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I've been wanting to get my nose fixed every since...

I've been wanting to get my nose fixed every since I found out it was possible. My nose is wide & the tip is bulbous, also for a couple of months now I've had red marks on the sides of my nose which led me to research surgeons. I've been covering the red marks with makeup when I go out & when I don't cover them, people just think I've been wearing glasses (even though I haven't in months).

I called Dr. C's office during the 2nd week in december & scheduled my consultation for 12/31/12. I have to say their office is very accommodating! I'm in school & wanted to get this done before next semester starts. We scheduled surgery for 01/10/13! This is all happening so fast.

Dr. C doesn't think the trauma had anything to with my nose developing wide but an ENT who looked at it last year did. Im also going to a different ENT tomorrow just to get another look & opinion. Also I went for x-rays yesterday as per Dr. C to see what's going on but haven't gotten the results yet.

Every post that I've read has been so helpful! It was nice to see so many before&after pictures & read different experiences. I'm just nervous because most of his patient's had a large nose/profile & bump. My profile is fine my problem is the wideness & lack of definition. Looks aren't EVERYTHING but they are very very important to me. I just don't know if this is the right decision. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember but now that it's happening I'm not sure. My biggest fear right now is that the surgery is going to make me look worse & that I'm going to regret it forever.

I have to make a decision ASAP & am freaking out lol

-never mind.. a friend of my parents just called...

-never mind.. a friend of my parents just called them said Dr. C was really bad...cancelling my surgery =(
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