32 Year Old Very Active Fit Mom of Two! Saggy Deflated Breast! - White Plains, NY

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Had my consultation on April 8th and booked my...

had my consultation on April 8th and booked my surgery the following week. Im tired of not being able to fit into any bra as I am a 34 A. They don't even make some lingerie in that size. My boobs were fine and perkey before kids but after breastfeeding both they are smaller and saggy. My ps says that I should get a 350cc in one and probably a 375cc in the other to make them the same size. I am very nervous about the surgery as I do have two kids and my husband is currently deployed but my mom is flying out for a couple weeks to help me with the kids. Do you think two weeks will be long enough? my mother in law has made it clear after those two weeks she cant help with the kids at all. Also looking for a little input on what your experience was like.....

Before pics

These are my before pics

1 day post op

so yesterday was the big day. The staff that took care of me were amazing I felt safe and in very good hands. I usually always get sick from anesthesia but they made sure that I didn't. No nausea at all which was amazing. I woke up out of surgery with no pain just tight feeling. The drive home I was sleepy but awake enough to tell my mom where to go. I have been staying on top of my pain meds cause I am in quite a bit of pain. Feels like there is an elephant on my chest and my boobs feel like they are engorged right now. Anybody else experience swelling in one breast quite a bit more then the other?? does this go away or should I be worried? Ill post pics when I get into the shower tomorrow. Oh the doc put 360cc in my right and 345cc in my left.

2 days post op

Feeling ok. Have any questions just ask me.

Loving my boobs

I'm two weeks post op today and I love my boobs. Unfortunately I had a tragedy happen in my life and had to fly home to Washington state for three months or more so I won't be able to see my ps for post op check ups :( I am feeling good though and everything seems to be healing nicely.

3 weeks post

I'm three weeks post. I think they look pretty good. I've been doing my massages and now this week I start different massages. Question for the other ladies out there did you start wearing bra with underwire at three weeks? I had a family emergency and had to leave so I can't see my ps.

One month post

I'm one month post and things are going good. I continue to do my breast massages about 4 times a day and they are getting squishy and bouncy. The scars underneath are healing nicely and I can barely see them. I haven't been able to see my ps due to a family emergency across country so I'm just hoping all goes well and I heal right. I am in love with them!!

2 months PO

So I'm a couple months post and I guess all has been well the left breast is 1/2 a size bigger then the right and also sitting lower which is weird but I'll just hope that all is still healing and the final result is still yet to come. I've been working out since 4 weeks but just started doing light upper body lifting. I wear underwire bras during the day and sports bras at night per my ps written instructions.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Greenwald so far has been awesome. Barbara the lady that books the appointments is very sweet and answered any and all extra questions I had. Will update after I have my surgery.

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