37 Years Old, 3 Children, Diastasis Recti, and BA Redo with Silicone - Wichita, KS

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I am a mother of three beautiful children, ages 2,...

I am a mother of three beautiful children, ages 2, 4, and 6. I am so blessed by them and my wonderful husband! I am an athletic build, 5'4" and 125-130 lbs. I wear a size 2 in most clothes. I love to workout, run about 20-25 miles a week and love to do jazzercise and other aerobics classes! I have wanted to get my stomach fixed for the past six years ever since our first child was born! I have long legs and a short torso (I actually have one less vertebra in my spine....sacralization) so with my pregnancies I got very large in the belly and carried very forward. Although I only gained 25-30 pounds each pregnancy I did a lot of damage to my stomach muscles. I had a cesarean with my first child and was able to do a VBAC with the next two! The recovery from my c-section was fairly easy....and recovery from the vaginal births was even easier! My family & God are my life and I love life! I had a diastasis recti after my first pregnancy, and it only got worse with the next two. I do not have a lot of extra skin, but my stomach will not ever be flat no matter how much I workout. I look 3-4 months pregnant if I wear tight fitting clothes. I can hide my stomach with looser fitting clothes, but it bothers me that I always have to try and disguise it! I am also doing an implant exchange from saline to silicone and hoping to go slightly larger. My implants are 15 years old and there is a lot of rippling. I do not have any breast tissue so I am pretty much all implant. I currently have 360 cc filled to 400, moderate profile rounds, and I am a small C cup. Other than the rippling, there is no problems with the implants. I am considering going with high profile implants and my surgeon said 475 was probably as large as I could go. I am hoping to be a D cup. I breast fed all three children for a total of six years and I loved the size of my breasts when I was breastfeeding. I do not need a lift as there is no extra skin or tissue there.

I went to two consultations with two doctors in Wichita. I chose the doctors for the consults based on word of mouth and the pictures of their work. I was surprised at some pictures of other surgeons in town....how uneven and bad some of the tummy tuck scars were. Of the two doctors I went to, the first told me he "thought" he could fix my muscles with a mini and he could take care of my belly button by just cutting away excess skin around it. I did not feel very comfortable with this doc as he was very nervous and unsure. He did however tell me I could go with bigger implants....like 550 but he would use moderate profile. (I like the idea of more projection with a less wide implant like HP)

The second doctor I saw was definitely the doctor for me. He said he would need to do a full TT with MR due to the diastasis going up above my belly button. He said I would be unhappy with the results of just a mini procedure. He was more conservative with the implant exchange saying with my frame he thought I could only go to 475 ccs. However, he did think HP would be a better fit for my frame.

I scheduled with the second doctor and my surgery is set for April 3, 2014. I go next week, March 21st for my pre op appt. At this point I am excited and nervous for the surgery. I feel a bit guilty and wonder if I am doing the right thing! I worry about going under and the risks involved with that. I have so much to lose (my kids and husband) if something were to go wrong. There is a little voice inside that says, your body is not that bad....and after the surgery you will have this huge scar. The bigger voice says in the long run, I really need to get the muscle repaired and I will be happy with the result!

Pics of tummy before

I am excited! I have my pre op appt this Friday March 21st.

Pre surgery pics

Pre Op Appt

Today was my preop appt, surgery is just 13 days away! I felt very comfortable with my doc, and I can tell by the pics of all of his work he is very precise & "anal" about getting good results! My main things are the symmetry of the TT scar & a nice looking belly button! After talking more, we decided on 450 silicone round HP implants for the exchange. I reaaaaaaaly wanted 475 or more, but I'm trusting his judgement for my body. He told me to wear underwear or a swimsuit bottom that I would like the scar to be hidden under, and he would contour my incision of TT to that, which I thought was really cool! I can not express how excited I am, still a bit nervous too! My husband is very supportive and he will be covering for me at both work and home! He is the best!

10 days away!

Only 10 more days! I am feeling so excited and nervous! It is definitely hard at this point to think about anything else. I truly hope this next week and a half fly by!

Bent over pic

The last weekend!

Ok so this is the last weekend before surgery! I am truly so excited, and my stomach hurts all the time from being nervous! It is really hard to think about anything else. Do any of you other ladies feel like this? Or remember feeling like this? I've got a lot to do this weekend, looking for pillows for after surgery, stocking up the house with groceries and easy food for the kids to grab, catching some things up at the office, paying more bills ahead of time.....the list goes on and on. Most of all I want to spend as much fun quality time with the kids and hubby as I can!

Almost there!

Ok ladies, tomorrow is the big day! I can't tell you how excited I am! I have gotten my wedge pillow, a cervical pillow, and a husband pillow (for sitting on the couch). I've stocked up on groceries and easy food the kids can grab. Work is covered by my hubby, and my mom and dear friend are coming to help for the first couple of days!

A little prep work for the bowels has been done, and thank goodness I'm done with that! I was up pretty late to say the least emptying the contents of my bowels! I guess it worked. My doc's nurse said since I had problems in the past after surgery to try a couple of things. So I started taking colace (3 pills a day) one week ago which just made the BM softer. Then she told me 2 days before surgery to drink a 10 oz bottle of magnesium citrate....well holy cow that worked! I worked late yesterday, and by the time I picked up kids and got home, it was 8:30. So I drank it at 8:30. A bit of advice, do not drink after 5 pm. Lol. We live and learn. So I fell asleep around 1:30 am, and was awaken at 6 am by a visit from my lovely aunt! Not sure how being on cycle while in the garment will work, plus being on strong meds?

So today will be spent hanging with the kids, trying to get a bit of rest when they nap, lots of little errands, one last load of laundry, and church tonight. One last day of "normal" for a while.

Too sweet!

So I was napping with my kids today as I did not sleep much last night, and my four year old daughter turned to me and said, "mom I think I'll sleep at Nana's after your surgery so I don't hurt you!" Then she said, " mom, after your surgery can I still hold your hand? Will it make you feel better if I hold your hand?" LOVE my kids!

On the FLAT and mountainous side!

I had my surgery today and all went well. I'm just ready to see the work. My pain was pretty bad in recovery but is fine 3 hours later with Percocet. I have had coughed a couple times, and holy cow, that hurts! Other than that, I'm doing good!

Night time

Well I made it through the first night and slept really good! Having great pain meds helped with that. I have to say the pain for me is MUCH worse than with my c section. In comparison, with the c section all I took afterwards was ibuprofen. I never had to take any Percocet. With the TT after about 3 hours my body is saying "need more meds!" I'm not sure if that's because of the muscle repair or because of how tight my skin was. My doc told my hubby he had to do a small vertical incision (bummer) because there was not enough skin to pull it down all the way. He also asked my hubby if I had ever gotten lipo before (which I have not!) Right now it is almost time for more pain meds, and my stomach is extremely tight, but when I take a deep breath inward it feels as if my stomach has been hit by a truck. My BA feels slightly sore today, as if I had done some push ups! I also get a severe deep burning pain close to or where the incision is on my lower left....I hope I have not pulled my incision apart? Did any of you fellow TT ladies ever feel this?

I get to go in this morning and see my doc. My sis and her hubby are taking me. I will post more later after visiting with my doc.

Post Op appt

I am so happy to be on this side of the surgery! For any of you ladies that are still waiting, hang in there! My post op appt went well. I got to peek at my tummy, and I think it is going to look awesome. There is a pooch above the belly button, but I hope this will go down as the swelling goes down. My implants look a bit odd shaped, he said he had to sew some support in under the implant so that they would not bottom out like my saline ones did. He said the start wearing an underwire bra to help contour that shape underneath the implants. I love the feel of the silicone, they feel like "real" breast tissue! I go back in a week, & hopefully I will get the drains out then.

Post op pics

Itchy itch itch

So the longer I was taking Percocet, the more I kept itching....everywhere....back, nose, legs, arms, tummy, etc. I've never taken Percocet, so I've never known this would be a side effect for me. I paged my doc, which was awesome he responded in seconds at 9 pm on a Friday night..... I really think he is awesome! He called in a prescription of loritab, which does seem to be some better. I'm still itchy, but not as severe!

More pics

4 days post op

So I am through my fourth day post op, and everyday I feel a bit better. I am so thankful for all of you ladies stories, as it gave me more of an idea of what to expect with recovery (& also for the kind words of encouragement). I am also thankful for my mom (and dad) who watched my kiddos the first three days, and my mother n law & father n law who watched kiddos the day of surgery, my sis who drove me to appointment, hubby who is doing EVERYTHING, my dear friend who came & sat with me the day after, and friends & family who are bringing food! How much easier you have all made this process!

So I quit taking prescription pain meds last night & switched to ibuprofen, & I am feeling decent. My boobs are not sore at all, & they feel so much more like mine than the saline ones I had 15 years! They are 50 cc larger, but I guess because they are silicone they do not seem any bigger. I really like the look of them and the feel of them. I will post updated pics of them....just keep in mind I don't have any breast tissue so I am all implant. I know 450 sounds big, but they don't look very big at all!

My stomach is sore, and it just feels so foreign. It doesn't even feel like it is me when I touch it. I guess this is because of the muscle repair & how tight he got me. I love the location of my scar, I think it should be hidden with all my low rise swimsuits. I will be very excited to try swimsuits on to see once these silly drains are removed. I'm hoping they will come out at my one week post op this Thursday! The drains are bothersome, and they hurt when I move the wrong way. I feel like I definitely overdid it today. I was up on my feet a lot, getting things for my 2 & 4 year old....& I'm more sore & tired & shaky tonight!

My down day

Ok so where do I start....the past 24 hours have been the worst of my life. For the first time since getting the surgery, I have questioned (and regretted) my decision. I got a stomach virus, and have had vomiting, diarrhea, and some coughing as well, yea! I can not describe to you how awful the pain has been a long my muscle repair. I feel as if they are ripping apart. I have broken down and cried multiple times today.

My daughter was sick as well today, and I couldn't even comfort her much. It was all I could do to just clean up after her episodes. My hubby and my mom have both been back at work. My baby boy was sick over the weekend, but my mom was so kind to keep him for me then!

On the upside, if I have enough strength tomorrow, I go see my doc, and I'm hoping to get these drains removed.

On a side note, my stomach still does not feel like its a part of me....besides when I have the severe pain. I touch it and it just feels so foreign....

One drain down

So today was one week post op and my doc said I'm doing great for one week out....he did say I looked a bit pale....& asked if I was always that pale! I don't think he realizes how sick I have been & how many times I went to the bathroom (like literally 30 in a 24 hour period!!!). They removed one drain....I was hoping for both, but I guess they don't remove both at the same time. I can call Monday if my fluid output remains low....& get it removed then.

I am feeling better today, still very week. I am just praying that I don't have anymore of the coughing episodes that brought me to tears last night. That was pure awful! I do feel more positive today than yesterday, & I feel that I will be happy that I've done this. Just want to be back to "normal".

One week post op

Ok RS ladies.... I definitely feel that I am back on the road to healing. I get very tired with standing for more than even 5 minutes....ugh that is so frustrating as I am so used to being in shape and doing what I want. I have been a good girl and have not done "much". My hubby did get to take me to chipotle yesterday & my dad drove me to my appointment. I got my other drain removed today, and I'm so looking forward to sleep tonight. I hope it will be better without the drain, as I have not slept for more than 2 hours at a time in a week!

I got to take an awesome drain free shower tonight which was awesome! My hubby watched the two year old and my mom took the 4 and 6 year old for a sleepover! I will say, my best purchases with this operation has been my "husband" pillow and an ADA approved shower stool. That has been awesome for the shower, because I get pretty weak with standing. I was able to shower on my own 2 days post op with the stool! I also bought a wedge pillow, but for me it did not keep me elevated enough to be comfy....I felt like my stomach was pulling way too much....so the husband pillow was better as it kept me more upright.

I'm posting some one week post op swimsuit pics....just keep in mind I am very swollen, and the suit is a bit old. I wore it 7 years ago pre kiddos!

2 weeks post op

So not a lot has happened this past week, just trying to get back to "normal life". I have been driving this week, and doing some light housework around the house. I am able to sleep on my sides or back now using the wedge pillow, which has been nice! I still get tired and worn out easily, but I am getting more and more strength back.....slowly! I was able to go to church last night and sing!

I will not go back to work next week, because my job is very physical. I am hoping to go back when I am 3.5 weeks or 4 weeks post op. I just don't want to mess anything up!

I have been trying on more of my swimming suits and clothes, and I was a bit bummed as one side of my scar must be a few mm higher....and that side sticks up above my swim bottoms and undies. When I am naked, you can not really tell one side is higher....but I'm just down about it not being "perfect". The only other thing I do not like is the skin where my old belly button hole was. It is saggy and it sticks up above my scar. I'm hoping this will eventually flatten. Still glad I did it as the diastasis and hernia were bad, just a bit bummed.

I still swell the most toward the end of the day, and I feel very thick when I get swollen. It is the entire abdomen that swells, lengthwise and width, from sternum to pubis. It does not hurt, just feels tight! I have not taken any Tylenol or other drugs since 1 week ago. I really don't hurt, except for when I cough or sneeze, or if I overdo it.

Hope all you RS ladies are healing well!

4 and 5 weeks post op!

I am sorry I have not posted for a while! I have been busy getting back to normal life! I started walking at 3 weeks post op, very slow but about 2-3 miles per day. I was very sore, but no "pain". I am up to a 4 mile per hour pace this past week, & I'm up to 4 miles a day, and I feel great now with the walking! I just can't wait to get back to running! I'm hoping to do that and Jazzercise next week!

I went back to work last week, I am a chiropractor, so I am on my feet all day adjusting patients. I LOVED going back, but I'm not going to lie, I was very tired and sore the first week. I felt much better this week at work....almost normal!

I am so happy I did this. I feel sooooo much better in clothes (and naked with my hubby!). I no longer have to try and find clothes to hide my tummy! That part is great.

The scar from TT is really flattening out, and the edge of the scar where my drains were has flattened and evened out. Both sides are symmetrical now.

The only part I might have revised is the vertical part of my incision where the old BB skin is. That skin was just so stretched out before surgery that I don't feel it will flatten!

I still swell at the end of the day, but it is getting less severe! I bought an XS compression garment from Leonisa.com that I wear to work. I did not feel I had enough support for work from just my spanx. So I wear spanx everyday that I don't work, and I wear the TIGHT CG on the days I treat patients. It seems to provide great support! Also, I have been sleeping without anything on my tummy, and it has felt great.

I have been massaging the girls, and they continue to soften. My hubby says he loves the new "softer" ones since I got silicone this time, but he does'nt play with them much yet as he is afraid he will hurt them! The incisions under the breasts have started to fade. I don't have any complaints about my breasts. Love them and for reference I got 450 HP Natrelle style 20. They do not look fake at all....at times I wish I had gone bigger and looked into the UHP!

I will have my hubby take some pics and I will post later!

3 months post op and pics!

I am feeling great at this point. I am over 3 months post op, and I feel awesome! My stomach still has some areas that are less in sensation, but no pain whatsoever. I am full on back to my aerobics, jazzercise and I feel great while doing that. I am going to jazz 4-5 times a week and running 20-25 miles each week. I have no pain at all. I still have not done crunches, but have done some "lighter" ab exercises without any problems. My scar is fading nicely, but I will still have to see if I want the scar revised to remove the vertical aspect of the scar! It's not bothering me much at this point. It does show in low rise undies and swimming suits! I am absolutely happy I had this mommy makeover done! No regrets!

As far as the boobs, I can not tell anything is done. My new implants seem like me, size is about the same even though they are 50 cc bigger! The only difference is that the silicone ones I have now are softer and they move more.

Summer has been so much fun with family and friends. We have been swimming ALOT, so feeling great in a suit has been awesome! I will include some "pool pics" to show you all a bit of our lives this summer! Happy continued healing to all of you beautiful ladies!
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

I really feel my doctor is a true artist. He made a lovely low, symmetrical incision with my tummy tuck. My belly button is cute and little, and my BA rocks. He is very talented. He also listened to my concerns beforehand, and was very quick at responding over the weekend! I feel he truly is the best around!

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