I Have New Boobs and I Love Them

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I am the mother of five wonderful children. I...

I am the mother of five wonderful children. I breast fed all of them from 6 months to a year and the toll it took on my breasts was a huge one. I just had a TT on 4/18 and I am so happy with the results. I want to enhance the look of my breast because bras don't fit me and when I bend over one boob always decides to jump out. My shirts don't fit because not only did I have a belly bulge but my bras looked crazy under my shirts. I am 5'2" and 115 pounds. My BFF says that my boobs are -A so there you have it. I met with my doctor today to check on the progress of my TT and we scheduled my BA/BL for 5/30. We are going with 225cc under the muscle saline. She says that will leave me with a Full B or small C. She doesn't want to go bigger than that because I don't have a lot of tissue and rippling will become an issue.

1 Week Away I had my pre op today and I have to...

1 Week Away
I had my pre op today and I have to say I am not as nervous as I thought I would be. I am more eager to see bumps on my chests that are bigger than my oldest girl. She said she is shooting for 200cc but I shared my feelings of being too small and wishing I had gone bigger. She wants to stay as proportionate to my body as possible. So I told her it was her call because I was on the table but know that I want results I can see. She said she can plan to go up to 240cc. I love my PS! She is so awesome. This time next week I will be on my way home. I am scheduled for 12 noon so now just get ready. I have to go to Walmart and buy a bra, I bought some snacks for me that are healthy. I bought some rice cakes and some trail mix but with fruit.

5 days BEFORE sx So my sx is all paid in full. I...

5 days BEFORE sx
So my sx is all paid in full. I had no idea how I was going to pay for sx but God worked it out. We wanted to keep our cash on hand due to some unforeseen circumstances so we used care credit. I am going to drop off my scripts today and yesterday rushed to get my ps a copy of my mammo! So we are all set. I only have to get 2 rx. I have leftovers of the patch and nausea medicine from TT. They moved my sx from 1pm to 11:05. I just have to get my bra and just get some fresh fruit and veggies for after. I really hope I am satisfied with the size.

3 Days Before SX So I woke up extremely swollen...

3 Days Before SX
So I woke up extremely swollen from my TT. I think I must have overdid it yesterday so resting today. I am going to my nephew's bday party so I am trying out the bra theory today. I have on 3 bra's and I have to say it actually looks quite nice. I can see the proportion the ps is going for, however I could go a little bigger. I am going to pick up my bra today and drop my scripts off.

Day Before Sx So I received a call this morning...

Day Before Sx
So I received a call this morning that due to circumstances beyond my PS control, my sx is being rescheduled. The new date is yet to be determined. I am going out of the country July 21st so trying to get it done to give me time to heal. So they are going to contact sx center to see if they can add on a case any day next week and it will be done. Otherwise, I think I may have to cancel my sx and just forget it. Maybe it's a sign from God that I shouldn't be having it :( uggghhhhhh!

New surgery date is June 4th!!!!!!

New surgery date is June 4th!!!!!!

3 Days Before Sx Okay so my nerves are really...

3 Days Before Sx
Okay so my nerves are really starting to set in. OMG! I was all set this past week but ow I am getting really nervous. When I got my TT, the hardest part for me was getting the IV. That isht hurt like hell. I remember getting on the table and then being out like a light. I plan to have my favorite meal on Sunday which consists of Hooters naked wings and curly fries with ranch. I don't worry about weight because with all these kids I am sooooo active, they keep me running everywhere. Lol!

Day Before Sx I am totally freaking out. I am so...

Day Before Sx
I am totally freaking out. I am so nervous and I don't know why. I've picked out my kids clothes for the week and I just have to write out some menus for dinner and hubby will pick up some fresh fruit and veggies while I'm in surgery. My surgery time is expected to last for 4 hours. He will drive himself bonkers sitting in the waiting room so this willngivenhim something to do to kill about an hour or so. This will be my last post until maybe tomorrow.

Day of Sx We made it to hospital at 10 and got...

Day of Sx
We made it to hospital at 10 and got checked in and then they called me to the back. Most of the staff remembered me because I just had my TT on 4/18. The staff was awesome! I peed in the cup and I'm not preganant, lol. The nurse to do my IV was so nervous, I was glad when the anestiosologist put it in. She did it without any pain and that was most of my worries. Next, PS came in and marked me up. We laughed and laughed some more. They had my hubby come in and then they gave me the good stuff and off down the hallway we went. In the OR I could see many people helping me get prepped. I told ps about the stitch from TT, so she took care of that while I was out. I remember waking up and being in pain. My nurse jennifer was awesome. There was one particular nurse I yelled at because the food table was stuck under my bed and she kept hitting the bed, pulling on my IV tubes and I asked her kindly many times to get help and she just kept right on so I yelled get away from me, I don't want you to touch me and she called my nurse over.

We got home around 6:30pm and in the hospital, I couldn't tell that I had a breast augmentation. I made sure I asked my ps to get as close to 240 and she said she yes I will, I have it my notes. When I was wheeled to recovery and got all the blankets off of me and I could sit up, I saw BOOBS! I was so worried about being small but not anymore. Once we got home I started taking 2 Percocet right away and will continue with 2 until Day 2. Right now just trying to stay ahead of any pain. They took my temperature before I left and it registered 100, so I am taking Advil as well for right now to stop the fever. I have my post op appt in the afternoon and I haven't been able to sleep. Usually the Percocet knocks me out so I wonder if I have a low dosage or my adrenaline is so high I can't tell the difference. She ended up not using a drain and I have no idea what my incision looks like. As soon as I can I will post some pics.

1 Day Post Op So everything looks good! She put...

1 Day Post Op
So everything looks good! She put in 240cc on each side and they look awesome! Most of my swelling is now around my TT scar.
She changed the dressing and there was a little blood around the nipple but nothing to be concerned with. I was really worried I was going to be too small but I am very happy with the size so long as they don't shrink :). Getting ready to take a little nap, I didn't get any sleep last night.

OMG, my chest is so sore! I am taking my Percocet...

OMG, my chest is so sore! I am taking my Percocet every 4 hours and trying to stay ahead of the pain. Arrrgghhh!

Anyone massaging their implants yet? I just...

Anyone massaging their implants yet? I just called ps and was given the okay to start doing this.

4 Days Post Op So yesterday was probably one of...

4 Days Post Op
So yesterday was probably one of the worst days ever! I actually had the moment where I asked myself what in the hell did I do to myself. Up until this point I hadnt had a BM. I learned with my TT how debilitating the percocets could be to ones system. So I was taking dulcolax (2) a night with the pain meds and still nothing. I think I almost ate an entire package of prunes and nothing. Yesterday I was in so much discomfort. I just felt like my chest was on fire. I really haven't been sleeping so not sure if that was a factor. It has been hard to maneuver with just having my TT done too. So yesterday the farting started and I knew that something was brewing in my tummy and then all of a sudden in the afternoon I went and could not stop going. When hubby came home, he helped me shower and I noticed the swelling everywhere. I also noticed that my sports bra is too small. I could go with a bigger size but I'm already at a 36. When I put my TT garment on and my sports bra, I felt like sausage being squeezed into a casing. I had hubby fix me an english muffin and some hot chocolate with Ganoderma in it. I slept really good, hubby had to wake me up to take my advil and antibiotic. I woke up this morning and had a slight occurrence of diarrhea but not as bad as yesterday. I will take it easy today because I actually feel pretty good. I hope I don't lose any volume with swelling. I love the size they are now. I have heard mixed reviews. The majority have said once swelling subsided there was no reduction in size and then others have said once swelling subsided they now feel really small.

Debbie Downer Spoiler Alert I am having a moment...

Debbie Downer Spoiler Alert
I am having a moment right now at 12:05 am. I have to document the good with the bad but I am really asking myself why did I do this to myself. My boobs are sore but not that bad. I haven't taken anything since lunch time today for pain. I am massaging the outside near like armpit, that is where I feel the most discomfort. Once I kinda rub it down it feels better. I just think I am ready to get back to normalcy. A major part of it has to do with the fact that I just had surgery a bout 7 weeks ago and I am still recovering from that. I am going to try to get some sleep and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So after my Debbie Downer weekend :), I wanted to...

So after my Debbie Downer weekend :), I wanted to update and let everyone know I am back on the horse. Okay so I think that the fact I really wasn't sleeping and feeling like I was stuck in the house 24/7 had a huge impact. I finally got some sleep and boy was I happy. I also left the house for a couple of hours this weekend and what a huge difference. I went back to driving today, the soreness in my armpit is gone and I have been massaging three times a day with my belly and they have dropped a lot. I took pics so hope to get them up tomorrow. My sports bra isn't so tight so something has happened. I love them so much and hubby can't stop looking at them. Every now and then they get sore, but for the most part it's manageable. I get the stitches out on Friday and I hope it doesn't hurt. So thanks to everyone in advance for checking on me during my time of pure INSANITY!!!! :)

2 Weeks Post Op I just had my appointment on...

2 Weeks Post Op
I just had my appointment on Friday and I am loving my new boobs. She told me to just massage the area of where she did the BL, it was a little sore but I am massaging three times a day with Palmers Vitamin E oil and I am loving the results so far. You can't even see the scars. My hubby is thrilled and can't wait to play with his new toys. I am feeling soooo much better. I wake up with sore boobs every morning and I just massage them and they feel better. The seatbelt is probably one of the worst parts of it. Every day it gets better and I am so glad that I did this.

1 Month Post OP So I had a stitch that had to...

1 Month Post OP
So I had a stitch that had to come out today, I honestly thought it was a scab, it's kinda hard to see down there. They have fully dropped and fluffed. I expressed I wish I went a little bigger but overall I am ecstatic. Sometimes they look really big and the other times they look really proportionate. Go figure :) I can wear a regular bra now, so that means Victoria Secrets shopping for new bra and panties. They are soft and you can't even see the scar. I am also doing scar therapy 3 times a day with palmers on them as well. I love them and people said that silicone is much more softer but saline is just as good! Mine are soft and hubby likes to kiss just on the top of them. Shoot, was that a TMI moment. Lol. No more restrictions, I have been cleared for gym and all the amusement rides I can dream of.

I LOVE MY BOOBS! Although I wasn't going for...

I LOVE MY BOOBS! Although I wasn't going for porn, I think at times I look like a porn queen. Lol! I always said I would have rather gone bigger than smaller so I probably could have gone with 225 or 200 like she said but nahhhhhhh I am so loving the 240cc. Any bigger I would have been sorry :). The only downside would be the raised skin around the areola but I am totally satisfied with my procedure. The scar line looks sooo good. My bra size at Victoria's Secret is 34C from a 32B.

OMG! I am in love with my boobs! There are some...

OMG! I am in love with my boobs! There are some days I wished I had gone bigger and then there are days that I think I went too big. One thing is for sure that I love them. They feel and look so natural.

Dr. Mahony is one of the most caring and thorough doctors I have ever met. I like her because she will not take chances with your health and does what is best for your body and will give you great results. She is board certified and awesome! Her bedside manner is superb! She makes sure all her patients go home with her cell and house numbers. She called me on the way home and made sure I do no lifting when I got home. She answered all of my questions and made sure I understood what she was going to do. Angela is her office manager and she is awesome! She does her best to make sure Dr. Mahony's schedule and communication between the two is always on point. I would recommend her to everyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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