20 Years Old, One Kid, Deflated Boobies - Westport, CT

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So happy I've found this site. I'm getting my...

So happy I've found this site. I'm getting my breasts done October 14th the date is booked! My pre op is September 24th which I'm paying full in cash. I'm an exotic dancer, college student, and by day I sell insurance policies. Also a mommy lol. Before I had my son my breasts were super perky and full. They looked fake natural double d. Now they're much less perky and full I want the fullness back.

Arnica? Things to take before hand?

Surgery is a little over 7 weeks! So I've been reading some of you ladies take arnica before hand to help with the healing process? Any other vitamins or supplements I should take before?? I take a multi vitamin and green tea right now

On the other side

Omg so I got my surgery done today and woke up in soo much pain it hurt to breathe I took a perk and feel better they were 375 I think over filled to 450 but I'll double check tomorrow at my post op they feel really hard and I took a quick peek and of course they look silly I'm icing them now


Ouch this hurts and they're hard as rocks lol

So much pain

Last night I experienced shooting burning electrifying pain googled it and apparently it's nerve pain....on my ribs ): I took 3 ibuprofen and 2 Percocets it hurt so bad I could barely breathe I'm doing a tiny bit better today..on 3 hours of sleep ):

Slowly looking more normal

Ran a low grade fever today but went away with Tylenol..

Feeling better

Went to Walmart today took another shower walked around a lot still feel super heavy but less pain

Still in pain

When will the pain end lol

One incision healing better

One of my incisions is pain free and closed the other one is red puffy and still a little wet looking...and hurts

Does this look infected

I have an appointment tomorrow to make sure it's not infected...the other incision is almost completely healed

Is it normal for them to look lopsided..?

Is it normal for them to look like this about a month postop..?

Not happy...

I'm really not happy with them at all...I paid about $8000 to have them end up really saggy..I think I initially needed a lift ...I need to get them re done now.

September 20th dr frieman !!

Dr frieman at cg cosmetics is doing my boob revision !!! I'm gonna make a separate review in a few weeks under breast implant revision if you wanna follow that pretty soon! He's doing a lift and an implant exchange under the muscle..he has tons of boob experience I have faith in him !!!

Requesting a refund ??

Do y'all think I could get a refund or partial refund with my old surgeon? What do you think the chances are ..?

Made a new review

Hey guys I made a new review with my revision journey go to my profile and follow it !!! Here's more pics of my terrible boobs

Pics before my revision

Took these last pictures of my horrible boobs before I got my revision done today...when I laid down on my back my boobs would be in my armpit and there would be a dent in both boobs, they were soooo saggy after being told I didn't need a lift...obviously I DID!! this is LESS THAN A YEAR AFTER!! I'm 21 years old !!!! The skin stretched so so much on the top of my breasts I got horrible stretch marks I NEVER ONCE HAD. My aeriolas got stretched out so much too and got gigantic !! God look how horrible they were before I got them re done today! Look at my revision review for updates ..where the doctor marked me THOSE ARE WHERE MY NIPPLES SHOULD BE !!!!!!
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