Consultations in North Carolina!!!!

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Well I guess I will start out with that I am 30...

Well I guess I will start out with that I am 30 years old and wanted breast implants since after I graduated high school. I was looking into silicone or that gummy bear implant but I am just waiting for the consultation to see what would be best. I'm a 36A/Small B maybe. I was hoping to fill a D cup. I am wanting to get liposuction and a tummy tuck if it is needed. I am not sure of the cost but I guess I will find out soon. I will update ya'll after December 10th.

Before Picture

Here is my before picture. I have one child but did not breast feed.

Booked 2nd Consultation w/ a place in Raleigh

I made my first consultation with a place in Wilmington and thought it would be a good idea to make another consultation with a different provider in Raleigh. I do want different views and ideas from the providers so far 2 consultations with 2 different people. I've been having some tachycardia for a few months now and my cardiologist ordered a ECHO (which I had that earlier this week) and for me to wear a heart monitor for 21 days (18 more days left). My 1st consultation is in Raleigh on the 18th of November of this year. I get to take off my heart monitor stuff on the 20th so I guess I'll of course go in and get information but I'll have to wait for the results with the cardiologist and see if I can get the ok to go from there. This was just a spur of the moment update but I will of course keep it updated as I get more information.

Raleigh Consultation on the 18th. Coming up.

Ok, so my consultation in Raleigh is on the 18th and that will be with a person that I don't know the title but does something to do with the consultation. Then my 2nd consultation would be with the doctor. I doubt it would be the same day but now I'm not sure. So I will bring the $100 with me just incase. I'm kinda wondering about financing and if the doctor's office even deals with financing with companies such as carecredit or who ever else has that sort of company. I hope so though. I was going to ask a friend to go with me but I think I'd feel more comfortable to go by myself. Just turn on my GPS and go lol! I feel a little bit of nervousness. Not from thinking of surgery itself but financing. I know I want to do this it's just nervousness of if I can get financed. Does that make any sense? I will of course update this after my consultation on the 18th of November which is Monday.

Different Pictures Added

Just adding pictures to give y'all an idea of size and shape. Remember I have one child but did not breast feed.

Chose a Dr....

So I had my consultation a few weeks ago. My Dr's name is Dr. Karl Schwarz. He said I'm a great candidate for a tummy tuck. With the tummy tuck I will also have liposuction. I decided on silicone implants for my breast. I think they quoted around 14,000.00 and that includes everything except for meds. I haven't made a surgery appointment date yet only because I'm busy with my divorce and custody. But after that I'm going to book that appointment! The doctor was very nice and friendly. The staff members were really kind as well. Oh, and once I make an appointment at pre-op I'll get help with the size of the implants ;)
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