36 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 335cc dtyle MF anatomical gel imlants - Wilmington, NC

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After reading many helpful reviews I've decided to...

After reading many helpful reviews I've decided to share my story!! I always had small boobs and was fine with them, until ai finished nursing my 2nd baby! Saggy and smaller than before, and it's time to change that! My doc is recommending a lift, but I'm going with the BA first an hoping that will be enough. I am a small A and would like a full, natural C. Imm going with anatomical gel implants, around 320cc. Surgery is in 2 days!! I will be sure to update after!! I am going with Dr Morgan, at Wilmington Plastics. I know a few people that have used him, and he is a really vreat surgen, as weel as makes you feel really comfortable. I have 100% trust that I will be happy with the outcome! The hardest part foe me will be taking a break from working out, but I know in the end it will be worth it! :)

Surgery went well!! I'm very happy!!

Surgery went perfectly! The size seems perfect! I ended up going with 335cc anatomical gel implants. The pain was terrible at first, but getting up and walking has helped IMMENSLY!!!!!! I can't use my arms much, but it's fetting better by the minute! :) He also did a small lift of the nipple to hopefully avoid a full lift later.... That is why i have bandages on the nipple :)

Healing fast!

Day 2 post op and feeling oretty great! I have taken two hot showers today and a lot of walking and haven't needed even a tylenol. I jad a momentary freak out that i wished i had gone bigger, but i did some research and i think once they settle, they'll be the perfect size :) anyone else have experience with this? Took a few more pics today :)

Day 5 and doing great

Today is day 5 and the pain is much better! Mostly just tightness and heaviness. I can sleep almost flat on my back and barely any meds now. The worst thing for me so far is the bloating. I hate that i look 5 mo pregnant, especially when pre-surgery i have been in shape for thr first time in my life. Patience is what i keel telling myself. I know it will all be worth it :)

One week post op

It's been exactly one week since aurgery. I am heqling great. 8 was able to sleep flat on my back last night, and I'm only taking regular tylenol in the middle of the night to help with pain. I did have an emotional day yeaterday... And I am still super bloated in my belly. Once the physical limitations ease up and the bloating goes away I will be thrilled. The boobs are looking great thoughz . i am very happy wih yhe aize, and they are droppng and relaxing quicker than i expected!

Brutal honesty, post op, and feeling worth it 100%

I rememeber reading everyones reviews and I noticed most people have a great first few days, and then there is a rough patch. Mine happened on day 6. I cried all day. I think the lhysical limitations were getting to me, and just the emotional roller coaster of he whole procedure!! He very next day, I felt 100% better. The pain literally decreases massively every single day. I am no longer in pain and imm on day 9. I just feel tight and heavy. I had my post op yesterday and the doc said I'm healing ahead of schedule and the mastolexi worked, and I don't need a lift!!!! Hurray!!!! There is no way I would go theough this surgery again. It hasn't been that bad really, but not working out is really hard. I know it will be worth it though :) definitwly living my new look, already more confident in a swimsuit and can't wait for hr day I can go bra shopping :)

Two weeks post op today!!!

I am loving my new look! I couldn't be happier!! Only complaint is this burning and tingling sensitivy on both breasts. It is so uncomfortable and constant. Definitely worse at times, and better after a hot shower! Did anyone else have this? I wondwr how ling it will last?
I also went back to pilates yesterday! I was super caustious and didn't do any upper body stuff at al. It felt good to move and stretch a bit. I have been hiking and walking a lot too! I can't wait to be able to do a full on hiit class!!! My body is screaming to sweat!!! I do belive this has been worth it though :)

4 week post op update

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks!!!! I have noticed a huge shift in healing this week!!! Still sensitve much much much better! All the sweeling is gone and I love the look! I still have the stri strips on, and since I got a mini lift, I canmt really enjoy the looks of them without a bra, but under clothes they look great. Imm allowed to go bra shopping this week!!! Yay!!! I have started back slowly st the gym too and it feels so good!!! Truly feeling better everyday!!
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

I have had a consult and Pre-Op with Dr Morgan. He is absolute fantastic and so is the entire staff. i feel so lucky to have this team of professionals in my town. I have complete confidence I will love the end result!!

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