9 months post op

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Omg I still can't believe I'm finally going to get...

Omg I still can't believe I'm finally going to get my nose done I have been wanting it for so long. I have been teased about my nose since middle school and still as an adult. I like my nose from the front but hate my profile its just huge. I feelblike as soon as I walk into a room my nose says hello to everyone before I do lol, it feels so good to be able to say exactly how i feel because now I know I am for sure getting it done now. I was feeling very nervous today going into my second consultation with the chosen surgeon , and I felt so comfortable with him so I feel very good about it. :)

So I have been very anxious and nervous just...

So I have been very anxious and nervous just thinking about the whole process, but i am also trying to ignore the whole thing until it get closer i am still 1 month away. My pre op appt is April 4 so im excited and thats when i will pay off the rest of the balance. I read everyones reviews everyday and get very excited with all of your results :) but then i read bad reviews and get worried :/. But I am really glad i found this site it has helped me alot i am also trying to prepare myself for the rollercoaster of emotions you get after a rhinoplasty.

So i went to my pre-op yesturday and was still...

So i went to my pre-op yesturday and was still feeling a bit nervous and wondering if i was doing the right thing. I have always believed in trusting your gutt feeling and as soon as i saw the Dr I felt very comfortable and all the doubting stops. I asked him if there was a bad result if he would do a revision he said it is rare it doesnt really happen to him but if it did he would do it free of charge I would just have to pay anesthesia fees and hospital fees wich is understandable. And i get very nervous but who doesnt huh and he told me just to drink a glass of wine the night before and when i arrived at the hospital they would give me happy stuff lol. I have a list of things for after my surgery thanks to everyone on realself has helped me alot. I love reading everyones stories and excited with your results :).

P.S sorry if i dont make sense in somethings my...

P.S sorry if i dont make sense in somethings my laptop broke so i am doing all this on my phone and can't really re read the whole thing.

Well today i have been shopping for my meds. I...

Well today i have been shopping for my meds. I cant believe its already in five days!! Some supplies i got are a U shape pillow, q-tips, gauze pads, vaseline, hydrogen peroxide, aquaphore, neosporin, facial wipes, new slippers, a new zip up sweater and a pair of yoga pans for the day of surgery. Umm i cant think of anything else i need hope i dont forget anything. Oh and i still need to go shopping for the food somethings i am planning on getting are gatorade, water, nutritional shakes, apple sauce, jello, ice cream, yogurt, and fruit cups. I will post again after my surgery wish me luck. :)

Oh i have a question: I am not sure what to wear as a zip up or button up shirt so should i just wear my zip up sweater with nothing underneath it?

Ok i made it! I just got home and dont feel too...

Ok i made it! I just got home and dont feel too bad just nauseous and uncomfortable. Everything went pretty well the doc said i bled i little more than normal but im fine. Dr Rieger the nurses and anesthesiolist were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. The dr showed me a pic of my nose and i am so excited it looks really good! :) well ill post more when i feel better.

So I got my cast off Thursday the 25th I felt so...

So I got my cast off Thursday the 25th I felt so weird because its so different. I really like it but I kind of freak out at times because I look different and I don't like the front view because its so swollen. I am trying to be patient and get used to it I hope I end up loving it. Doctor rieger has been great he did exactly what I told him I wanted. Thanks to everyone here you all have been so helpful through this whole process. Please let me know what you think.

I have a major concern. My smile is so weird and...

I have a major concern. My smile is so weird and ugly! does anyone know if this is nornal? That is one thing i really liked about myself my smile and now its so different. And i also feel the muscles around my eyea kinda tight when i blink. I hope this is temporary.

Yes!! So worth it. I still look like myself. And...

Yes!! So worth it. I still look like myself. And now i feel like i dont have to hide or try to avoid people seeing me from side profile. Still healing but happy! :)

Loving my new nose!! :)

Hello everyone I will be 5 weeks post op tomorrow. I am getting used to my nose and my swelling is getting better everyday. I have been feeling pretty good except for some bad luck if had. I'll tell you about that in a little bit. I was finally feeling good about my nose, this was two weeks ago when I was still freaking out about my nose. And I saw a "friend" and she too me my nose was better before. So I started feeling bad about doing it all over again. But now I am over it I love my new nose and think it still looks like me but better. Well and then last Friday I had a car accident THANK GOD I didn't hit my nose but I was rear ended and hurt my neck and back pretty bad. So I think I will need some therapy or something. I have an appointment go to a neurologist next week. But again I am so thankful I didn't hit my nose. I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow but everything is going pretty good. Well I do have a small concern I have a dent on the side of my nose on both sides actually like close to my eyes. It looks like when you wear glasses and those marks stay on your nose. But I have t wore glasses at all. I will try to add a pic so you can see what I'm talking about. Oh and are uneven nostrils normal? I will be asking my surgeon that tomorrow. You can't tell from straight on but you can see underneath. I did not have uneven nostrils before surgery. Well I hop everyone is healing well and sorry I took long to update. I will try to keep up. :)

Loving my new nose!!:)

5 weeks post op

Well yesturday i was almost at Dr.Rieger's office when i got a call that he had an emergency and so they had to reschedule my appointment. Now i have it for June 6th. You know one thing i had thought of getting at the same time as my rhinoplasty. Is a chin implant. My chin is pretty small. The only reason i didnt get was because i wasnt not even 75% sure i wanted it. I was just too afraid of looking completely different. But the people on here that ive seen that got that i really like their results. But if i really want it later on i can maybe think of getting it. Right now I'm getting more and more confident with my nose it feels so small now its kinda weird lol. I know i still have some swelling but i would'nt mind if it stayed like this. The thing that frustrates is,that i get so congested and i talk so weird like if someone was closing my nose. I notice i get like that when its,windy or with the ac. But ny breathing is pretty good. Ill update more when i see my Doc. And thank you so much to all of you for the support i,am getting on here. It really means alot to me. :)

Almost 4 months post op

Hello everyone I have been really busy. But I'm going to real quik let you know how my healing is going almost four months post op. well I know my nose is better than before but even though I hated my old nose I kind of miss it I really liked my front view and now not so much. My husband and everyone think its really nice but of course they aren't going to tell me I made a huge mistake. I though I would be so happy with my new nose and it hasn't been that way. I haven't got to that point where I am completely happy I did it sometimes I think I did make a mistake. But o well I don't want to get to a point where I am depressed over it I am just going to learn to live with it. I hope everyone is healing well and good luck to those of you getting the surgery. Oh one more thing I definitely don't like about my nose is the dents on the side I still have them and don't seem to be getting any better.

Almost 4 months post op

Sorry didn't exactly tell you how the actual healing is going. It has been going pretty good it is not numb at all anymore. It still hurts at times where the hump was but everything is pretty good. :)

Almost 4 months post op

4 months post op

4 months post op before and after

I uploaded some before and after pics. This is the reason why I really liked my nose from the front before. Now it seems so weird longer wider and the tip is rounder.

Ps sorry that the pics aren't so clear

I cropped some from far away so they don't look as clear.

9 months post op and so happy

All I go to say is the more time passes I love my nose even more. The only thing I can complain about is that from time to time I get really congested. Other than that I am do happy I got a rhinoplasty it has made my life so much easier. The whole process isn't easy but it well worth it. And I am so happy I chose Dr. Rieger. him and his staff are awesome and so kind. I don't think I will be updating anymore. But thanks to everyone on this site, it helped a lot to read everyone's experiences. And good luck to who ever is thinking about getting a rhinoplasty. ????

Front pic

9 months post op side pic

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