have good days and I have bad days... Sometimes I don't mind my nose and just live with it... And others especially this winter.. I found myself covering my nose with my scarf because I felt really embarrassed and self conscious about its shape.

I have contacted my surgeon and he agrees that he may have over resected my nose and that I seem to have excess scar formation in the bottom lower third. My operation was fix my broken nose which had a break at the top third, to remove my dorsal hump and generally make my nose more appealing to the eye. It has been a very emotional journey. I am already aware that I do not scar/heal very well as when I had a Breast Augmentation my scars did not heal very well and I had to get steroid injections for hypertrophic scarring.. Which made the scars not raised anymore but they are still very visible and red, even 4 years later.

My surgeon has suggested that I have a small procedure under local anaesthetic to trim away the excess scar tissue in the lower third and apparently I can use a mirror to see if it is too much/too less immediately in the room.

I have googled everywhere (as we all mostly do) and I have found such contradictory information. Many surgeons suggest a graft to be placed in the bridge upper third to balance out the rest of the profile.. However my surgeon said that that would not look very good and could potentially make my nose look large and unflattering. I worry that more will be taken away and it will still not resolve my nose to be straight and whether that is even possible using the technique of trimming.

I hope doctors could shed some light on this... I do have a slight aversion to grafts as I feel that is a MAJOR operation with input and I hope not to need that. But at the same time, I am worried that I will still not get a straight/ attractive/normal profile even if the lower part is trimmed...

As mentioned previously I have a history of not scarring very well, so I specifically chose a surgeon who would adopt the closed approach on me as not to have the potential of an unsightly scar on my nose

I am booked in next month to have the procedure... If anyone can advise me before hand would be much much appreciated.

Thank you
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