20 Year Old, Just Starting Claravis - Westport, CT

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I am a 20 year old female. I have been dealing...

I am a 20 year old female. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12 or 13. I have tried everything. I have been using Epiduo for the last year (hence why my skin isn't absolutely terrible). When I do break out, the pimples are under the skin and extremely painful. My doctor has been trying me to take accutane for the last couple of years, but i always said no. Finally, this past year, I have become so fed up with having to put on a cream every night, yet still not getting results, and just keep getting more and more scaring on my face. I just took my second pill today, and obviously have not experienced any side effects. I have noticed my face is a bit more red and I also need to buy some sunscreen considering I have a 20 minute walk outdoors to work everyday. All of the acne that I have seen on here doesn't exactly look like mine, so I was wondering if anyone has every seen any significant results on anyone with my type of skin? I do not really break out on my forehead, but my cheeks are terrible and I just started developing some acne on my chin due to what I believe is stress.

1 month

One month down- started at 30 mg and my next month is also 30 mg. my face is still breaking out really bad around my chin, and normally I never have acne here! Hoping for the best.

onto month 4

I am currently on what my doctor considers to be the 4th month. The first doctor I went to was prescribing me half of the dose that I was supposed to actually be on. So now I am currently taking 60 mgs a day. I have been having terrible anxiety and dry lips. Also, my skin is so dry that it feels almost like a lizard (weird i know). As for the skin, my face has smoothed out. There is still some blotchyness on my cheeks. The doctor said that this is because my skin is so fair and sensitive. I was just about ready to give up because of the anxiety, but the doctor told me to stick through it since I am so close to being finish. I am just hoping that the dark blotchyness clears up!

Month 5

Currently going on my "5th" month. My face is all clear, minus all of the scars that are left behind. Does anyone know if this will go away?

Also, as recommended by my derm, I visited an endocrinologist and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is highly related to my acne and helps to explain why I am still getting some acne under the skin (very rarely). I am going to start some hormone treatments to help get that under control. But overall, the acutane (well clavaris) has truly helped my skin to smooth out. I am still a bit embarrassed of all the scaring, but overall I don't have any huge ugly pimples anymore!

Picture of 5 month

Here is a picture where you can kinda sorta see the scaring left behind. Bad quality of an iphone pic

7 months after stopping treatment

Just thought I would post a photo after some of the scaring has cleared up and whatnot... Couldn't be happier with results. I have been using grape seed oil as a facial moisturizer to help with the scaring and it has helped a bunch!
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