26yo Female, 2 Kids. Lipo to Abdomen, Flanks, Back with Skin Excision. Fat Transfer to Buttocks..AND Rhinoplasty! - Wilmette, IL

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Time is ticking till my surgery comes, super...

Time is ticking till my surgery comes, super excited!!!
So i am 26 and the day after my 27th Bday, i will finally be getting my stomach back. I have two healthy boys 6 and 3, but after gaining 60lbs with each child they completely streched out my stomach. I am so so so so self conscious about it and i literally think about it at least every hour of every day. It holds me back and i cant wear the kind of bathing suits or clothes i want too. its so depressing knowing i am at my pre baby weight and i cant get ride of this sagging skin! i always have to tuck in my pouch and it drives me crazy!!! I went to see my doctor a few months ago and told him i just want my flat tummy back. He informed me that i would not need a complete tummy tuck because i am not that over weight. He said that i would benefit from lipo to the full abdomen all the way up to my bra line, lipo to flanks, and the back. He will then make an excesion of skin and cut out the remainder skin that sags. He is also going to fix my belly button because it is all jacked up. As a joke i asked if since he was sucking out all that fat if he could just stick it in my butt and he said yes!!! He said i would benefit greatly and he could help fill it out a little more.......hell yes!
So i went yesterday for my preaddmission apt and i got all my pre surgery pics done and they took my measurements for my garments. I am really excited, i just want that day to come, put me to sleep and ill deal with the pain after that. I will also be getting my nose done at the same time and he said that will be the most painful afterwords. ill post some pics of my nose for you all too.
p.s. sorry about the bumps on my stomach...i was freezing taking the pictures.

more pics

I will be leaving for Vegas in 2 days!

So on thursday i am going to vegas with my boyfriend, and two other couples. I cant wait! i need this vacation to let loose before surgery. I am going to Vegas feb 20th through feb 25. Feb 26th is my bday and then i have to be at the doctors office at 5:45am Thur feb 27th!!!!! i know, exciting next too weeks lol.

Vegas in 2 days!

I still have to go shopping and get all my prescriptions and all the over the counter stuff like q-tips, ocean spray Etc. i really should go do all this before thursday.....ugh i have so much to do still! i work 9-5 and have my kids after, still need to get my mani/pedi, want to shop..........i need more time in the day....although my life wouldnt be normal unless i was rushing lol

Tomorrow is the day!!!!

wow. I still cant believe this is happening tomorrow. I have to arrive at 5:45am and Dr.Z said he will begin at 7am......CRAZY! i am ready though, just want to get it over with and wake up and deal with the pain after.

my Boyfriend doesnt want me to get a bigger butt.....

so my boyfriend will not stop freaking out about my butt. He thinks my butt is already big and he doesnt like really big butts. I informed him that i do not have a stick figure body and i will never have a little butt. i have a athletic body shape and a fuller ass will just go with it. He told me to go to the gym and he will help me to get a bigger butt. GOd! so annoying!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

I want to CRY!

so my boyfriend is making me feel like complete shit! he is telling me that fat asses are gross and he does not want to walk down the street with a girl with a fat ass. omg! i want to cry! he told me that he will train with me to get a bigger ass, or use the money and pay for a personal trainer. WTF! LADIES WHAT DO I DO?! i just want to cry!

it's finally over with!

Yesterday was the day. I am now 1 day pre op. My nose Is the only thing that is really bothering me. My stomach just feels tight. My nose won't stop bleeding and is irritating the skin under the nostrils. My lover has been my angel and have been waiting on me and and foot. Here are some pics

post op pics

my hubby finally

body suit

4 days post op

Can't feel any pain because I am so bandaged up in this suit

new stomach 4 days post op

Stomach looks good so far. He fixed up my wrinkly belly button yay!

my stomach looks like im bloaded.

I know it's been only 6 days since having liposuction to the abdomen, flanks, and back with removing excess skin. But my stomach is so swollen. Under my suit I have to wear a inch thick foam pad that covets my entire stomach, I'm assuming so it doesn't rub against my stitches. Does anyone know how long it takes for the liposuction swelling to go down.
And.....i have not gone number 2 yet. anyone have any good tips to make me have a bowel movement.......????? I go to the doctor tomorrow and he is removing my nose cast but I would like to have gone number 2 till them. Guess that will be my goal lol hahahaha.
Wilmette Plastic Surgeon

I Found out about Dr. Z from a girl i work with. He had done work with her father ( he is known throughout the country for Female feminization surgery) So he is a master when it comes to body contouring! if he could turn a man to a women..............He can handle what im working with lol. Great guy, super nice and he gave me a super good price for what i want.

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