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I'm shopping around for only the very best doctors...

I'm shopping around for only the very best doctors in the Wilmington NC area I'm willing to expand my search to a larger demographic to find better doctors for a better quote.
I've seen some nasty scars and to be honest I rather keep my belly then to get a nasty scar. The quote include breast implants. I'm not so much nervous of the surgery but I am more concerned that I would find a butcher. My last breast implants were done by a fabulous Harvard Medical School Plastic Surgeon. He was great but he is in Chicago and I don't feel it's necessary to travel all that way and not to mention the follow ups. So if anyone can help me find the a fantastic Plastic surgeon I would much appreciate it.

I think I found the right Doc

So I called my Chicago Doctor and I sent him my pictures. He thinks I need breast lift, new implants and tummy tuck also he recommends that I lose weight at least 15lbs. I have a few words for him but I did ask for his advise "lol"
So I've started the Atkins diet and move my stationary bike up stairs by the kitchen. I called Dr. D and made an appointment for December 17 for a conslutation. Hopefully I will agree with him and we can move forward.
I will keep you all posted on my weight loss. Wish me luck

I just discovered the Bellini Breast lift option

I just copied this from Dr Rodriguez website. But this is what I've been looking for. I really don't want my breast to look like lollipops. Which is not bad but if I have options I will take it.

Benelli scar because it is technically more difficult. I like it because the scar is well camouflaged as it forms the border of the areola. The only downside with this type of scar is that it can not be used in large breast reductions. However, it is ideal for small breast reductions, breast lifts, and breast lift with implants.

Most importantly, in cases of breast lifts with implants, there are hardly any wound complications with this technique. There’s a good reason for this. When you add an implant to a breast lift, you are filling up the skin envelope and, as a result, you do not need to take out much skin at all. You really only need to take out enough skin to move the areola to the new position higher up. The procedure is safer, and has less scars. That’s why the Benelli is my favorite.

3 option on my lifts

Whis do you this is better?

I'm in his office

I'm at the office and it's beautiful with the Christmas decorations and music. That is nice. I'm vet nervous to meet Dr. D. I got a glimpse of him and looks like he is dressed in Versace. Very stylish. I like that because that means thst he care of his own apprearance and likes to look good for his clients.

Wow I'm impress with Dr. Daviudi

From the moment I walk into the waiting room I got the feeling he was going to be interesting. He was backed up with patients so I had to wait 45 minutes. I was irritated at first but he made it up to me. He apologized for making me wait for so long and thanked me for being patient and he will make it up to me by spending a lot of time with me.

We discussed what I was looking for a (Tummy Tuck with a breast lift with implants). I was handed a robe and it was a nice one too. Not one of those cheap emergency room hospital robes other so call fancy PS give you. This robe made me feel important. Who would have though that a simple item as a robe could have such affect.

When he and his nurse came back in the room they went to town. They took pictures,measurements and measure again. Instantly I knew I had no other choice but to have him be my surgeon. The best part was he told me that I don't need a lift just new implants because I've had my old ones over 15 years. But I could leave them alone just as well. Love him he just saved me thousands!!!

He is not cheap but it's $800 cheaper then my local PS that is not as good as him.

We later went in to the computer room where he showed me on the touch screen monitor what how and the were it was all going to be done. He spoke to me as if I was his equal and I really respected that because I am well read and he picked that up. Instead of being threaten by my knowledge he embraced it and took me to a completely different understanding of my procedures. Too much to type but it all sounded great and I coming out looking like a super sexy Latina from a telenovela...

Best part.... I asked him if I should lose weight and he turned to me in shock and said why your are fine. I was say what ??? Every Plastic Surgeon I have seen or spoken to have all asked me to lose weight. Dr. D said I don't need to but if I want to because of personal reason that is your choice.

Im putting my deposit down after Christmas. I have 3 lovely children and I have to put them first. I'm joining the flat belly club ladies make room for me.

Saving money!!

Hey you all!
I'm trying to save a few hundred so I decided to buy my own after surgery garment. The problem is that I don't know what it should look like or how large I should get. My current size is 10/12 or large. Any one has a name of a company that sells them? How to buy them?

At Dr Davudi office

Today I'm at Dr. Davudi office waiting to discuss the final detail of my mommy make over. Yes I know it's been a year since I last saw him but it took that long to save the money for my surgeries. I've lost some weight since and I have been working out 2-3 days per week with my personal trainer. I can't wait to get back to the flat side again. It's been 12 years and I'm ready to look and feel sexy again. My youngest is 6 years old and I don't have to be cuddly chubby mommy anymore.
I'm getting my sexy back. I'm 42 years old and time flys way to fast and before you know it you are 60 plus and look square old and manly. No thank you! Not Me.
I thank God almighty for blessing me with my family and blessing me with the opportunities that I've had and will continue to have. Because of our mighty Lord I am able to get this done because without his Blessings this would have never happened. I'm coming out so sexy so beautiful and comfortable in my own body. Amen

42 Mom of 3 Getting Her Sexy Back

Dr. D gave me a mommy makeover November 18th 2016. He is amazing and I look stunning.

I lost 7 inches in 3 1/2wks.. it was the best decision I have made this year. I went from a size 12 to 6 and I'm expected to shrink even more after all swelling goes away. The scar is ugly but it's shrinking and fading. But be prepared it's the most painful operation I've ever had. I've just started walking normally and I'm sore all the time. So take a month off work. Have someone help you for 3 weeks. Pay the extra money for the exparel and one night stay in the hospital. If you can't afford it then wait until you can because you will wished you had. The doctor is an artist and very sweet. He made me feel beautiful before and after. I was very comfortable with him.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He is a funny man. Full of spirit and positive energy. He really is an artist. He can sculpt a woman's boy like as if he was working on clay. I came out looking better then before having my babies. I will go back to him for everything and I drove to see him 7 hours each way. I highly recommend him.

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