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I found this website and I am amazed how unalone I...

I found this website and I am amazed how unalone I feel now. I was the first to get boobs. And boy the boobie fairy hit me good with her boobie dust!. I am petite with a smaller frame. A bit fluffy but for the most part nothing a good few months of good exercise and activity won't fix. I was blessed with H cups. Even at my thinnest I still wore a 36 f. Actually I should have been wearing a 34 G but we all know how hard it is to get bras that fit. I have been buying my bras online since college. I have back pain, neck pain, and not mention migraines too. I didn't go to the doctor alot as i know the usually routine would be to medicate me with pain killers and muscle relaxers. Now that I am 36 I decided that it will be best to do something about the back pain so I can excercise and be more active without the big boobies holding me back. I got my approval and things are moving fast. My surgery is next week, Sept 25th. I am anxious and nervous for the results. I will have to take some pictures and post them for you all. Good luck with all your journeys and happy healing!

Ok girls. Surgery is Tuesday. Omg Im starting...

Ok girls. Surgery is Tuesday. Omg Im starting to get anxious to get it over with. I just watched a video of an actual breast reduction. Wow thank god for the sedatives they will give me so I won't be tempted to run away. LOL I just finished cleaning and getting things set up around the house today. Tomorrow I will bleach and clean the bathrooms. It will be nice to come home and recover in a clean home I think lol. Netflix is set up in the bedroom and I've got some movies to watch.

Just a few questions for you all:

1. Whats the sports bras you all bought to wear. I saw the champion ones at Target and thought they seemed like they would work but I wasn't sure. I am getting the anchor incisions so I am worried about irritating underneath the breast while I am healing.

2. And for those of you that are in advanced recovery stage. How did the underwires feel to you when you tried one for the first time afterwards. ( I'm thinking time and patience on the bra purchases for a while lol ) but wow I cant wait.

Ok I finally loaded some pics. Omg I think there...

Ok I finally loaded some pics. Omg I think there might be a waistline in there somewhere...hmmm.

Tomorrow is the surgery. Im scheduled for 10 but have to be there around 8 so I guess I will be the second in line. That's ok with me as I will be staying in the hospital over night and getting good meds while I am there. I will update you all again when I am up and about.

I am home now. In a bit of pain but its mostly...

I am home now. In a bit of pain but its mostly stinging feeling i take the pain pills when i feel the soreness. Mostly in the nipple areas not sure if thats where most of your hurt. I took a half shower since doc says I have wait until tomorrow for full thing. So far just some bruising. and drains are already out.

We arrived at hospital around 9 am 9/25. I waited a bit then they took me to pre op where I got my iv and the doc did his drawings. Then some nice lady that i dont remember came to get me and thats all remember before I got my room for night lol. I was mostly sleeping yesterday. Got one shot or moriphine. No wonder its controlled lol. That was some good napping after that hahaha. Mostly everything went good the nurses and aides where really good to me. I wasn;t nervous or scared just worried about healing. I'm surprised it doesnt hurt much to move my arms. I can't put socks on though and it hurts a bit to wipe myself. Not much else to complain about as long as i keep taking the pain meds as directed when I feel a bit more pain. Hope all of you are doing well. I've loaded a 2 day pic for you too.

Wow. Today was not a good one. Felt so swollen...

wow. Today was not a good one. Felt so swollen and sore today. I guess the good hospital meds finally wore off. Went to see doc today and he says things looking good. Said time to heal. Ive been taking my meds and I plan on taking it easy and behaving myself. Seems hurts where the drains were and definitely sore around the nipple areas. But other than that doing good. Hope all of you are healing well.

Good morning girls. I slept good last night and...

Good morning girls. I slept good last night and woke up feeling better. Husband said I had a nightmare last night which he think may have been the meds lol. Apparently I was talking in my sleep and saying his name. Don't remember much but woke up this morning feeling rested and ate some breakfast. Got to take a full shower which made me feel good. Will need help washing hair and lower body. I took it slow and easy but next shower I will have hubby wash my hair for me. For now I am going veg on the recliner and doze off a bit. Resting and relaxation for happy healing. Hope all is well with all of you.

Hello everyone. Anyone know the cure for cabin...

Hello everyone. Anyone know the cure for cabin fever lol. I am having issues keeping my mind busy since in the house. I am still waiting until after weekend is over to go out. I'm wondering if going to get some fruits at the store will help. I just don't wanna overdo it.

I did notice this morning that some of the bad bruising I have is starting to change. So I guess that's good since it was major surgery and will take a while to heal and see results.

Anyone else complain of feeling like you are carrying around water balloons?

I will update pics next week at one week post op. Hope you are all doing well.

Decided to post 4 day pics. I have alot more...

Decided to post 4 day pics. I have alot more bruising than id like. Please excuse it if they are a bit icky but im curious if that will be considered normal. I am watching incisions closely and having very little drainage. Just concerned of what to look for if its not normal. PS saw me on day three and said all was fine just need time to heal.

Going for follow up again on wed with ps. I...

Going for follow up again on wed with ps. I noticed some yellow drainage out of lefty. It is not much but I wanna get him to look at it in case. What is your experience. Is this yellow stuff something to worry about if its just a small amount. Also have any of you had hot flashes in your boobs???? I have not tempeture and the wounds don't look infected to me but I thought I 'd ask lol

Happy healing and hopefully this just means my body is healing at its own pace lol

Hello all! Made to week one! Yay! I uploaded...

Hello all!
Made to week one! Yay! I uploaded a week one pic The bruising is slowly changing and I am healing. Just having a bit of drainage out of lefty. I'll be seeing ps tomorrow to have him take a look and make sure everything is ok. Been in a bit of pain but mostly at night. I think I stopped taking the good drugs a bit too soon maybe. Last I took the vicaton before bed and slept much better. I am going to keep taking it easy and rest up. Hope you all heal well and have happy new little boobies!!

Got back from my appointment with ps. All is well...

Got back from my appointment with ps. All is well and healing nicely. He even took the tape off the boobies so I got see them undressed for the first time. I didn't realize what a relief getting that tape off would be. I get to apply ointment now and see him in about 2 weeks. I made the nurses laugh because I kept referring to the boobies as lefty and righty! Then I said oh I have names for them now too. Bonnie and Clea. A little play on Bonnie and Clyde. Going in today did relieve my worries so I will not feel guilty for feel I am wasting his time. Thank you all for keeping up with my progress so far it is so good to feel you're not the only one. We all experienced post op pains and sleepless nights. I'm so glad i am feeling my spirits go up and hope it keeps going up.

Oh and yesterday I went to the store to pick up a present for someone and I walked past the bra section. I held up a c and d cup to my boobies and it looks like now a D cup so will probably be a large C once the swelling goes down, however I will be happy with a nice middle D cup as well. I am sure bra shopping will be harder now as there are going to be so many more choices! Now to keep telling myself patience patience....The new bras are waiting. :)

Ok I took a pic without the tape! They are...

Ok I took a pic without the tape! They are looking really good to me so far. Lefty is still a bit more swollen than Righty but I am sure that will settle in time. The bruising is definitely going to take care of its self just a bit of yellow on the left. Hope you are all healing well!!!!!

Ok for those of you that like to know these things...

Ok for those of you that like to know these things....i called the PS office and was told how much they removed from my girls!

Left 1066
Right 1047

Omg!!!!! No wonder I was in pain all the time!! No wonder the scale said about 6 lbs less than before surgery too!

Hi ladies! Today has been good so far. Having...

Hi ladies! Today has been good so far. Having a bit of trouble getting to sleep but pain is tolerable as long I am not doing too much. It's taking patience to wait for the wounds to close but I am trying! Hugs for all and happy healing :)

Was going through some of my clothes I tried on a...

Was going through some of my clothes I tried on a few sports bras I had stashed and wow what a huge change. I might need to go down a size as I had xl lol. Do they need to be tight for compression as I am two weeks post op or do I go for what's comfy???

It does look like i am going to have to do a good purge of my closets. T shirts so far are fine just a bit looser.

Hi ladies I have a question for everyone. ...

Hi ladies I have a question for everyone.

How much in size will the swelling adjust???? I think right now they are about a DD but that's with swelling so I am wondering where that might put me. Did anyone go down alot or just a little? Hopefully you can all give me an idea of how the swelling made a difference in size for you all.

I just really will be much happier if at least single digit cup size. Even though I was totally hoping for a C cup I will be completely happy with a D as well but I really did not want to be bigger than that. We go through all of this anxious worry and not mention pain. The emotions I have felt over the last two weeks is definitely something I will never forget. But to have a size that I am not happy with will be hard. I actually do think so far the size is at least more manageable so I guess we will see. I am going to accept what happens with size as I do feel the doctors do what is safer and I did have a large reduction. I will keep positive and enjoy my new boobies. ~Hugs the boobies and says please heal quickly!~

I'll post more pics for everyone tomorrow. Happy healing to all of you post op ladies out there. Sending out good vibes for everyone doing surgeries as well.

Good morning ladies! Today is two weeks!!...

Good morning ladies!

Today is two weeks!! Yay!!!!! So far so good. Pain is minimal just a bit it tightness where the incisions are. Nipples work and that is good. I've been watching some areas that have a bit puckering on the incisions that I expect will probably settle once more healing comes thru. I'm seeing some areas that seem to be trying to close up and I am liking that! After all its on week 2 so there is more healing to be done so patience patience and more patience. I am now wearing sports bras. I got the companion bras from Target last night as they seemed soft and stretchy. So far this morning it hasn't bothered the more sensitive areas. I have been taking Aleve to help with swelling. I was trying to watch sodium intake as well but omg that's almost been harder than sugar! I think this week will be good to start walking short amounts as I have tolerated going to stores for bits of times. I will need to catch up on exercise eventually as laying around with cabin fever can't be good for my bum!

So keeping spirits up, thinking positive, and grrrr Patience Patience Patience!!! Happy healing ladies!!

Did two week pic. You can see bruising is getting better. Righty had the worst bruising but its starting to go red and I imagine by the end of this week I will see more yellow coming in :)

Good morning all! Well today was emotional. ...

Good morning all!

Well today was emotional. I opened the bra drawer. Wow I didn't realize I owned so many bras. As I look at them it made me think of how hard it was to find them. I was lucky to find different colors and fabrics. I had invested a lot so that my boobs would have support. I really felt sort of a sadness as I placed them in "purge basket". Insert moment of silence here. Then after a brief moment something else happened. I looked at this empty drawer and thought to myself that in a few months I will standing in the lingerie department picking out new ones to fit my new body. I get to go to any store!!! I get to pick a normal size!!!!!

I am surprised at the number of Camies and tanks that I threw out as well. So shopping is going to be happening too. Shirts and blouses will need to go and it's starting to feel therapeutic. Out with the old and in with the new. I'm going get a fresh start and enjoy slowly adding the new things.

So for all of you wondering if all the pain and emotions of changing your breast size is worth it...empty your drawers and clean out your clothing and make room!!!! Kohls, Victoria secrets, Jcpenneys, Dillard's, and the list is endless .... Here we come!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ladies! Been a good day so far. My...

Hi ladies!

Been a good day so far. My energy is coming back now. I went with a friend to the pet store today and didn't have hardly any discomfort as long as I don't bend over.
She said I looked great!!

I am now starting to wear sports bras but they are not all that comfy. I went and got the Hanes one that opens in the front and
It's doing pretty well. I still feel its an adjustment so still wearing the compression bra at times.

Anyone else have that issue moving over to sports bras ???? Any recommendations????

Good Morning ladies!!! So Tomorrow is 3 weeks...

Good Morning ladies!!!

So Tomorrow is 3 weeks !!!!! So far so good. Some scabs feel off this weekend. ewwwwww lol but at least the tissue under is nice and pink. I had a bit of itching here and there which I am guess is my body healing. Tomorrow I go in to see the PS. Hopefully he will be pleased with the progress. I already see spots that are nitting together. Lefty seems to be closing up a bit quicker than righty but I see spots on righty that are trying to close up as well. I have been taking it easy. I find getting around is much easier. I am having more energy just a bit of soreness and swelling mostly at night. The left side seems to be more swollen then the right but that will pass I am sure. I will update tomorrow with new pics too as soon as I get home. Hope you are all healing good. Sending out happy healing thoughts to you all!

Its's been three weeks!!! I can't believe all I...

Its's been three weeks!!! I can't believe all I have been through since this surgery. I've taken my closet down to a mere 15 items hanging up. Bra drawer is bare except the sports bras that I found most comfy. I am glad that I have cleansed out my clothes, thought I still have a few drawers that need to be gone through. Pain is better just mostly discomfort at times from swelling and moving around wrong here and there. I have had itching and its weird itching. It doesn't feel like that itching from hives that one might get but a warm itching that comes and goes. Bruising is getting much better on Righty. I still see strange coloring at the bottom of my breasts but I attribute that to the deep bruising thats probably working its way outward as my body absorbs things. That and wearing new sports bras after compression bras lol. Hope you are all doing well and relaxing during your recovery. For those of you that are getting ready for your new boobs. While I don't regret this surgery one bit.....I have learned the word of the day is PATIENCE. I added a 3 week Pic and u can see some of the changes are noticeable. Doc says that asymmetrical swelling is normal and will adjust as I heal more.

Oh before I forget any suggestions on the best scar creams???? I have Bio Oil and thought id try that. I want to get palmers lotion too but not sure which one to get. PS said to keep doing the ointment for two weeks then when i see him on the 30th then he will talk scar treatments. Then I will be 4 weeks. When were u all allowed to start your scar stuff??????

Thank ladies for all your help and Happy healing!!!!!!

HI ladies! Today I realized that some more...

HI ladies!

Today I realized that some more swelling has went away. I am trying to get rid of this cold. I guess if I dont feel better by Tuesday I will call the Doc to see about meds. I am still switching sports bras for the surgical ones. They have remained my security blanket.

I did wanna ask you girls what you are all using for scar treatments. Ive got bio oil but wont be using it until next appointment in about another 10 days.

Hope you are all healing well. Happy healing!

Hi everyone! Well its now 4 weeks!!! In two...

Hi everyone!

Well its now 4 weeks!!! In two more days it will a full month! I cant believe all the changes my body has gone thru since the surgery. As of now I have minimal pain. Mostly discomfort from swelling that seems more bothersome at nighttime. I just take an advil or Aleve if it bothers me and I am fine. I have been wearing sports bras and as of now they are all pretty comfortable. The don't hardly even bother my incisions at all. I will see about taking a picture of the ones that I found to be the most comfortable.

I do have a small list of things that sort of bother me about my results so far.

~ I do have a puffy scaring where my drains were under my armpit area. It seems that swelling looks different but I am sure in time that will all sort out.

~Can you stay sutures!!! Omg where do these things come from!! I have quite a few that look like there are poking out like little tiny white flags! I am keeping my eyes out on them but none of them are bothersome. They don't seem to be causing blisters or any oozing type irritations. So that is good there.

~ I realized the color of aureoles seems sort of different than before my surgery. The are taking longer to heal than the other incisions too. I guess if I am still unhappy later I can get them tattooed. But again still a bit more healing to do in those areas so we will see. Its hard to tell because there were so stretched out with my large breasts.

~As of now I do believe I am a D cup. I did go to the store and tried on a few bras. Its hard to say because I just put them on over my breasts without any adjusting of my actual breasts. I was afraid to start pulling and pushing on my boobies just yet as its not time for a real bra yet. Maybe it will be different in a week or two. I really wanted to be a C cup and now i am also swollen around too. I wore 36 band width for years and that seems to have changed a bit with some of the wireless sports bras I tried on. I picked out a few from Barely there brand and I selected what it said for bra size and they were too small. A few I got a 38 around and they were better. I also tried on a few real bras as well and they were 36 and the bandwidth was ok. However cup size its hard to tell cuz I didn't adjust my boobies inside the bra. Could this be from swelling or simply because my boobies are in a different position on my chest? I guess it is too soon to worry and fixate on size. I am smaller and as long as a bra fits and is comfy then I just need to suck it up and go with what fits properly. All bras are different and will feel different so all that will be like I am buying a bra for the first time. Anyways to get to my rambling point lol. I still feel a bit bigger than what I wanted.

All in all I am definitely smaller, lighter and happier. I think we all are very critical of how our breasts look after surgery as this is our feminity and they were apart of our personality previous to surgery so its hard to let go. Now I am on this journey and there is no turning back. Moving forward and knowing that my friends and family who have seen me since have all said I look great. Neck and shoulder pain gone. I haven't had a migraine since and to be honest I do feel better about how my T shirts fit. This will mean going through my clothes and working out the ones that don't work anymore. (shopping shopping and shopping! )

I included 4 week pictures for you all. I even added some of the T zone. I hope I labels those properly as its hard to tell which one was which. Happy healing to you all!

Hi ladies! I had a rough night last night. ...

Hi ladies!

I had a rough night last night. Idk why but i must have slept wrong on my pillows because i woke up with my shoulder hurting. felt a kink or something. i took a pain pill and took a hot shower to help relax but never went back to sleep. i am definitely going to take it easy today and rest in my recliner. Everything seems fine with my incisions I am still putting ointment on twice a day as my PS said to do. I am only seeing a dot on the gauze in the mornings after i shower which i assume is just scabs getting moist and sticking to the gauze. So far I am really seeing somethings adjust over this week. There is more sofening and the sides are coming in i think as well. Still swelling, esp at the end of each day. Hopefully that will pass. From what I understand the swelling will continue for months. I am seeing these sutures appear everywhere as well. Im watching to make sure none of them get irritated but so far only one spot seems to be more questionable. and its just a tiny bit red but not hurting or anything. Ill watch it for a few days and see the doctor if any changes there. I'll take a picture of the the favorite sports bras I felt most comfy in this week. I'll also take a pic of the surgical bras i have as well. Happy healing !!!

Well girls as of yesterday its been a month since...

Well girls as of yesterday its been a month since my surgery. My incisions are pretty much closed just having some little stubborn spots around the nipples. i think its those darn stitches that are giving me grief. My 5 week appt is on Tuesday so I can have doc take a look and if anything needs to be pulled he can do so then. Nothing hurts or looks infected but I am watching them closely as I see the little suckers poking out!!!

Any of u girls notice the area around ur nipples healing after everything else.?????? I had thought my T zone would be last but not in this case. Will my body eat it up or I wonder if he will have to pull them out????? I imagine he will probably tell me they will resolve themselves.

Im still swelling as well. Any advice on things I can make that don't require salt. I have actually been reading labels lately and I am surprised at all the salt in everything that is tasty. I am trying to stay away from my Dr Peppers too. That has been hard for me. I have been good girl and I have been drinking water.

Any advice on helping the swelling out, esp at nighttime.... is welcome.

Happy healing to you all. And for those of you that are still awaiting your big day. Relax and enjoy yourselves. Soon we will all be checking on your updates!

Good morning!!! This morning I was taking a...

Good morning!!!

This morning I was taking a shower and noticed a really long stitch and as i held it away from my skin it just came off! How crazy is that!! That spots closed up and it was attached by a yucky teeny tiny scab! These sutures are driving me crazy though. The only spots that haven't close are where these suckers are poking out now. I see the doc on Tuesday so I am not bothering with them or pulling anything out myself as its probably best to let him do it. But other than that things are really closing up the last few days around my aureoles. I guess those spots needed more time but no wonder with all the little stitches poking out here and there!

Pain has been good not really taking anything atm. Swelling is a bother at night and when I am more active but I guess that will take a long time to not be bothersome.

I did get two new bras from victoria secrets. They are D cups! I did end up going up in band size but I didn't really get bothered by that as they fit for now and the band was comfy on the incisions under my arms. When I went with a lower band size I still had bit of tissue that poked out where arm pits are and going up fixed that issue for me so I was happy. I reminded myself not to invest too much as the swelling and such. I was pleased with the way all the bras looked once I got the numbers adjusted. I am just thankful that the DD was too big!!! I could have cried with happiness. No DD for me!!!!!!!!!!!! I own two real bras with a normal size that fits! Anyhow, my point is don't despair or focus too much on numbers the way I was at first. Our boobies sit higher and things have changed so dramatically. And when you do find the fit that is comfy for you take a look ....NO QUAD BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all healing well. I will try to take a picture of the bra I got so you can all see. Happy healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ladies!!! Well its been 5 weeks as of...

Hi Ladies!!! Well its been 5 weeks as of yesterday. Sorry I didn't do an update yet. I saw Doc yesterday. He took care of a few spitting stitches that were bothering me so that's why my pic looks a bit more irritated. My scars are coming in pink and they do look pinker in the picture. I also have ointment all over my scars as well. Doc told me to do ointment for a bit longer then once all the scars are completely smooth I can then do scar treatments. So far is good. I'm not in pain. Though i had a bit stinging after the PS saw me.

I still have a few little spots that need to finish healing where stitches keep poking thru. I am sure all will be fine by next week. Still swelling up a bit at night but its not painful. I'm more active now and that's probably accounting for my swelling during the evenings. Other than the stitches and swelling all is doing ok. PS was pleased with my progress. He says I've hit every critical stage so far!! YAY!! So please boobies finish healing and then I promise I will treat you to some awesome cute sexy bras!!!

Happy healing ladies!!!!

Well ladies its been 6 weeks!!!! I can't believe...

Well ladies its been 6 weeks!!!! I can't believe the changes my body has gone through. Mentally as well as the physical. I want to take a moment to recognize all of you girls who have gone through this huge part of my life with me. This may be a website where we all go to blog about our experiences but I think I can say for all of us that it does mean the world to know that you are not alone.

As far as my body's progress goes.....well my body has taken its time healing. I have passed all the major hurdles according my PS and he is happy with my healing progress. My incisions are all closed except for a tiny scab on my tzone area. No drainage and I have not had to use any gauze except for a bit when i first put on ointment. Once that tiny scab is gone I will be starting my scar treatment. I am going to use the Palmers Skin Therapy for my scars. Hopefully the bit of redness in my scars will go away but for now they are healthy and pink and YAY CLOSED!!!

I am still having swelling esp at nighttime. I have been drinking more water and trying to lower my salt. I don't know how much a difference its made but I know the swelling will be there a while since I am getting more energy and doing alot more than I was weeks ago. Hopefully in a few months I will see that swelling improve even more.

Now lets talk about nipples!! Omg they are so sensitive. They are very alert and to the point of being a bit tender when its cold in the house and the only thing that seems to calm that down is taking a hot shower. Hopefully that will get better with time as well. At least they work!

As far as size goes. I do think they are much better for my body than what I had before. I looked at some older pictures today and realize I was all boob! Now people will see me and not my boobs. I sort of wish the PS had taken a tiny bit more to make more of a C cup but I am happy with being a D cup. My only complaint is that i swell alot under my arm pits and I am wearing a band size bigger than what I wore before surgery but thats ok for now. The swelling will change and hey my boobies are now higher up on my chest so maybe thats part of the reason for that difference. Not to mention I have been trying on bras that are completely different than what I have ever worn in my life. I have two wireless Bali bras!! Yes Wireless. I have never owned a wireless bra before this surgery. My eyes are still adjusting to tops and bras. I bought several cami style bras at Walmart and I got large. I wasn't sure if they would fit but they sure fit!

I am pleased with my surgery and I know things are not perfect by any means. But I will embrace my imperfections and be the woman I am.....complete with smaller boobies!!! Here's to hoping they stay this perky!!!! For those of you who are still healing and having those roadbumps. Stay strong. Take care of yourself. Don't give up. Life will only make you stronger! If any of you need to vent or talk we will all be here to listen and understand. For those of you still waiting for the big day, relax and spend time with your kids and families as much as u can beforehand. Don't be afraid to keep moving down the path to smaller boobies. Most of you are not doing this for looks. This is to save you pain and that first time someone looks u in the eyes and not in ur chest is priceless.

Happy healing !!!!!!!!

Hi ladies!!!! Its been 7 weeks since my...

Hi ladies!!!!
Its been 7 weeks since my surgery. I am so glad I did this and only wish I had done this sooner. Things are going into place bit by bit. I think my body just wants to do things in its own time and not my schedule! Everything is healed up. I do have a tiny spitting stitch that is starting to poke out. I have two of them and one on either side of my nipples! They are in the exact spot on each side too. How is that for perfect symmetry! They are not bothering me at the moment as they remind me of a tiny whisker. If they are bothersome I will let my doctor know. For now I will let my body take care of it. I am still swelling, esp at night and if I am active. I think that's because over the past few weeks I am feeling more normal. I have been walking and even able to cuddle my little dogs. Poor things have not had a proper cuddle in ages!

I have started putting palmers on my scars. I noticed when i started massaging that my skin is a bit redder than before. I am hoping that is normal and just due to my scars being sensitive and rubbing against my sports bras! I have been told that it will sort itself out over time. I still have a bit of bruising at the top and that is almost completely gone thank goodness. My poor girls were sure hating me for a while! Anyone else notice a bit of sensitivity in ur scars. I wonder if that is also from nerves growing back as well.

At this point the only complaints would be about swelling. I am a D right now but I do wish that I was a tiny bit smaller. Hopefully the swelling is going to get better over the next few months so we will see. For now I am happy with a D cup. I know it was a huge reduction as 5 lbs was taken off my chest. So if a D cup I will gladly take it!!!!! This has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful that i have healed and had no roadbumps. Bless all of u that have had issues and are still healing. Good luck to those of u that are still awaiting ur turn.

Hi ladies!! Its been 8 weeks. Omg how things have...

Hi ladies!! Its been 8 weeks. Omg how things have changed over the past 8 weeks! I am healed still have a teeny tiny scab that I think is really a stitch in that spot on my Tzone but its been fine and hasn't bothered me. I know my body will take care of it. I do have a bit if redness at the bottom of my breasts that I think is from my sports bras and such rubbing the sensitive skin there. I have moved so will have to get another Primary Care Doc to see me and refer me to a surgeon here for a little follow up about the redness but I think that will sort itself out.

The girls are sofening and still standing up on there own. Hopefully they will remain perky!! Plz boobies stay perky!! Nipples are still sensitive and always on high beam lately but that's ok. I just add a bit of padding to conceal that and hopefully over the next few months that gets better. I am glad the nerves are working. I still get a bit of shooting zingers every now and then but that's not terrible. I know its the nerves healing back up.

I still swell a bit at night time and when I am really active but its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I actually stayed off soda since surgery! I had my first Dr Pepper this week!! Yummy!!!!! I am starting to walk and find my energy levels getting back to normal. I think after I see my new doctor when I can I'll see what they say about going to the gym. I know I am not ready for jogging or heavy aerobics but should be ok for low impact. What were you girls doing for exercise at 8 weeks???? Plz give me some ideas as I would like to get my body back into the groove of things!

Over all things are doing good for the girls. They are happier and I am really feeling great about my decision. Some things in life we do not have control over. I am glad this was one things I got to make a choice on! Hugs my happy little D's. Plz girls stay perky!!!!!

For those of you awaiting your surgery keep yourselves busy and don't worry too much about the surgery itself. The recovery is long I won't sugar coat that. Take your time and keep patient. In the end you will find yourselves lighter and in less pain. For those of you who are recovering take it easy and don;t do too much! (yes that means you Mia!!!!! LMAO) I'd take off work at least 3 weeks and 4 would be even better if you can.

I also added new pics of the girls. An 8 week Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now wheres my beads!!! lmao. Happy healing ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning ladies!!! It has been TWO MONTHS...

Good morning ladies!!!

It has been TWO MONTHS as of yesterday!!!! I am happy with the size of my breasts. As of now I am a happy little D!!!! I can't even remember how they looked before my surgery. I found a pic I took before surgery and OMG what a difference it is now. No back, neck, or shoulder pains. I am sitting up straight and find myself doing less slouching when I sit up. I look down and I can see my belly, legs and YES my toes!!!!!! I don't remember ever being able to see my feet when looking down!! I am having no pain as its close to 9 weeks now. Just a few shocks every now and then. I have been a bad girl and bought a load of bras to fill up the empty space in my lingerie drawer!! I have front clasp bras!!!!! I have never in my 36 years of life was able to wear a front clasp bra. I absolutely loved it so much I got every color I could find. Where did I find this comfy bra at you ask??????? WALMART!!!!!!!!! Under 10 dollars too!! Can you believe that!!! Mia I think I have a shopping problem too!!! LMAO!!! I am going to find that hot bikini for this summer and then road trip!!!!!! Sun Beach and Drinks!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all you girls are healing and taking care of yourselves. Please take it easy and don't over do it. For those of you still waiting for your new boobies. No regrets!!! Happy healing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning ladies.....9 weeks...

Good morning ladies.....9 weeks today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I uploaded a few more pics. Not much has changed things are still settling.

Hi Ladies!!!! Well its been 10 weeks!!!!!! I...

Hi Ladies!!!!

Well its been 10 weeks!!!!!! I am so thankful for all of you who have participated in this journey with me. I am still wearing sporty bras as doctor said I have to wait 3 months after surgery. That will xmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry xmas to me!!! lmao

For my scars I was using Palmers. Now I have switched to BioOil. I am really liking that stuff too. Its actually seeming to take the red away a bit more I think. I put new pics up for you all.

I appreciate all of you putting ourselves out here. It is so not easy to put pictures of your body for others to see. I can say that everyone of you are beautiful people. I will never forget what it was like to be held down with big breasts but now I can relax and enjoy my new boobies!!!! Mia I am serious when we can schedule something I would love to come to Florida and show off our new bikinis!!!

For those of you that are awaiting your surgeries relax and don't despair. The anxious feelings beforehand will go away after. Enjoy your families and friends during this holiday season!!!

HI ladies!!! Been a busy girl these days. I am...

HI ladies!!! Been a busy girl these days. I am sorry I have taken so long to update. I missed my 3 month update (3 months would have officially been Christmas day!) so here it is!!! Not much has changed as far the girls go. They are still perky and staying where they belong! They have softened up and I can squeeze them now. I am also finally back to being able to sleep however I want!!!!!!!! I am in no pain and haven't had zingers in awhile now. Every now and then the scars get a bit sensitive but a gently rub on the scars and that goes away. On Christmas day I started wearing regular bras. So far my size is sticking at a large D/Small DD. I found that I am getting what I pay for as far as bras go. The ones I have purchased at Victoria secrets are fitting very well. The cheaper ones i got at walmart are not. The front clasp that I was so excited about is slightly too small. When they tell u to wait to buy ur bras they mean it!!!!! If I can pass along anything that would be my weekly tidbit for sure. DO NOT BUY BRAS until after 3 months. I am serious. My breasts have changed even in the last month as far as being more soft and feeling less like inplants! Your breast will not mold properly for some time so give the bra buying a wait and have patience....(uggg patience!!!)

As for my scars. They slowly changing. They are still pink and for the most part very smooth. I do have a slight puckering toward the cleavage area but it doesn't bother me too badly. I stopped using oils and went to mederma as the oils were giving me little pimply bumps on my girls! I was like oh no! I have never had issues with acne or pimples so I am guessing its just whats in the oils causing my skin to react. I was wondering if anyone else has had that issue.

Mederma is good as well though its very gel like. It does soak into the skin quickly. I will use it this month and see what changes that brings on and update u all. They are all good stuff so I don't think ur hurting to pick one or the other. Everyone seems to see results with these its just mederma is a bit pricey. Hopefully I will see just as good results with this as I did with bio oil and palmers! I hope all of u are doing well and taking care of ur girls!!! I will update again soon as I am almost getting close to being 4 months post op! I can not believe its been that long! Good luck to all of u are going thru ur surgery soon. You will not regret ur choice. Yes its a long recovery but in end after 4 months or so u will be so glad u made it thru! For those of u on the recovery side take care of yourself and rest. Happy healing!! xxxxxx

Hi ladies!!! Its been 4 months as of 2/25/13!!!! ...

Hi ladies!!! Its been 4 months as of 2/25/13!!!! I can not believe the difference since week 1! Not much has changed over this month. I'm switching scar remedies and have tried them all pretty much. I luv them all really. They are slowly changing and turning lighter each day. I still have a few spots that I can feel the scar but my concern is not with how they look now. I know in a year they will be completely skin colored and not as noticeable. They hubby doesn't seemed bothered and says the girls look great to him. And bonus they fit in his hands now! He jokes and says look hunny one hand!

I have been working alot and my body feels pretty much back to normal. I am slowly adding for vigorous exercising and activity each week. I am starting to watch things I eat since surgery and I am really trying to keep the inches down. That part is the most difficult change. I want my body to equal my new boobies! I am not a lazy person but I do like eat good food. Seems when u want something good u gain weight! ahhhhhhhh!!!! lol

I know alot of you girls are wondering how size and shape will be when ur done with surgery. Try not to think of cup size (as hard as that is!!!). The point of this surgery is to obtain a smaller and more manageable breast size. Most of us have been this way all our life and just need relief. I had a hard time not being a c cup at first. I was disappointed and a bit depressed about the size of bra i ended up buying. I remember thinking that have i done ....all this and no C cup! Now??? Well now i feel good about it. I am not even worried that a 38 D is more comfy than a 36 D. They both fit but one feels more comfy than the other at this time. So i tell myself its ok. I will take comfort over pain and having lines on my skin after i take my bra off any day!!! Well enough rambling lol. My point is plz plz dont be upset if ur cup size is not exactly what u wanted after ur surgery. for me a D is way better than the H i started with!!

These are the scar treatments I have tried over the last few months.

Palmers Skin Therapy
Bio Oil

They all work great. My recommendation is to try to not to use anything else on ur breast when using them. I think thats why i have the bit of reaction that i did. I stopped using other lotions and such while using them and that has helped out. If you have any questions feel free to ask as so many of us on here use them and will happy to review our results.

Good luck for those of u that are getting ur surgeries soon. And for those of u on the recovery side.... take care and rest rest rest!!!!!!! Happy healing!!!!

P.S. Mia!!!!! I sent u my phone number so if u ever feel up to texting go for it!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well girls its just 5 days shy of being 6 months...

Well girls its just 5 days shy of being 6 months (03/25). Things are great as far as back and neck pain as that was gone after surgery. I do not regret doing this surgery for one moment. Yes there are scars. I was having issues with scar treatments as I kept breaking out. That is definitely not normal for me as I never had issues with breakouts on my chest or back before. It has since gone away when I stopped using the oils. At the moment I am going to get in touch with my doctor back in NC ( as I have moved back to texas back in November). I will ask for other options for scars. I know I have plenty of time as scars will take a long time to fade and soften more.

As far a size I am happy with my size. They are still D cups. I am still wearing a band size bigger. I started out 36H and now I am comfy in a 38D. I think maybe its because the girls are higher up and it just seems to be more comfy as I am more sensitive to pressure and tightness in the rib cage area under my boobies. That's fine with me as they are definitely smaller and perkier. I have found one thing I do love is when I do put on a bra the girls don't need adjustment at all! It's like OMG they stay in the same place. They are soft and perky like they should be. I have even braved trying on a few bathing suits but I still haven't found the top that I love yet. I'll keep looking and I promise when I do find the right bikini top and bottoms I will post a pic of it for you all! I have been working normal hours for a while now and that is keeping me busy. I am going to find time to add more activities and be more active. I run with my dog and nephews as well! I am finding more energy every day!

Tata for now. Please all of you girls take care and happy healing!!!! Hugs and smooches!!!!
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