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I was very nervous and unsure about have a...

I was very nervous and unsure about have a rhinoplasty, as there is a fear when it comes to altering the image that you and others see as "you." I had contemplated for years about researching and finally following through. I have had several surgeries and wasn't too concerned about the pain. I was more concerned about having the typical 'plastic surgery nose.' The nose that is almost TOO perfect, TOO round on the end and points upward a bit TOO much....I wanted to feel good about making the change but did not want the generic, assmbly line, new nose. That being said, I met a girl who made mention of her surgery. I had a feeling she may have had her nose manipulated, but I was so impressed with how it looked. I didn't want to ask her if she had a 'nose job,' as the etiquette to this is rather inappropriate. Once she made mention of her procedure, I was confident I had the green light. I made an appointment immediately, as she expressed having the same fears I had. When I saw her before and after pictures I knew I wanted to go to her physician.

To my surprise, walking into his office I saw countless awards and accolades and had been told he simply was 'the best' for noses. After seeing his accomplishments and meeting him I was sold. He asks to look at you and tell you what he sees before you tell him what upsets you. Once he went through what he saw in my nose, I felt very comfortable based on him pointing out the exact issues I felt were a problem for me. His demeanor is welcoming and comforting. There was no pressure and no feeling that he was looking at me as a dollar sign. Simply put, Dr. C is an artist. He has a talent that is immeasurable. I felt nothing but excitement at having my operation.

I will be very honest in stating that recovery is not fun...I have had several serious orthopedic surgeries and consider myself to have a fairly high tolerance for pain. Having your nose broke and bone shaved and manipulated is very damaging to a very small area. For that reason, there is a bit more discomfort then I had anticipated. A solid week or two recovery is very normal. I had ice on my face more often then not and I tried my best to just give myself the time to feel awful as I knew the end result would be worth it. Knowing the pain will subside and it is normal helps.
I am about two months out from my procedure. I am very happy with the results. From the side my nose is perfect! No 'witch' bump (as I called it) and the end is raised just right. From the front, I still look like "me!" My biggest fear was altering my appearance and looking like a different person. Simply stated, that isn't the case. I am still swollen and have post-operative rhinitis (completely normal for the first 5-6 months), so I'm stuffy more often then not. The changes are starting to take place, as it is 6 months to a year to see the final rsults. At this point, I am elated. I would absolutely recommend Dr. C above any other for a rhinoplasty. He's simply wonderful!

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I think Dr. Ciardullo is simply the best for this type of surgery. He's terrific and I am confident in his artistry at creating the nose you desire.

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