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*Treatment results may vary

*Will try to post pre-op pictures, as well as...

*Will try to post pre-op pictures, as well as pictures a long the way!

Thighs: Outer, inner, banana roll
Hips: Saddle bags, flanks, hips
Lower Back
Upper Back (bra roll)
Arms: Auxiliary point, upper under arms

Pre-surgery; Doctor said he could do all the areas I asked, even tho others had suggested it wasn't necessary. He cautioned the areas with loose skin (from significant weight loss - more than 100lbs) will be improved from lipo, but a lift may still be needed to properly correct loose skin. I understood and thought it was best to try lipo first and then do lift if necessary (would need lipo either way). He also suggested lift would go better if lipo was done separately. (I've already had a TT, mini thigh lift, breast lift/aug, lower body lift and Brazilian butt lift - only place left with loose skin is back bra roll and upper arms!)

Day of Surgery: I am very nervous, as usual! I was told that I would feel cold in my arm and next thing I know I am waking up in the recovery room. The nurses are very attentive and help me put on my compression garments. They were very caring. I am in very little pain but am VERY dizzy and nauseous. I just want to sleep!! I have an allergy to codeine and have reservations about taking anything with Percocet (oxycontin, it makes me itch like crazy!) - so I was given vicodin.

1st day of surgery: Still no pain. I haven't taken any of the pain meds, but have taken a little dose of advil to deal with headaches and overheating. Still feeling kind of woozy, but am able to get in and out of bed, walk up and down stairs, and generally get around all by myself. My hands are pretty swollen, probably from all the liquids they pumped in me for lipo. All the areas lipoed have bright pink bruising and are very sore/tender to the touch - but when I am still I generally have zero pain. I continue to wear my garments. I had a large lump and bloated feeling in my stomach - but after I took some stool softener and laxative I had my first bowel movement since before surgery and am already much relieved! Walking around I feel lighter, like I have lost weight - and looking in the mirror I already notice a difference in my shape. If this is me swollen, I can't wait to see my final results!

There was some drainage of red liquid on my sheets, mostly from my upper arms. I am taking antibiotic and steroid for healing every 6 hours.

I'm eating normal and drinking lots of liquids. I'm avoiding over-processed foods but generally not counting my calories. My body needs energy for healing!! Lots of fresh fruit/veg, smoothies, nuts, seeds, healthy oils (avocado, hummus), almond/coconut milk. I am avoiding too much dairy or meat because I am concerned about first flushing all of the toxins out from surgery meds - I hate this dizzy woozy feeling! I have had one meat meal tho, as doctor suggests the red meat will really help me heal. I also allow myself some sugar because its keeps my mood up and my blood sugar at a good level. Liquids, liquids, liquids! I like (real) juice and smoothies because sometimes water is sooo boring to try and get down!

The smoothies I make are packed with fruits and veg that help with detox, digestion and also - swelling!! A little research and you can figure out some good recipes too :) Cucumber in a smoothie is A++... and anything with citrus or pineapple is great for reducing swelling!

*Will try to post pre-op pictures, as well as pictures a long the way!

Also, I am a healthy active 28YO female from Toronto, Canada. I came all the way to Virginia because I've had surgery from both this doctor and a doctor in Toronto before and find no difference in quality - tho a huge drop in price from Toronto. People out there will pay 4500 for one area of lipo!! Crazy... Dr. Pitman charges 3500 for first area and 500 each addtional area. I am staying with a friend while out here, want to really get over the wooziness before I get back on that plane - doc says that is good for avoiding clots after surgery too.

Day 3 post-op

*I'm taking pictures daily, will upload photos with biggest changes as I go

Still no pain when still. Still only taking advil here and there and no need for pain meds. Still finishing off antibiotics and steroid.

I didn't mention before that I was having problems with my compression garments - they are too short for me! I'm about 5'10, then bottom half cuts into my thighs pretty bad and the top part we could even get up over my long arms. Reordered a custom top part and am currently wearing a really tight pair of spanks on the bottom. It covers my whole thighs, flanks and even most of my back! It's also much more stylish and easy to wear under my sundresses (its hot!) I am also wearing wrap bandages on my arms and around the under arms/top of my back to help compress until the garment comes.

I noticed a little more bruising and pain on day 2 but feel pretty good! Went for a long walk today and carried all my groceries home. I didn't even wear the compession on my arms because they kept falling off and I still feel good!

I notice my arms (where I've been draining like crazy) are already much smaller. I do notice the extra skin but the size is much improved! Basially exactly what I expected. Kind of wish all the incisions were open to drain like that but the Dr says its a high risk of infection. My arm incisions aren't actually open, just for some reason are draiing more - maybe because I move and bend my arms much more than my legs.

I've started taking arnica, I can only assume its working. I also forgot to mention I avoid over salting like the plague!! I know too much salt will make you bloat even if you didn't just have surgery!!

I basically feel as healthy as I did pre surgery - but I am sore to the touch, and can get fatigued if I'm doing too much. That's getting much better every day tho.

SIDE NOTE: I noticed my eye is a little sore and kind of has cloudy vision. Asked doc about it, he says its not unheard of for someone to get a scratched cornea when they are being turned over during surgery. I've been given some ointment and told to rest it as much as possible.

I feel great tho! And the parts that are still swollen are roughly the size I was before surgery if not smaller, and are VERY bright pink - so I am very optimistic that they will shrink to a miraculous new size over the next while! I'm going to focus on healing the bruising for now, and once its all gone I'm going to really start diet and exercising again. Don't want to accidentally gain weight from falling out of my regular routines!

Numbers on the scale

*I'm still taking pics every day to document but keep forgetting to upload them lol.. will do I promise!

Just a quick update on my weight since surgery:

Day 1 post op: GAINED 13lbs from before (this ALWAYS happens to me, I think it's to do with the anesthesia and all the fluids they pump thru you). I've learned not to judge the scale numbers for a while after surgery... they tend to just bum me out lol
Day 2: lost 3lbs (10lbs up from preop) Think the laxative helped
Day 3: lost 2lbs (8lbs up from preop) Peed a LOT this day... must be the swelling!
Day 4: lost 2lbs (6lbs up from preop) Same as day before. Water (edema/swelling) weighs more than fat so trying to remain calm

Looking pretty close to how I was pre surgery, smaller in some places - even tho scale says I'm heavier. Must be the swelling!

SIDE NOTE: I noticed that the swelling came down a LOT more in my upper body than my lower body, a lot more drainage there. So, just as an experiment I decided to do a handstand with my feel on the wall (only try this if you are feeling strong and maybe have someone near by just incase you get lightheaded).. but I felt a rushing feeling thru my body and it felt sooo good. I could be imagining things but I feel like I was helping encourage lymphatic drainage because everything was reverted. The lymphnodes we use to drain out of our legs are near our crotch - pretty rarely do we elevate our legs above our crotch lol.

ALSO I went back to the office today and had all the stitches removed. New garment still doesn't fit arms right now compress my back, waiting for 3 try to arrive in mail tomorrow!!


So, I asked my phycisican if I could do a master cleanse and he said yes - as long as I listen to my body and don't go crazy. I'm already feeling great and don't need the extra calories anymore so, I started the pre-cleanse 2 days ago- and I feel great!!

Today I woke up and noticed that since last night my bruises have gone away 50%. You will see when I post the pictures - amazing!

Goal with the cleanse is to rid myself of toxins pre and during surgery, as well to help reduce and flush the edema (swelling). so far so good!!

ALSO I had a routine foot massage during pedicure on Day 7 and it felt AMAZING. I felt a rushing feeling - I assume thru my lymphatic system. Doc says that my lymph nodes in my legs/feet were probably swollen which is why the massage felt so nice. I paid extra for her to massage my neck/back/arms after that and it was equally nice!!

Beceause the massage went over so well I researched "lymphatic drain bath" and I added a small box of baking soda, tons of Epsom salt and a mineral bath mix to a hot bath. OMG I was in there for 2 hours and it felt like HEAVEN. Could tell it made a difference in how I felt even the next day.

Will continue to post re-healing, my master cleanse and how it continues to affect the bruising and edema!! I am feeling GREAT!!

Still waiting to post pics so I can crop the before and afters together nicely.

forgot to mention

I was also my most active the last 2 days since I had surgery, not sure if that affected my bruising going away or if it was just the cleanse. :)
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon

Doctor was very nice. Listened to what I had to say tho slightly rushed, as I've found every doctor to be EVER. I guess they're used to the things they here and are confident that I'll be pleased when its all done! Anyways, he gave me proper honest cautions and all of his staff were very friendly and caring. I think they like their jobs! So far I'm very happy with the results.

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