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I will keep everyone updated, I'm scared to death,...

I will keep everyone updated, I'm scared to death, family and friends, say I don't need it, begging me not to go through with it, I'm doing this one for me! My surgery has had to be cancelled 3 times , freak snow storm, mom got ill, heat in OR went out... Wow. Your talking scared. I am! I totally trust my surgeon. , he's assured me I will look awesome!! I will sure try to update daily, if able lol!! I'm having total lift , face , neck , blephs, brows lifted, fat injections ????????????????????????

1st day post op 14 hrs out

Not really any pain, just very swollen and I can't see too well. But feeling pretty good. Using a aqua cool face mask, it runs cold water through the mask 24/7

24 hrs out

Swollen .. Doc visit wasn't bad.. Get stitches from eyes removed Thursday. Loving it so far

48 hrs out

This is the day for swelling. I'm swelled unreal.. But feel great. Stapeles abit sensitive. But really no pain if you stay on top of pain meds , I think that's the key too, another shower will make a huge difference too, results come through... Happy girl ??

2nd day later eve

I have had ice on most of the eve, it heck of a lot less swollen, we will see what tomm think the key is to stay propped up as much as possible , that pains me I'm aside sleeper. It will be fine , good night

Day 3 post op am

Swelling is always bad first thing, the face madk is so hard for me to wear, but trying hard, starting to peel from laser , stitches out if eyes today , more pics later today

Day 3 afternoon.

Doc appt went good. Will take more pics after I unmask, anyone wanting this , def find out about this face mask. Wow it makes difference from what I'm seeing happen to my face and all the others I have followed on here.. Any questions please ask, this site helped me get to this point , following others so gracious to share there experiences. Do questions please ask !!

Evening 3

Wrapped around face to help ears from stingy feeling and for compression on my neck, feeling good , just uncomfortable, other than that , and trying to make myself rest... All is great tonight ??

Aqua cool

The mask is full face comes down on neck also

Web site for Aqua cool

Am day 4

Swelling going down. Bruising minimal.. Feel great. Neck alittle a hey and one ear. Think that's ok this soon lol

Day 4 evening

Been sore this evening, one ear, trying to wean down to ibuprofen , so to be expected. I am swollen but everyday is better especially this eve on lip area. Still huge but getting better. Face wouldn't look so bad if laser areas weren't peeling, but that's also to be expected, hooping it up every few hours with aquafor, stitches and staples with Bactracin, and wearing mask as much as I can tolerate. Good night , see ya in am!!:)

Day 5

Been busy today trying to get some things done , but still resting. Ate some real food this eve, yummy!!! Peeling really good today so the skin is pink. Not really sore, showered for 1/2 hour , felt awesome. After 4 showers , missed 1st day to weak , still getting blood and knots out of my hair lol. Think I may have tamed them all today ..yay!!! Time to ice up and rest , talk to you awesome people in am!!!

Day 6 post op

Feeling great.. Still dealing with swelling , just inconvience not any pain at all, bruising around neck, probably due to me doing to much, but with a handicapped son, you can't expect to much from others for help, and I have had it , daughters , Hubbie , friends been Great!! Just some things I feel I have to do lol I can't sit still long, although I have tried very hard!! Staples and rest of stitches come out Tuesday, excited to get those out , feel rest of healing will get going. From what I see, think I'm doing pretty good considering all I had done at once. Happy, husband going for Mexican take out. Yum yum. Probably will kill my tummy , but dang it, I'm going for it!! Hope all u guys are having a fabulous Sunday!!;)

Day 6 evening

Ok good day of healing, good eats, worn out lol, anxious to get back to PS to see what he thinks. Really staying on ice , stopped wearing mask today, and ointments , bruising is almost not existent on face, redness is laser peeling, neck has some, and gets really sore if I'm moving too much, overdoing, really feel great!

7 days post op

Ok again I overdid it. I keep forgetting I had a Magor surgery... It will remind ya quick. Lol. I'm still going along. Doc at 12 tomm morning. Update u guys after:)))

Day 8 am

Good Morning!!! Stapels and stitches out this am, can't wait(I think) lol it shouldn't hurt. Had no meds all night last night, woke up a bit sore, (Did a lot yesterday, even vacumed) Took alittle pain killer, put goop on face, put alittle muscle • swelling ointment on neck(Arnica) feeling great again!! Beginning to see me come back, will update this afternoon, may swell a bit after they mess with all these areas, but hoping not :)))

Ok.: home. Stitches. .. Ughhhhh.

All good. Stitches Ughhh .. But all good .. Talk In am

Day 12

Looking alot less swollen today. Have a million things to do, pics after shower!! Results are looking amazing, ice is still a good friend lol, will update more afternoon :)))

Day 14

All better today!!!

Day 15

Looking more like me lol, my eyes still a bit weak, I'm a bit weak, but looking good, so everyone says lol. I'm happy so far;)

Day 16

Almost back.. And yes. Still need rest. Very sleepy girl.. But all good. U just gotta rest ur body to get back ..

Side by side pre op and approx 10 days post op

Pre op - post op... Doing great!! PS very satisfied, I sure am too!!

19 days out post op

Morning... Will post some more pics today, swelling , still, have alittle , scars doing great, just so happy with my work, my neck is amazing too. Post pics later today!! Have a great dsy:))

Day 18 eve


3 weeks and 2 days

Feeling great, face is coming together nicely, very happy, been very busy with closing on our new house, sorry I have been MIA, lol , all things are healing nicely!! Everyday is better, always remember that, u may regress a day or too, no worries, it will make up for it!! Just a few great things to remember.... Lay propped up on back!! Ice ice ice!!! Eat good, and rest !!

1 month tomm..

Hope everyone is having a great Easter... I'm still healing, have numbness still in cheeks over to ear and over top lip, fat injections , feel like I can't get my smile back, but I'm patient I know it's coming lol, just saying you ladies don't worry, all these things are to be expected. When those nerves in your fave are cut during surgery, it takes a little time for them to heal, it's a recovery , but I'm waiting in those results !! Seeing ,and happy so far!! Everyone hang in there and be positive, negativity hurts your healing!! Smile:))))) it is worth it!!!

Hello....7 weeks post op

Been busy girl.... moving...new house....everything is healing great....still numb in areas...ears sensitive now because not numb....numb healing skin itchy...but all worth it!! Scars healing great....coconut oil and silicone scar patch. Works miracles!!!

8 weeks down

Healing away... love results!!!

before and after at 8 weeks

3.5 months in

Feeling great still healing. , very happy with results!

Almost 6 months out

5 months

Still very happy... Awesome surgeon!!

7 1/2 months

Still very happy with my results!!! Forehead expression lines, getting attention Tuesday!! Will keep y'all updated, wish me luck????

Pre op

Very tired face, blephs, sunken , hollow

8 month update

Doin great, ladies massage your scars, mine are hardly existent!!!
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon

Great surgeon, I have seen a lot of his work.....wow....my results are awesome....everyone I see cant believe how I have healed...and the results...thank you Dr.Pitman

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