24 Years Old, 145 Lbs, No Kids, 5'4 -360cc- Montreal, QC

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Hello ! I'm gonna have a Breast lift with...

Hello !
I'm gonna have a Breast lift with augmentation (360cc) tomorrow!
My surgeon is Dr Karl Schwarz.

I have seen him twice. First Time in May, I got a consultation to recieve informations about price, procedures, techniques and I choose with Dr Schwarz what size I should wear to get the results I want.

Next appointment in July, to recieve my prescription, have a blood and heart test and see the surgeon one more Time to take the before pictures and ask questions of needed.

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, August 10th. I have to be there at 6:30 am. I Will post a few updates and pictures of my recovery.

Wish me good luck!

Day of surgery :)

Hello !

Everything has gone soo well! I Cant believe it!
I went to the clinic at 6:30 Am, the nurse needed a pee test ( to verify if you are pregnant) and put me the iv. Then Dr Schwarz came to me, so calm and smiling, to draw a few Lines on my chest. I have to admit; i wasnt that much anxious, maybe because of the calming pill I took :p

Then, they brought me on the surgery table, put oxygen Mark. The sweet anesthetic told me : you will fall asleep sloly.. And paf!

I woke up on the recovery room. Tired, but no nausea of dizzy feeling. I stand up, putting my clothes while drinking water and I felt so good.

Now I Just arrived at my hôtel, feeling good. It only feels like you have made 100 push up ( and im used to it hahaha) !

I Will post something tonorrow, hopefully with the same energy!

Day 0

More pics

Day 1

I Just woke up, I slept about 7 hours, Wow !
I only feel more thightness and sore when I wake up from bed ( if I lay down for too long), but there Notting big in here.

Tomorrow, I Will meet Dr Schwarz to take off my huge bandage and recieve the bra that I have to wear for the 2 next months. Also, I gonna have the opportunity ( finally!) to see the result. Can't wait!

Oh, and Just a few tips for the recovery, I suggest you to buy straws, it helps a ton, and fragrance free baby whipes. Also, deodorant in spray helps a lot!

Today, I plan to watch a lot of movies ( its cloudy here) and maybe take a little walk outside if the temperature is not too humid!

Prenez soin de vous :) xx

Day 2-3-4

Hello !
Day 2:
In the morning, when I woke up, I felt a little bit dizzy and weak. My bf laid me down with freeze on my neck and I felt better.
I also felt a lot of pain on my stomath... I guess it was because I coudnt poop.
I saw dr Schwarz around 2pm, to remove my bandage and finally see the result. I was sooo happy, and he was also. The only thing that dissappointed me is that he was supposed to give me the post op bra, but he said he had no one that could fit me... So, I had to go and buy one by myself ( I went to wallmart). The thing is the bra is included in the price I paid, so I plan to ask im to refund me.

Day 3: I stopped the pain killers to take tylenol 500mg. Then I could finally poop!!! Yayyy!
I got my first shower, it felt soo great. And I always wear my bra, with bandages ( maxi pad, cheaper).

Day 4: I feel good.. I can do a few things in the house, like cooking, cleaning a little..

I have a question for you:
Do the post op bra needs to be maximum support? Or it has to be less thight ans low support?
The one i bought is a maximum support and im not sure if its okay.

Pictures on the way!

Day 4

Day 5-6-7

Day 5-6:

I feel good. Only thigh on the upper section of my breast. I have been able to wash myself (really slowly and carefully) and I also washed the dishes. I take Tylenol 500g every 6-8 hours.

Day 7:

Omg.... I woke up at 5 AM, because of a intense pain on my left boob. God.. so thigh and ache around the "muscle" area. Even when I breath, I can feel the ache. The pain was about 9/10. Now, it is 12:00 and I feel a little bit better, around 6-7/10... but I still feel it.
I call the surgeon's receptionist, and I"m waiting that she calls back to tell me if its normal. I've read a few reviews on this website, and majority of surgeons's answers are the same: It is normal to feel different pain from the 2 boobs, because it's two different surgeries.
I will write an update when I gonna have the informations. Also, I asked about the bandages. I actually change my bandage, which are maxi pad, everyday, but I'm asking myself how long do I have to wear them inside my post op bra...
To continue... Hopefullly the pain goes off.

Picture of the post op bra

I bought it at wall Mart , exquisite form, wire free, front closure
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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