28 No Kids Lost a Lot of Weight and Want Lipo. White Plains, NY

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I lost over 30 pounds three years aga and managed...

I lost over 30 pounds three years aga and managed to keep 18 pounds off. I want to Lipo my stomach and possible move the fat to my butt since I'm already asleep. I don't have to do the butt lift because I have a good size butt but sometimes depending on what I'm wearing I don't see as much projection so I am considering the BBL. I am scared and nervous.

Massages in Brooklyn

Does anyone know where I can get affordable lymphatic massages in Brooklyn, NY or Queens, NY? My surgery is next week and I want to have everything in order before my surgery. Please help

Before picture

Here are some before pictures I will add more pictures after my surgery in Wednesday if I can.

Ita really happening

I picked up my medication today and I am packin my bag so when I leave work tomorrow I can go straight to my moms house. My mom and sister are taking me to get my surgery and I'm going to stay at my moms house after surgery. I hope I have a speedy recovery because I'm returning to work on my sixth day. I'll keep you posted

I made it

It hurts and I'm weak I'll up date tomorrow

1st 24 hours

I know everyone said the next day was hell but I feel better today I had my first poop today it came out fine. I walked laps in my moms house all morning since 4am. I am having a hard time sleeping tomorrow I will be able to take my shit off and wash it and breathe a little. My post op is next Tuesday. I have to get an ab board. One side of my body is swollen and the other side is normal including my butt. I hope it looks better soon. My doctor said no massages until after my post op. I know it hurts but I can't wait to get a massage and take wash this suit and have free time while it dries. My mom and sister have been heaven sent and I made the best decision coming here

Took my first shower

My stitches look great! I asked the doctor if u needed an boards but he said no but on my right side I have a lot of wrinkled skin from the suit.im going to put my spanks and cami under my suit once it dries. I feel great I'm not in any pain. I can't wait u til he tells me I can get my massages so my skin can be smooth. My butt looks good. You need a strong team if you're having this procedure. Thank god my sister is a CNA and handled me with great TLC. Tomorrow I'm going to go walking outside to see how well I can move.


This soreness, stiffness and numbness is no joke my back and sides are so numb Ivan barely sleep fit more than 4 hours. Oh and my neck is killing me from picking my head up to speak and look around while laying in my stomach.

Pictures! The suit is giving rolls on the side

So I decided to put pads on my right side so the suit can stop creating a dip that is citing into my skin. My skin is very swollen still. I'm trying to drink a lot of water to get rid of this numbness.


Hey, so I'm feelin better so I'm going to give an overall update of this process. My Doctor and his staff are amazing. I got to the surger center at 6:30 I was checked in. I wore a denim dress that buttons down in the front so it would be easy for me to get dressed after. After I checked in they called me to the back to take a pregnancy test , get undressed and conform my information. They then let my family come back. I was in my gown, socks, and shower cap. The nurse gave me a warm blanket so I could keep warm because it was freezing cold in the open recover room it basically looked like a hospital. The doctor came out spoke to my family answred all of their questions and then brought me into another room. He took pictures and I went over everything I needed him to do. He explained to me that I had a lot of loose skin because of my weight loss. He drew in me and then I went back to sit with my family in the room that was sectioned off for privacy. The anesthesialogist came out and spoke to my family and I and put our minds at ease. The two OR techs came out to meet me as well and spoke to me. The techs walked me back and helped me get on the table. They spoke to me and next thing I knew I was up and shaking from being cold the nurse put warm blankets on me and gave me water and ginger ale. I was on my side and told her I wanted to be on my stomach she helped me roll over. They got me dressed and helped me into the wheelchair my sister pulled the car up. I was super dizzy and weak and could barely stand up on my own. They put me in the back seat on my side and I slept like I baby the whole ride home. When I got to my moms house they helped me out of the car I was so weak I heard my mom yelling that u was faking and she was nervous. The put checks on the bed. FYI you are bleeding a lot for the first two days. I bought a peeeze so after that gave me water and food they helped me up to use the bathroom. The blood was running out of my suit through the whole as if I had my period my sister had to hold my urninal and he looked at me like do I have you period I had to explain to her that I didn't. Inward in and out of sleep all night. The next day they made me breakfast and helped me get up. I walked laps around my moms house all through the day. That damn faja is tight. I had my first BM and it was easy for me. The surgery center called to check on me several times the first three days and gave me numbers to contact them at anytime. You need a lot of support. My close friends have changed and made negative comments and have not been supportive at all. I work like a slave and I'm a student involved in an internship. I'm a teacher and after my 39 pound drop I just wanted to feel happy naked. As I see my close friends not being supportive and making rude comments I'm ok with it. It's my decision and my money and thank god I'm only depending on my mom and sister. I only have a few days left u til summer break and I just want to finish the year up strong at my job. The recovery is the important part. You need a strong time. I'll post again after my post op and after my first day back at work.


Here are a list of supplies I bought:
Arnica pellets ( FYI they have a bunch of Arnica supplies I ended up with dissolving pellets that you place under your tounge.)
Purine Juice( I haven't used yet)
Antibacterial bar soap (dial)
Assurance bed pads(I only used them the first three days)
Compression socks ( I bought the wrong size)
Camis ( 5 from forever 21 to put under my faja)
I should've bought ab boards and foam) I will be getting it this week after my post op.
Super maxi pads they helped with providing padding inside my suit
Summer's Eve wipes
Booty Buddy the Doctor provided my stage one Faja and he's going to provided my stage two.
Buying garments before can be tricky

1st massage

Man listen that massage hurt so good! Lol on my right side that my garment was piercing in she massaged the hell out of that side. I was still numb after but I wasn't as stiff. I want my waist to go down to at least a 28. I bought a faja from the spa also because the one the doctor gave me I had to put padding to stop it from piercing my skin and this faja supports me wayyyyyy better. This is my first night home alone and tomorrow is my first day back to work and driving myself around. I don't think I'm going to wear my new faja to work if I can't get myself in it tomorrow I'll just alternate at night so I can go to my grandmas house and she can help me get in it. My hair and nails look like trash.


I have a full day meeting next week and I have to sit all day. I don't want to bring the cusion with me because I don't want my co workers in my business. I haven't been using it at work I have been putting my sweater under my thighs as a cusion. Please help me they think I had fibroid surgery.

1st back to work

So I went back to work on my seventh day after surgery. I would not recommend that. I think you should say out as long as you can. My first day back I went on a field trip with my class the bus ride was horrible I thought I was going to die. Everyone at work was looking at me. One co worker asked if I had a tummy tuck. In my head I was like no bitch I didn't even have kids yet. I lost weight in my arms and face I wish I lost some in my big thighs. Each day I feel better. I have been trying to find outfits to cover my garment. My co workers think I had surgery to remove a Fribord. My waist is shaped lovely I had a butt before but I wanted that curve on the top. I use my pillow to drive and I try not to take it with me places because it's annoying and people look. I roll my jacket or sweater up and put it under my thighs and sit on it. My butt is still very firm but it jiggles when I walk. I know I'm only two weeks post op but I just want my swelling to go down and my sink to be soft again. Once I get my sister to take pictures I will post them.

Extremely Sad

So today I had massage #6 and it was death I cried today for the first time. My sides are so hard and my stomach is lumpy and as the swelling goes down and the lumps gets better each time. I cried because I'm trying to figure out y I put myself through this shit. Work and typing on my stomach or standing up is stressing me out. Everyone keeps telling me how great I look but I feel like shit and I just want everything to be back to normal. I don't know how much more of this I could take honestly.


Ok m feeling a little bit better now that I am three weeks post op. I am still swollen and thank god for these massages my sides are not as hard and the lumps on my stomach are going down. I go to Olgas Day Spa and see sent my faja out to be taken in I started with a size XL I'm wearing a large and she's going to take it in to a size small. I'm scared but I need the extra compression. My butt looks great and feels great I'm just waiting for my swelling to go down. My right hand is not getting numb anymore (thank god) I lost weight in my face and arms. I use my arms to get in and out of bed so my arms are slimming down. I do not have much of an appetite since the surgery. The surgery was the easiest thing the recovery is the hardest. I'm just happy next week is my last week of work and I am excited to stay home and rest for two weeks until I start teaching summer school. This website has been very helpful to me so feel free to ask me anything. I promise I'm going to post pictures.

My 1 st cycle after surgery

OMG! I got my 1st period after surgery today. Although I have been waiting on it I feel bloated and wet. Wearing a pad with this suit is just terrible. I have a garment on and my under with my pad on top. I can not wait for my period to go away. I tried uploading pictures yesterday idk what happened. My stomach is still swollen, black and blue, lumpy and hard in some spots but it's going down. Can you believe in Saturday I will be 30 days out op. The hardest part about this surgery is the recovery and the lifestyle change.

Heat Rash

So I gave a heat rash on my stomach and back. I'm so annoyed!!! I do not recommend anyone getting surgery in the summer because it's just wayyy toooooo hot to be in this suit with foams and ab boards. My classroom has an AC and the only time I'm in the heat is when I go to my internship but I broke out. So bought some cream from the pharmacy for it and put it on last night and I slept with out my suit so the cream would be moved around. That was the first time since surgery that I had a good nights rest. Today I get to pic up my garment that was taken in and I already know I won't be able to breathe. I wish I had some more of those pain killers to ease the pain during my massages.

6 week update

My doctor cleared me to workout. My stomach is still swollen most of my hard spots have gone down. He also cleared me to sit down. I still drive with my pillow and I can't still in certain positions yet because it feels uncomfortable so I'm easing my way into sitting. I still sleep on my sides or stomach I'm just use to it I guess. I just want the rest of my swelling to go down and my stomach to get back to its original color... It's still dark. My doctor did a amazing job at hiding my scars. The only scars you might see are the two on my back but he put them in the crease so unless your looking for them you won't find it. I'm also going to upload a before picture of my stomach and a current picture.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

He did my friends procedure and she looked great. My consolation was great he was very honest and friendly.

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