Tummy Tuck - 10/8/13

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Hi. I am a 34 year old mother of two (3 and 5),...

Hi. I am a 34 year old mother of two (3 and 5), wife, and business owner. Both of my babies were born via C-section and my youngest was 8lb, 15oz...that is a lot on my 5'3" frame. I have a lot of heavy, extra skin that I am looking forward to having removed. I work out at the gym like crazy (spinning, weight lifting, boot camp, treadmill, etc) and watch what I eat but I always have this huge hanging-down belly to deal with. I am so ready for it to be gone!!

Nervous and anxious....

Well, I'm 19 days pre op and I am still nervous as heck!! LOL I've starting picking up some supplies here and there. also, my family and my husband's family have the following items they r going to loan me: a hospital bed, shower chair, stool riser and walker! I hope I don't need all of tbat equipment but it's nice to have it just in case. I have had two c sections and a breast reduction si sometimes I feel like I wi be just fine with my TT. but other times I am worried sick. my pre op appt is on Wednesday so I'm hoping my PS will ease my mind some. I am still working on my pics...I'm pretty sure I am just avoiding it....

Pre op pic


So anxious...

Well, here I am at 13 days pre op and my pre op appointment with my surgeon is tomorrow. I am excited but so very nervous and anxious. I am starting to doubt myself and the decision to have the surgery. The main reason I am freaking out right now is because I am NOT thin AT ALL. I am however at my normal weight that I have been for several years. My surgeon said I was an excellent candidate for a TT but what if my results aren't great because I need to lose weight....? I mean, anything is better than this huge flap of heavy skin I have now, but what if I'm not happy with the results..? YIKES!! Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will go well.....


Just purchased Arnica after my surgeon recommended it.

Pre op appointment...

Well, I'm just leaving my pre op appointment and I feel good. My surgeon answered all of my questions and she spoke very highly of this website as well. the nurse took my before pics and said they would take them again at 3 mos. I paid my balance..yikes!'there's no turning back now!! I got my surgery arrival time and start time...6am and 7:30 am. I will have two drains that will be on my hips and will comeout of the actual incision. I thought that's a good idea so I wont have two additional holes for the drains. Also, as I was arriving there was a gal in the lobby that just had her TT with my surgeon yesterday and she was walking and standing pretty well! Thats encouraging! Yay!!

And.....cue insomnia...

well, it has finally hit me. the insomnia that is....sigh. one week till surgery..I hope I can get rid of this cough and get some sleep.

Odds and ends

Well, my surgery is one week from today. I am debating on when to start taking Arnica...? Also, I need to take some more before pics so I can compare afterwards. I am currently on my period, which is great because that means it will be over before my surgery and I won't have to deal with that for 3 weeks after surgery..yay! (probably TMI but I wanted to share..lol) I have been taking vitamin C, a multivitamin and Emergen C..trying to get rid of this cough before surgery. I am trying to get everything caught up at work and at home before next week. Agggghhh!! So much to do and worry about! Yikes. I am also starting to really stress out about this damn binder/CG. My PS said I have to wear something for 6 weeks. The first 2 weeks I have to wear the binder she gives me. After that I can switch to a Spanx type garment. I currently have several Spanx and love the effect they have on my body but absolutely hate the "I can't breathe/stuffed sausage" feeling they give me. Yuck. Hopefully I end up liking the garment...fingers crossed.


I'm actually doing this.....33 hours from now I will be in surgery!!! aaagh!!

Another before pic

well since my surgery is tomorrow...I guess I'll post another nasty before pic....

On my way

Welp, my hubby and I are on our way to the hotel, which is a two hr drive. we just dropped the kiddos off at my parents house....I'm not gonna lie...I cried. ugh!! I know I want and need this surgery but it's so hard right now. my mom and mother in law both told me today that it wasn't too late to back out!! gee, thanks for the support ladies!! LOL my surgery is in 12 hours!!! Yikes!

One hour until surgery...

I'm at the hospital waiting to be taken back. if I thought I was freaking out before I was seriously mistaken! I keep looking at my husband like im gonna run....

I made it

im still in recovery but surgeon took 9 lbs! yay!!

First post op pic


Surgery day

hello ladies!! first of all, thank you all for your kind words and thoughts and prayers today! I really appreciate it! I thought I'd give the details of today before I forget. I arrived at the hospital at 6;00 am. my hubby and I waited for a bit in the lobby andI llistened to my iPod because I was STRESSED and nervous. then, the nurse called me back into what would be my recovery area, got me in my giwn, had me pee, and started my iv. her name was Cori and she was awesome...very nice and got my iv the first time! then they let my hubby come into the room and get this! he was crying!! so of course I started crying too! LOL he was just worried about me, which is so sweet but I ended up crying until they knocked me out. my anesthesiologist listened to my concerns about anesthesia and ended up using a smaller tube and only used narcotics. so, I woke up feeling great! the nurse asked what my pain was at once Igot back to rrecovery and I sais 2. my surgeon used a local anesthesia so I w as feeling great. now, when that wore off I was in serious pain!! but I took a pain pill and feel pretty decent now. I got back to the hotel around 1:30 & my hubby just left to go get something to eat. I have lots more to post but I'm getting tired....zzz will update again soon. thanks again!!

Post op appointment/drive home

Good morning ladies! just a quick update. I had my post op appointment today at 10::00, wasdone by 10:30. the surgeon told me everything looks great and my 9 lbs was a record for her! yay! her and the nurse took my binder off and removed a bunch of tape and gauze and then put the.binder back on. all I have are steri strips and the drains. Now I'm on my wsy home, which is a two hr drive...kinda painful....

48 hrs post op

okay, well it's been 48 hours since my TT surgery and I'm doing pretty well. I passed out once yesterday..thank goodness my husband was there to catch me...that was pretty scary but the nurse said it's normal as the anesthesia leaves your body. also, yesterday I had a couple of coughing fits and I swear I felt my internal stitches bust ooen. I hope not but it sure felt like it. I took my first shower today and that was nice. the pain is getting better but im still taking my pain meds and my muscle relaxors. hooe everyone is healing well! I'll post more pics soon!


Well, I did something I probably shouldn't have...I got on the scale!! But I am down 11 pounds so I'm not complaining! I haven't had much of an appetite plus the surgeon took 9 lbs so this must be why. I am pretty swollen so I figured I would be heavier...I will take it! yes!!

2 days post op

Four days post op

Hello all! Just a quick update. today is post op day 4 for me and I'm doing well. my left.drain isn't producing much.so that worries me a bit. my pain is not bad at all..maybe a 2or 3. however my entire tummy area just feels weird...like kind of tingly and burning. I hope this is normal! LOL I see my PS on Tuesday so I hope everything is healing properly. I'm hoping topost some.ccurrent pics after my shower today. happy healing everyone!

Post op day 5

Hi everyone! Just a quick update from me. today is day 5 and I'm doing well...not much pain anymore.....just uncomfortable st times. the swelling that everyone talks about is sooooo true. it sucks!! the reason it sucks is because there's nowhere for it to go...so I just feel like a fat girl stuffed into XS Spanx. lol I do still have the burning and tingling throughout my entire tummy area..it's not painful but it's odd and annoying. my drains have slowed down a bunch and my drain tubes keep getting longer and longer. im assuming that is from my husband milking the drains when he empties them. has anyone else's drains done that?

6 days post op pics

this was taken after my shower today...really swollen!

One week post op appointment

Hi all! I just left my one week post op appointment. My surgeon said everything looks good and she removed one drain. I still have one left but she showed my husband how to remove it once it gets down to less than 30 cc for a 24 hr period. it didn't hurt when she removed the drain..just a weird pulling feeling. she also removed the steri strips from my belly button so I'll be posting a pic soon! hope everyone is healing well!!

Belly button, day 9

Drain free!!!

My husband just removed my last drain! Yay!!!

Holy freaking OUCH!

So....my lovely monthly visitor decided to show up a week early. Let me just tell you that major menstrual cramps and bloating plus a healing incision and swell hell equals the worst pain of my life. seriously...this sucks. I have not cried throughout this entire process but today I shed a few tears....sigh. let's hope tomorrow is better


today's pic before shower

More pics

Here are some pics in clothes and without a binder or CG.

Updated pics!!

Here are some pics from today. I have an open spot on my incision and one on my belly button. I'm also posting the dreaded side pics..ugh. LOL I live two hrs from my PS so I've been e-mailing her pics of my incision and belly button. she's having me put betadine on the spots twice a day and it's really helping. Overall, I am feeling good! I'm sleeping in my regular bed again and ive been to the gym once to walk on the treadmill.


Real self just made me a RealFriend!! Cool!

Post op appointment

Hey everyone! Just a quick update..I went and saw my PS today and she said all is well. my body is not a fan of those white v-shaped sutures and it is spitting them left and right! LOL it sucks because that means I have alot of open spots on my incision and I am so over that! but, I am excited for my final results..I am going to be sooi happy. yay! wish I could fast forward past the wound care...yuck. Happy healing everyone!!


Here are some pics from this morning. I'll post some pics of my yucky incision tomorrow. hope everyone is healing well!!!


Okay, here are some pics of my nasty, stitch-spitting incision. it pains me to post these but I want to show you all. I just saw my PS two days ago and she assured me that all is well even though my incision is pretty angry looking. The one spot has a really deep hole which was freaking me out but she said it us fine. the bummer is that since its so deep I know it will take forever to fill in and heal...ugh. but, I'm feeling pretty good so I'm thankful for that! take care everyone!


Here is a pic of the dirty bastards that are making my life miserable!!

Sleeping, spanx, and gym

Hi everyone! just a quick update....I can now sleep on my sides and kinda on my tummy..thank goodness! Also, I am on day three of wearing my spanx all day instead of my binder. I still wear my binder while I sleep and also at the gym. speaking of the gym.....I have been going to the gym every day for a week and a half now. I usually walk uphill on the treadmill for 30-45 mins and then lift some VERY light weights. I'm actually not cleared my PS for abs or lifting so I use super light weights and do 3 sets of 30. my incision is healing slowly but surely. I still have the one deep hole but it is slowly filling in. oh! one more thing....I can wear jeans!!! yay! I'll post a pic!!

Jeans pic

Almost 6 weeks post op pics!

Here are some pics Of my problem areas...the deep hole is SLOWLY filling in and the rest of the incision is healing nicely. I am going to my first spin class tomorrow...wish me luck!!

I survived spin class!

Well, I survived my first post op spin class!! it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be...I'm not as out of shape as I thought I would be. LOL I'm excited to start lifting again!!!! Hope you all are healing well! :-)

6 weeks post op today!!!!

Well, I'm 6 weeks post op today and I'm feeling great. I actually ran on the treadmill today and did three one minute planks. I also did dead lifts for the first time in 6 wks and my hamstrings are already sore...yay! hurts so good! LOL I'm hoping to post some pics tomorrow. take care! :)


ok, this is totally random but I've been trying to think of any advice for all of you getting ready to have your surgery done. The only thing I can think of that hasn't already been covered is to buy some jello for afterwards. after my tt my throat and mouth were so dry and sore that the only thing I could eat was jello. I had absolutely no appetite but needed to have something in my tummy so I could ttake my pain pills and there was no freaking way I could choke down crackers. I literally would have had to dunk the cracker in water to have gotten it down. lol Anyway, just a random bit of advice. :)

8 weeks post op

Almost 5 months post op/ 20 lb weight loss

Hi all! I just wanted to stop by and update my review real quickly. Here are some updated pics. I am one week shy of being 5 months post op and am doing AMAZING! I am 100% back to normal activity and have been for awhile. Please note that I have also lost 20 pounds which helps my pics look even better! LOL also, I go back to the surgeon on March 31st for a small revision on my sides. I'll post pics after. Thanks!

7 months post op

After a small revision on my sides
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Killeen is amazing!! She is very kind and knowledgeable and I am more than happy with my results. She once saw me when she was 9 mos pregnant with a broken rib. She also responded to my email on a Sunday. her nurse Magen is super nice too and called several times to check on me.

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