Rhinoplasty with Dr. C Scheduled Jan 10th - White Plains, NY

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Hello all! I just had a consultation with the...

Hello all! I just had a consultation with the famous Dr. Ciardullo and I scheduled my surgery!! The staff was really great, Bobbie knew who I was immediately when I walked in and made me feel comfortable. When I spoke with Dr. C, he told me exactly what he wanted to do with my nose before I even said anything and it was very much similar to what I had in mind. My only issue with surgery is the money. I'm not fortunate enough to have my parents paying for this and will have to pay out of pocket. I live by myself in NYC and make a living being a cocktail waitress, so I dont exactly have a steady income but when I do, I can make a lot of money. I would love to have the surgery done next month and get it over with but I have to leave some room to save. Either way I will have to borrow a few thousand using either CareCredit or a bank loan. I"m just apprehensive I will dig myself into a financial hole and ruin my credit/life for something that isn't a necessity. Another concern I have is telling my parents about the surgery. They will insist I am wasting my money on vanity and making a mistake and I know my father will continuously lecture me on how I could use the money to get my master's degree or something else. So I am worried about the financial and psychological strain the procedure is going to have. I know Dr. C is a great doctor and I'm going to love my results but I'm starting to wonder whether its worth sacrificing my relationship with my parents or my credit history. I dont know if anyone else has gone through a similar situation that could give some advice??

Update 1: More financial blues!! I applied for...

Update 1:
More financial blues!! I applied for Carecredit and got denied. WAHHHH!! I think it's because I have virtually no credit. I really dont want to have to have a co-signer, I want to take care of myself! What are my other options? Could i apply for a regular credit card and charge half the procedure to that?? If anyone has info please let me know! Also, still havent told my parents yet. I want to make sure my money is sorted before I go through the drama!
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