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After having three children my body was not the...

After having three children my body was not the same so I decided to get a tummy tuck with Liposuction. I am excited for this procedure and I'm excited for it to heal so that I can wear bikinis comfortably and feel confident about myself. Also because I had kids back to back I have a hole in my abdominal muscle area so he did muscle repair and by doing this I prevent myself from getting a hernia when I'm older.

Post op day 3

I'm feeling so much better than a did. I'm able to easily move around like I'm supposed to. I just removed my binder to clean my belly button which was instructed and I was able to take a picture to show a before the surgery day and three days after and already A huge difference yes there some swelling because it's going to take time to heal.

Feeling well!

Day by day things get better for me I'm able to do something like slowly approach stairs and I only go upstairs to just go poop. I have one of those hospital Porter potties downstairs where I am staying on my recliner. Every day I feel better the only thing that's uncomfortable is getting used to the recliner. I was able to give myself a sponge bath which made me feel even more better. I've been eating really healthy.i've been drinking a detox tea today with helping clean out your body. It's Tumerick powder ginger powder fresh lemon squeeze and honey and water and I heated up like a hot tea. I haven't taken any of my pain medicine because it makes me very sick I'm very sensitive so I was prescribed to have extra strength Tylenol every six hours.


The only problem is my back is hurting me because I can't stand straight up yet.. But I'm able to do minor things downstairs like put addition the sink or make my daughter a bottle if my daughter gets up on the table she's about 2 1/2 unable to change her diaper.. Just going a little stir crazy and looking forward to sleeping in my regular bed! But it's all worth it!!!

Everyday gets better

So last night I was able to slowly go up the stairs and sleep in my bed let me tell you it was the best feeling ever I was able to flex and stretch out and now today I can actually stand up almost straight. Today I'm hoping to take out my drains but we'll see. Once that's done and if it's done I will show another picture! I'm able to go to the bathroom most people can't because they take the oxycodone but I'm just fine on extra strength Tylenol I'd rather have a bowel movement.

Drains out!

Feel much more comfortable now that the drains are out I'm able to sleep in my own bed flex better I'm almost there to standing up straight. I was able to take a shower this morning no more sponge baths it felt amazing not uncomfortable at all.

Everyday gets better

So once or twice a day I start using this a lotion that my doctor supplied it helps with massaging and small circular light motions preventing skin itching and stretch marks... It says on the container to start at two weeks after you get your surgery but it's been about a week and two days and I'm getting itchy and I don't want to develop more stretch marks so I'm using it and I'm staying away from the bellybutton area and incision area


This stuff is awesome

My incision

So today was my two week appointment and I got the tape removed from my incision because he did stitches inside so I didn't have to even have them removed he did a really good job so here's a picture of it today so you're going to see some gross tape lines and irritation from the tape at the incision looks awesome

Sex after tummy tuck

So I have an incredible Doctor. He used to technique with my stitches.. It's now two weeks. So me and my husband decided to have sex. Of course he has a bisected me so there's no chance of pregnancy and I told him and he knows that I have surgery to grab me by my breast not my hips and slowly on our side we were able to have sex. But like I said I'm doing really good I was off my painkillers the second day after surgery with extra strength Tylenol so I'm healing pretty well..

Scar care

Everyday gets better

Feeling beautiful

What a difference in three days!!

3 weeks post op

Big difference already!!!


So last night I felt ready to finally do some physical activity I'm four weeks today post op. I was told no core exercises and to wait for my six week post op. But at my four week mark I read a lot about he felt ready you could do light exercises but no tummy exercises. Before I got my surgery I worked out all the time I rode my bicycle every day for an hour. I knew it wasn't safe to get on the road bike and I didn't want to use my core core muscles. So I went on a stationary bike where I was safe and couldn't fall off and no resistance. I did that for about 10 minutes took my time with it then I went on the elliptical for 20 minutes no resistance basically to develop movement with my body. then I went and did hydromassage!

Photo update

Still have swelling from the sides from LIPosuction.. I can't wait till it goes away!!!
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