Hope my Surgery Comes out Like Everyone Else - Weston, FL

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So far i have being pretty good, i wanted this so...

So far i have being pretty good, i wanted this so bad after 3 beautiful boys age 6, 3, and 2. I wanted this over a year now. When i had my last baby back in 2010 and lost atleast 20 pound after the kids, i wondered why my belly wasn't going down so i decide to go through with it. By the way i was only 150 after the baby and now am 130. With my height of 5'5, i wanted to loss atleast 5 pound but it makes me look too skinny. I am excited and ready. Do anyone have any advice or know what i will be needing or maybe what i need to get for before and after surgery? Any advice will be appreiciated.

Breast implant with a lift & Fat transfer

Looking for a good doctor to make my boobs look great. I live around Pembroke Pines and want something not too expensive.

Breast Augumentation with Silicone and Lipo

I am looking for a good and cheap surgeon that i can get this done with.

Lipo and Butt Lift

I am looking for a good doctor in Miami or Broward with good deal. I want lipo of full abdomen, flack back, thigh, and transfer to the butt. I don't have a lot of fat on me but i need someone that can work with what i have.

Liposuction of the Tummy, inner thigh, flank, waist and back.

I finally decide to have the lipo..........yay. Waiting on clearance from my doctor and hermatologist.


I am in search for a surgeon that can sew my Earlobe back, it's big. Please any doctor in Broward County, Florida???
Weston Plastic Surgeon

He was given to me by my medical doctor. I do some research on him and found out he was the chief surgeon at Memorial Hospital West in Florida. I went and see him, was very comfortable and the staff was great. I have a little ups and downs with my health but through out the journey he was there. He worked with me and was very patient.

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