27yo F, No Kids, 60# Weight Loss, Benelli Lift W/ 500cc Silicone - Weston, FL

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I'm 27 years old, 5'5 145# currently a 38 small B....

I'm 27 years old, 5'5 145# currently a 38 small B. I'm scheduled October 7 to relieve 500cc mod+ silicone implants bilaterally. I'm hoping to become a full C small D. Not really sure what to expect but praying for fast recovery and good results. This is my first post, more post with pictures to come.

1 day post op

So it's done!! Originally went in with the idea of 450-500cc silicone implants with benelli lift. Came out with I believe 625 in the L and 475 in the R due to the differences in breast tissue. Still silicone mod+. So far I'm beyond ecstatic. Not much pain, just very very tight.


Here are some before...

4 days post

Not much to update. No real pain, taking only the Valium at night to help me sleep. Chest feels super tight. I have been getting headaches from my shoulders being pulled so tight because of the implants. Other then that recovery has mostly just made me feel bored lol. Can only lay around doing nothing for so long. Haven't been able to remove the bandages yet, hopefully going Monday and getting my dressings changed meaning... PICTURES!!

Almost 1 week post op

Not much to post. Left breast is a lot more tight and hasn't dropped much at all but it's the 600cc implant as opposed to the right which still hasn't dropped all the way but is already pain free and starting to get squishy. Weird to feel the implant but not really feel it at the same time. Side note : total nipple sensation in my left nipple none at all still in the right but the right nipple does get hard with stimulation

Officially 1 week

Just some before and afters

2 weeks

Nothing to note. R side has started to drop faster then left side but it's the smaller implant. L side has some residual pain. Hurts to apply pressure to the muscle with certain movements. Scars are healing equally nice. L breast hats started to get soft and jiggly but still more firm then a normal breast.

3 weeks

The L side still hasn't dropped.. Slightly irritating lol. Hoping it evens out soon.

3 weeks

The L side still hasn't dropped.. Slightly irritating lol. Hoping it evens out soon.

1 month post

Still riding high on the L side. I can feel and see the implant in my armpit. Hoping it relaxes and drops down more. The asymmetry bothers me. Otherwise healing great. Nipples are healing amazingly. Bobbies have started to soften up and giggle more. Still more firm then natural boobs but soft. You can't notice the asymmetry in person but for whatever reason it looks super noticeable in the pictures.

5 weeks

No real updates to post. Still aggravated at the drop difference but slowly getting there. Have days where the boob greed is real, wondering are they big enough? Too big? Full enough? Not lifted enough lol. But all in all thrilled with the results and healing amazingly! No puckering, no stretching, can barely tell I even had the benelli procedure :-)

6 weeks

Love being braless

Officially 2 months!

Couldn't be happier with the drop and equality between breast! Finally softening up! Still have some numbness in certain spots, but for the most part I've regained sensation. Nipples are healing greatly, almost can't even tell. Working out is still interesting as far as any chest work goes and finding new sports bras that hold the girls in place lol.

Finally bought my first new bra!!!

Just posting some pictures in my new bra. Officially back to my 38D and not just any D but a full D!! This bra has no padding no push up just a cup and I prefer the underwire.

Finally bought my first new bra!!!

Just showing my new bra!! Finally back to a 38D and not just any D a full D!!! This bra has no padding and no push up just a simple full coverage with underwire for work. I LOVE CLEVAGE!! Lol

Just playing around

Sports bra

Some days are better then others. Some days I love my boobs and other days I still find myself unsatisfied. Considering possibly going back under for a few lift in a couple years....

3+ MOS

Little over 3 months. Just so you can see the settling and the scar healing, it'll be almost non exist in another couple months

Just playing around

4 months

Scar gel that I used

This is really the only scar stuff I used during healing. I tried bio oil once or twice but I really didn't like the smell so it's still sitting in my bathroom full lol. The scar gel I got
On Amazon for 30$.

6 months post op

New favorite dress

6 months PO

Just keeping up to date with healing.
Weston Plastic Surgeon

So far I love him. I had 3 consultations prior to dr rothfield and he was by far the most knowledgable and made me feel the most comfortable. Took all my measuments and listened to all my questions.

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