Finally Taking the Plunge & Getting Some Boobs! 275cc Overs - Westmidlands, GB

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So after much deliberation (8yrs in fact) I've...

So after much deliberation (8yrs in fact) I've finally decided to go ahead & get a BA. For as long as I can remember I haven't been happy with my chest size, I am 5,4 a uk size 6-8 & a big a / small b cup. I went to go ahead with a ba before I was getting married last yr, however my mum talked me out of it saying I should wait until I've had kids. I'm 26 married now but still don't see me planning for kids until a year or 2's time. I feel like if I keep on waiting then it'll be another 5 years or so & im not sure if I want to do that anymore.

I had a consultation on Friday & whilst sat in the waiting room I started to talk myself out of it. After trying the sizers however that was it!! Seeing how I could look with a slightly bigger size made feel amazing!

My surgeon suggested 275cc moderate profile overs, he said I had enough tissue to pinch to cover the implant however I had thought from all the research that I should've had unders? (Although I have seen some videos of how much they can end up moving with the muscle).

I'm not a fan of huge boobs just a size that suits my frame ideally a nice c cup. Has anyone else had this procedure similar to mine? I'm just afraid I'll end up looking too big.

Also I would love to hear from anyone who has a BA before babies, I actually wouldn't mind if they dropped alittle. But would just love some real thoughts.

I've attached some of my boobspirations :)

State of confusion

Since my consultation last week I have turned boob mad.. Constantly searching pages in hope to see some pictures similar to I am now and the size I desire.

I also keep changing back and fourth as to whether I actually do want to go ahead with the procedure (I over think things).

I'm a perfectionist and I have this fear that they won't be what I expect or also that I'll end up too big. I'd say I'm a 32b and I only want to go up to a large c cup or small d and I'm just not sure whether 250cc is too small or that 275cc will make me look too big.. I find it so hard to try & picture myself with them ;/

Second consultation

So I had my second consultation today to just go over sizing. Since my initial consultation the sizing had been playing on my mind ALOT (I've gone boob mad) but my main worry was looking too big. I want a natural look which is of course enhanced to a full C cup from the size I am now of a 32b however I still want it to look natural & not like I've gone & got a huge pair just a nice perky understated look is me. I initially was thinking of going around 275cc however after today I know I would prefer around 225cc or 250cc at the largest. I know in myself that I'd rather feel like I wish I went bigger than omg I wish I had gone smaller & freak.

Trying on the sizers / what I desire

15 days to go..

Here's some pics of me currently, I love my shape but would just like them fuller.. Hoping 250cc will give me that

More wish boobs

I have lady lumps

So I finally have boobs! It all feels a little surreal at the moment. I woke up in a little bit of pain however am staying over night & so have been dosed up nicely. The hospital staff have been amazing here, I really can't praise them enough & have made me feel so at ease, only strange part is, is that I can't sleep.. excitement maybe!? I keep feeling slight stinging / tingling pains however so far (touch wood) po really hasn't been as bad as I expected. Not looking forward to the car ride home tomorrow however. Pics Before drawn up & trying to sneak a peak after :D

Day 2

Feeling more sore today, as if i've been hit around my ribs, my incisions have been stinging when I move so trying not to do too many movements & did not enjoy the car ride home at all, definitely the worst part. Missing the morphine right about now ????

Scared to shower

So today with the help of my partner I attempted to shower. I had the all clear from ps to shower the next day as he seals the incisions with glue, however I just don't feel comfortable getting them wet at the minute so quick body washes it is until then. The pain is much better today, but still very tight & walking round like a T-Rex slightly hunched

Getting there day 5

Settling nicely

I'm 2 & half weeks out & have to say I'm so happy with my results by Guy. I can't believe how quickly I'm healing / they are settling, the swelling has gone down a huge amount & they are already feeling squishy. I love the look & the proportion to my body. They actually look bigger topless than when I'm in clothes, you can't even tell it just looks how I did before with my padded bras which is what I wanted. My only regret & I never thought I'd fall into that cliche of wishing I went bigger, but I do wish I went with the size he advised on 275cc instead of 250cc, I know you probably wouldn't even notice a huge difference in terms on the volume but since the swelling has gone down I do wish they were a bit fuller. If I was to do it again I think I'd even chose 300cc, I just stressed myself out so much before hand not wanting to look fake, stuck on or too large for my body type & thought I was following my gut. What's hard is you search the net hoping to find a size implant that looks similar to you etc however you never know until they are actually on you what they will look like. I just hope they don't get any smaller as I'm really happy with the way the look now.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon was amazing. I was so nervous before I walked in, even though I've done years of research on the procedure & half know the answers myself. He was so warm & welcoming & made me feel so relaxed, asked me why it had taken me so long & what I do & don't like about BA's - I like that he asked me this before he done his examination. I was due to have a second consultation on Monday however after seeing guy I'm sure he's the surgeon I want.

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