Mommy Makeover! 11 weeks PO

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I am so excited I am officially one month away...

I am so excited I am officially one month away from becoming the hot mama I always wanted to be. I am 5'6, 165 lbs. I have two beautiful girls 5 and 2. I have a wonderful hubby and great family! I have never been thin. I have always been 150-175. I got up to 200 pounds with the last baby. I have pic of myself at 139 lbs before kids and still didn't have a nice tummy or breasts. I have always wanted to do this.

I have spent the last 45 days obsessing over this. I have looked at pics and read all posts and youtubes I can.

I will post before pics and then after pics. I have been packing my bags because I am staying overnight in hotel (dr insists) first night and then staying with mom for three days. I don't want my girls to see me in pain. I also have a new puppy who is very attached to me and I don't want her jumping up on me.

My mom is a nurse which is a good thing and bad thing. She is not too thrilled I am doing this but she knows I a, strong willed and can't stop me. (love you mom!)

Going to postoperative appointment on Monday. Hubby is coming with. He said it is because he is afraid I won't listen to all the ps's instructions but I think he wants to help pick boob size. Ha!

Went for my postoperative appointment today. I got...

Went for my postoperative appointment today. I got my prescriptions and even dropped them off to be filled already. I got one for pain, one antibiotic, one for muscle spasms and one for anxiety. I am not an anxious person but I guess maybe I will be during this process. Ha.

I also picked my silicone implant size 500 ccs. I am a pretty excited. I hope I am not going too big, but every pic I picked out of his clients he kept saying yup that's 500ccs and I would say what about this one and that one was too so I said ok we are going for it! Hubby seemed happy. Ha!

I am 29 days away and I also excited. I am just hoping I am not having unrealistic expectations. I know anything will be better but I want to look hot!!!

Night night.....

Ok. I think I need to ground myself off this site....

Ok. I think I need to ground myself off this site. I am totally obsessed. It has taken over all my free time. Anyone else feel that way? I have never taken naked pics of myself and now I am constantly taking "before" pics.

Wow! I can't believe I am 16 days away from...

Wow! I can't believe I am 16 days away from surgery. Today I took the kids to our indoor pool at the gym and I wore a swimsuit and thought man this might be the last time I have to wear a coverup that doesn't really cover anything up when it is wet. I can actually be In a bathing suit and not feel so fat and ugly and have people think I am just lazy and slobby. I want my girls to not feel my body image issues. And to see me constantly not doing things because I am too busy covering up or hiding from people I know. I hope this gives me the confidence I so want in my life to feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin. I keep looking at pics of everyone but I am having trouble seeing that this might be me. I almost can't believe I will look like the other girls.

I am totally ready to go. Got my bags packed. I just have a few things to tie up at work and I want to give my house a deep clean and laundry and grocery shop. Ok til next week!

Ok. So now I know it is a sign I need is: my...

Ok. So now I know it is a sign I need is: my puppy ate my last favorite pushup bra. So far she has eaten three but this one she pulled out of laundry basket so she worked hard to destroy it. Ha ha! It is a sign ;)

I just got a call for my surgery time: 12:00. ...

I just got a call for my surgery time: 12:00. YIKES!!! It seems so real now! I have butterflies. I am having some wierd dreams about waking up and looking exactly the same. I am so nervous I won't like my results. I am also nervous my boobs are going to be too big! All I can say is, wow, wow, wow! And this weekend is Easter, so I know it is going to fly by and Wednesday will be here before I know it. I have so many emotions going on, my brain is on overload.

I am also nesting. I am getting things taken care of at work, cleaning the house, getting kids stuff in order.

Thanks for listening to me. Everyone keeps saying, oh, you will be fine, and I am trying to stay strong, but on the inside I am a BALL OF NERVES!!!

I can't believe it, tomorrow is my big day! I am...

I can't believe it, tomorrow is my big day! I am not supposed to be at the surgicenter until 12:00, which I am happy about because I can get everything fininshed at home and I can spend some time with my oldest daughter before I go in. I am so excited. I am not really nervous yet today, I guess I am in denial, plus I have a million things to do still!!!!

Okay. Well, see you all on the flat side. I will try to update ASAP how I am doing. YIKES!!!!! ha

I made it! Will post later but so far pain level...

I made it! Will post later but so far pain level lower than expected! Thank god for pain buster. My experience had been wonderful!!!

So I have to say that I am sore this morning kind...

So I have to say that I am sore this morning kind of like I ran a marathon and did chest flies and stomach crunches. Not the worst. I wanted to see my girls so I only took Tylenol ad Valium and I think that wasn't a good idea but back in the good stuff. I cannot wait to see my tummy. It is killing me ;). I will posted pics Saturday. Yay!!!

I just wanted to say I am officially pain free for...

I just wanted to say I am officially pain free for five hours so far with just a stool softener as 600 mg of ibuprofen. I am sitting up in rocking chair and I feel great. The best advice is move move move!!! I stopped Percocet for during the day because they were knocking me out and then I was sore. Now I am taking ibuprofen during day but the good stuff at night for sleep

I took my first shower. Yay! My scar seems a...

I took my first shower. Yay! My scar seems a little high hoping it will go down with swelling but so far I am super super happy!!!!! Love my boobs!!

Getting the pain pump out and folly and showering...

Getting the pain pump out and folly and showering wasa slice of heaven. I felt pretty awesome. I am pretty wiped out now nut just mostly side in left armpit where implant has t dropped! I feel so blessed to feel this good. Thank out all for your prayers. My drains Re in pubic creases so they aren't too bad. Night girls

Po day 4 I woke up feeling sore and my tummy was...

Po day 4 I woke up feeling sore and my tummy was upset had a little diarrhea (TMI) sorry but took a lot of stool softener out of fear and ended up having the opposite effect. Ha. Go figure. I am standing up pretty straight. My one boob the right side is still pretty high up. Took A great nap and now I feel so much better! I am only taking one Perc every four hours to keep up with the soreness. I am not eating too much just protein shakes but looking forward to a home cooked dinner tonight. All in all I feel pretty good. I go home tomorrow so it should be interesting getting back to my real life. It had been awesome staying with my parents. My kids are coming to visit me tonight. Yay! I am taking a shower later so I will put up new pics but I look pretty much the same. Hope all with well with my Tt sisters!

I can't believe tomorrow will be a week. I am not...

I can't believe tomorrow will be a week. I am not in much pain just tired easily but that is to be expected. Took pics today and am seeing small progress. Yay! I am having such a positive experience. There have been a few ups and downs but overall this has been a great experience ;-)

I feel like a total Zombie. I have backed off...

I feel like a total Zombie. I have backed off pain meds, but man I can sleep forever. I took a two hour nap and I have been back up for an hour and can't wait to go back to sleep. And that is with advil, not even the good stuff. I switched to a stronger compression garment, which I think is helping too. I am taking a shower later tonight, so I will post day 7 pics. I am super happy with the results, I just want to have some ENERGY!!!!!!

I didn't take any pain meds Nd I feel alive and...

I didn't take any pain meds Nd I feel alive and clear minded. Yay! Last night I had to take steristrips off and that was a little tasking but baby oil really helped! Today is a great day! Dr appointment tomorrow we shall see if drains come out. I can deal if they don't because I would rather not have complications later. I go back to work Wednesday, a little nervous but have a supportive staff and family to help! Thanks all for supporting me. I am praying for those who go in soon and for us recovering too!

Thank God my drains are out! Life is so good!!! ...

Thank God my drains are out! Life is so good!!! I didn't take pics today, but I saw my silhouette in the mirror after he pulled the drains in just a pair of yoga pants and I just started to cry. I couldn't believe it was me. I am so happy I did this!

Po day 10. I am not feeling much pain at all. I am...

Po day 10. I am not feeling much pain at all. I am only taking Tylenol but I must say I am pretty tired today! I did take a shower all by myself standing up and it felt great. I also took some cool pics if myself in a pair of underwear I had before and now after and wow! I keep telling myself that my energy will come back but so far that is the most annoying part of all this. Well and sleeping on my back. I would say today was just an ok day. I go back to work on Wednesday and I have to say I am quite nervous how I am going to make it all day. Well night night

So today I went prom dress shopping with my...

So today I went prom dress shopping with my stepdaughter and I hung pretty well. I sat as much as I could and she was trying dresses on and I kept thinking man I can't wait to try on clothes in a totally different way! I won't be hiding I will be showing my goods;)

Today is my last day at home. I am ready to get...

Today is my last day at home. I am ready to get back into a routine but I am afraid of how tired I am going to be! I have to say getting in and out of bed is so much easier! I am pain free unless I sneeze or overdo it. I did have some leakage of my drainage sites and called the office and they said that was normal and better out than in and to put gauze on it. FYI. I tried on a bathing suit that I tried to wear before my surgery and forget it! It is too small even now but I am still posting a pic of me in it because I am so excited to wear a bathing suit!!!!

I made it back to work and it went better than I...

I made it back to work and it went better than I thought! I am actually not as tired as I thought I would be. My incision did bleed a little in one spot but that's normal for moving around. I am also excited with how my pants fit me!!!!

So I went back to work and by the third day I...

So I went back to work and by the third day I started feeling really tired went home early and woke up sat morning raging fever and fluid leaking out of drain site. Yikes! Well I called os and he was wonderful called me in antibiotic and told me it is better out than in. This infection wiped me out all weekend I really felt like death,but 48 hours after antibiotic kicked in felt so much better. I went and saw him monday and he had to drain fluid with a needle and he is going to do it again on wednesday. I was able to go to work today and although it was a long 12 hours I made it. I don't feel too bad actually! I am hoping he can get all this fluid out soon and I go on the mend. I am trying to stay positive and I know it will be worth it in the end. I have all my tt girlfriends to help remind me of that ;). I will keep you all posted on my saga.

And I will post some new pics this week. Unfortunately your scars start to look bad before they look better so mine are not so hot looking in this stage but I will still post them this week ;)

Pics as promised! I bought these jeans as...

Pics as promised! I bought these jeans as motivation to lose weight a year ago and yet zipped up today. Not too flattering looking but I don't care I am so happy I got them on. I also got my old jeans on and they fit so much better it was a nice night trying on clothing ;)

So I am officially five weeks postop today. I have...

So I am officially five weeks postop today. I have to say this has been a long road but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have my energy back. I am only a little sore in my abs. The fluid leak I have is still there but it is a pin hole in my incision and almost all better!

I wish I had taken off work for longer than two weeks. I also wish I hadn't had such ideas of being able to be "normal" in two to three weeks. I forgot that this was major surgery. I am still unwilling to do laundry (I put it away when hubby brings it up) but I have trouble loading unloading dishwasher and carrying anything heavy and vacuuming. Never thought it would be this hard to do those things. Also my house is a mess but I am letting it go and just realizing that I am recovering and I need to just relax and recover! I am posting two pics of my progress. I love the boobs. My tt is still a work in progress but I have faith the scar will get better. It already does!

So good luck to my tts out there!

I am five weeks po. I will say that it has been a...

I am five weeks po. I will say that it has been a long road but when I see myself in the mirror in clothes or even in my underwear I am so glad I did it

I will start with pros
Love my boobs. They are still sore and dropping but I love them!
Love my flat tummy!

If you told me before surgery that at five weeks po I wouldn't be able to load and unload the dishwasher, carry laundry baskets or vacuum or mop the floors I would have laughed at you. I had two kids and bounced right back. This surgery KICKED MY ASS!! I was not prepared for complications or inability to do normal tasks. However, I know it is only temporary and everyday I feel stronger and stronger. I just wasn't prepared for the slow recovery. I read and saw people on here working out and all good by three weeks. Well good for them but that was not my case. I have small kids a demanding job and a busy life so recovery had been slower. I have learned a lot about myself and my family during this process. All positive my hubby and kids and sister and parents are so valuable to me! They have been amazing during this time. I am not one to ask for help but I had no choice! Again I repeat still WORTH IT! But wow what a humbling experience!

I am going to post two pics. My boobs are awesome but I had to use a bad mirror that is crappy for pics it is the mirror I set up for my kids to brush their teeth in bathroom. Ha. So my pics suck I will post better ones soon ;). My scar is not great and I still have swelling but it is looking better and better everyday so I know it will get better. I also still have a pinhole in my incision still leaking fluid but that is also getting better ;)

Couldn't help taking more pics!

Couldn't help taking more pics!

I am exactly 6 weeks PO today! I had another...

I am exactly 6 weeks PO today! I had another minor setback but I think in the long run it will be for the best. My belly button started to close up and the dr had to "reopen it" by dilating it with his finger and breaking the new skin and packing it. It hurt the first night like a burning feeling and it is packed until tomorrow. Igo in tomorrow so I will update you all on my progress with that new saga I am feeling much better than last week I am able to do laundry this week and dishes which is huge for me. It is amazing how a week can change everything. I do feel stronger and that each week is better than the next!


Mommy Makeover! PO 7 weeks

I am finally feeling like my old self! I am back to all activities!!!! I still wear my binder on and off throughout the day and night. I give myself breaks from it. I am still occasionally having some fluid leaking but I find it is when I overdo it! It is not much just a little. I am still swollen but I am so happy I did it. I can't believe I am going to look better than this!

My belly button, like the rest of my surgery, has decided to be difficult and shrink so now I have to start putting a bead in there to make it slowly get big. It is a bummer but dr thinks it will all look good in the end. I trust him so I am going to follow what he says to do and hope for the best.

I had my doubts but this was by far an excellent decision I made to do this!! I am posting pics. Good luck to all our there recovering or getting ready to go in

Oh and did I mention I love my boobs! I won't from 36c droopy to 34 e and perky!!


PO Week 8

Week 8, wow! Two months. I am having quite a bit of swelling, but I am not really wearing any compression garmet all day and I wear it sometimes at night, but not every night. I am so happy with my results! Yes, I wish my stomach was a little flatter, but I was told not to look at my final results until 6 months, so I am going to not be critical until then. I am so happy the way I look in clothing! I feel sexy with hubby! I love my new boobs! I am going to start back at the gym slowly this week. I did yardwork and boy that made me swell up BIG TIME! I still look better than my before pics even swollen :)

I am starting to do the bead thing in my belly button to try to make the opening a little smaller. I will take pics and keep you posted this week to see how it is going. Other than that, I am feeling much more "normal" than ever!!!

oops Post Op 8 corrections

I meant to say: Belly button bigger not smaller! HA


I am almost three months post surgery. I love my boobs. My tummy is awesome! My clothes look so much better. I still have swelling but even at my worst I still look WAY BETTER than I ever looked. My scar is red but healing nicely. I got spray tanned and wow that was a great moment. I feel sexier than I have ever felt! My belly Button has healed small so dr is going to have to cut scar out and resow it but we are waiting until after summer to do that. That's fine with me. My scar is a little jagged up above my pubic area mostly the way I healed but that's ok I am embracing my scar and realize it is still better than that tummy. I am posting a before pic and after in same jeans wow!


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