Dr Lucian Ion Did an Amazing Job!!! weymouth street hospital, London, GB

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So here is my story im 26 years old broke my nose...

so here is my story im 26 years old broke my nose a few times deviated septum and bump on nose and reduce and lift tip...

i have been wanting to do my nose since i can remember... have not been able to breath and very self conscious ... so i went to have consultation after consultation and never booked

My fiance proposed to me and we booked our wedding date.. thoughts in my head about what wedding pictures would look like and i would have to look back on them for the rest of life.. i thought now is the time.. i was extremely hesitant who to go with .. i then remembered my cousin had her nose done with dr lucian ion and she looked amazing! (not that she didnt before but stunning now!) so i contacted them and booked a consultation i explained to nikki the receptionist that i am gettin married in 9 months and want to do op as soon as possible so i needed a date quick for rhinoplasty. so one morning she called me and said could u come within the next hour so i did.

When meeting lucian ion for the first time i felt confident that he was professional and he knew what he was doing. i paid 150 pound for the consultation but he spent a good hour with me explaining to how it works and what he could do i told him what i dont like and that i cant breath and he then did a computer simulation.. he then said if u wanna come back for a 2nd even a 3rd consultation before booking op. so i booked a second and went with my fiance as he was nervous for me to do the op. Once he met lucian ion he was reassured and told me to go for it.. so that was it.. i booked it for the 14th november. I had two months till my op at the time and thought its ages away.. well that went quick im already 10 days post op at this point.

14th november had arrived and im not gonna lie i was s*******g my self... i have a latex allergy so luckily my appointment was the first one on the list,. i had the op at weymouth street hospital, its like a hotel. This lovely lady took me to my room she gave the gown and said get changed and the anesthetist will come and have a chat with u. He soon after came in (without knocking on the door ) :| a very intresting man made me feel uneasy but anyhow had a chat with him and said see u in an hour 9am was my op time. Dr lucian ion came and visited me shortly after and went through everything what a lovely man he is so cool, calm and collected. Next thing i knew i was on the bed and the anesthetist was talkin to me telling me to tell him when i feel different to let him now all i said is ok i feel different feeling dizzy.. haha... next thing i know im awake and panicking thinking theyre still operating on me lol wat drugs do to u... however i was in recovery hearing the nurses saying 'marianna calm down your fine your in recovery!' and doctor lucian ion saying ' everythin went well marianna dont worry!'

everythin was a bit of a blur but the nurses and Dr ion were great i woke up in a bit of a state as i was really scared before the op all the emotions come out. drama over! they took me to my room and bought me food that i ordered early on in the morning. i was in no pain.. i then met my day nurse called kate she was so sweet.. she looked after me so well and gave me some great advice to have my tablets with icecream or yoghurt they do down easier and that they did... i wasn't very hungry but i had ice cream and yogurt only thing that went down well really. Dr lucian ion came in and saw me a couple of time after the op i told him im so suprised as i can actually breath already and he explained that my surgery went well took longer then expected as my septum was really badly deviated and that it blocked my whole left nostril so he had to break my nose twice
i had a good night sleep that night surprisingly..

ive just got to say that if your considering a rhinoplasty or whatever kind of surgery do not take in what people say to much as everyone is different and reacts and recovers differently.

i had no pain and slept well i hardly had any bruising only a little but i bloated out and looked like a chipmunk and swollen... as expected after surgery.

They then discharged me from hospital gave me my meds and some injections i had to take everyday for blood clots sounds worse then what it is but it wasnt that bad! my recovery so far has been great!!!
ive had no pain just been feeling really tiered! and irrated by the casts and the splints by the 5/6th day!

so a week post op and i had an appointment to take out the splint cast and stitches.. i was so nervous as i hear people say omg its the worse bit blabla...but then i thought about it before going and thought hold on this has to be the worst bit its the only thing you feel!

so the nurse took off the cast and everything.. yeah it was uncomfortable but its over in 2 mins and not as bad as it sounds... she then told me to look in the mirror ... i was so over whelemd that i was crying this is something that ive wanted for years and couldnt believe that i actually done it.. obviously its still very swollen but so far so good my profile actually looks amazing! people were just amazed how good i look 1 week post op with hardly any bruising... even the receptionist in the office said wow u been really quiet how comes we have heard nothing from u.. i just said i had nothing to complain about.. i dont know if i was very lucky with the way recovery went but it wasnt bad at all.. i am now 10 days post op and am so excited for the swelling to go down... and cant wait to lie on my pillow and sleep normally again as for the time bein i have to sleep with a few pillows! also cant wait to get back to my training sessions i really miss it.

i will probably post some pics.. but i had to write a review on the amazing lucian ion... so happy so far and highly recommend him! thanks so much to him and his team for looking after me so well!


Thought id put a couple of pics

Pics x

Update 6 months post op

Hey guys so many people asking for pics and messagin me for new photos! I still love my nose!!! He's a genius!!!! So sorry if I haven't responded to messages I have been really busy! People Askin me how much I paid it was around 7k so worth it! Especially being on my face! I followed everything Lucian ion recommended me to do post op and had a very good and speedy recovery! I can breath and I can smell normal too! Just go with Ur gut when it comes to choosing the surgeon u will go with don't Rush Ur decision. But I do highly recommend lucian ion he's changed my face for the better and I love it! Hope I've been some help to people!
London Plastic Surgeon

a very lovely man. professional and his work is amazing im so happy so far!!!!

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