Hydrelle Lip Injections - When Will This Nightmare End?!?!

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I have had Restylane injected in my upper lip...

I have had Restylane injected in my upper lip twice before with no complications, by the end of the day the swelling and soreness was gone and I had great results. After moving I had to find a new Dr and he offered a newer product that had the lidocaine mixed in to make it almost pain free without using a dental block. Hydrelle...

First off, he very skillfully injected them and the pain was no worse than a small pinch. I left happy but noticed as the week went on that I had a lot more swelling and bruising than normal - I didn't think too much of it since I used a different product this time.

Fast forward 2 weeks later and the swelling is worse not better. I am forming weird looking lumps in my lip that make me too self conscious to smile at all. I finally go back to my PS office and the nurse said she could clearly see the lumps and scheduled me into the next available appointment. By the time of my appointment to see the doctor my lip was 3x it's normal size and I was in immense pain. I was put on steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines... The swelling still did not stop.

I went back in 2 days later with my cheeks turning red and my nasal area and under my eyes getting puffy. They numbed me and went in with a syringe to try to suck out the fluids and product. I left looking almost back to normal and optimistic but by the next morning my lumpy balloon lip was back and I was in so much pain I had to give in and start taking the pain killers so that I could eat solid foods again. I had been resorting to smoothies for a few days because when anything touched my lips I wanted to cry. I go back tomorrow to see the Dr and I don't know what the next step will be. I think he is going to be injecting another product with an enzyme that will dissolve the Hydrelle out of my lip.

My lips returned to normal after being drained...

My lips returned to normal after being drained about 3 times. I was severely swollen for about 3 or 4 weeks total and it was not a fun time - very painful! Once every few months there is one little spot where I know there is still product that will become irritated for a few days. Not enough for anyone to notice but me. It's been almost a year now so it will probably go away completely soon. (I hope) Once again though, stay away from this product, it's dangerous.

It is now 18 months later and when I smile big and...

It is now 18 months later and when I smile big and stretch my upper lip against my teeth I can still see tiny lumps under the skin where the product has not dissolved and is not spread even. I believe it is only noticed by myself when inspecting closely in the mirror still something to be said for still having complications this far out, almost 2 years later!

Permanent damage

I still have scar tissue in my lips approx 7 years later. There is a lump where the skin was stretched on one side of my upper lip that ironically enough resembles when filler is injected poorly and leaves a lump but it is not from product. Mostly visible when I mile. I have to get it smoothed out with fillers. Well, I don't have to, but I do choose to. After moving round and having o find a new doctor a few times I've often better a doing my research and picking someone who is professional, experienced, and qualified. I was much younger during this first experience and looking back so chose the wrong doctor. The allergic reaction was just bad luck but I never saw him again personally, jut the nurse for follow up when the reaction happened and thy never injected the product that could have just dissolved the filler probably to save money hen I clearly was having a severe reaction. I had follow up issues with another procedure from this dr and long story short do not just go to the first dr you visit, do your homework, and trust your gut! Side note, after using a few other fillers my current favorite is by far restlane silk for the most natural result.
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon

I really appreciate how my PS has handled this situation. He called the manufacturer (as far as I know they were no help and acted like my case was the only one) he called other doctors to see if they had any patients with this situation and found out that there in fact were other cases and discussed with one particular Dr who seems to be collecting data on this issue how he had treated other patients with this reaction. My Dr called me back within minutes even on his day off whenever I had a concern with my reaction to the Hydrelle. Even his office staff has been so kind to me every time I come in and seem to care about if I am recovering. I would definitely trust him for any future procedures I may get, but would NOT under any circumstances recommend Hydrelle. Stick to Juviderm or Restylane which seem to have much better track records to be safe. I just hope that now after a full month of pain and swelling I am nearing the end of this nightmare, but who knows. I just want to be able to go out in public and be able to SMILE again without looking like a freak! And to think, I paid to have this done!

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