My Ethnic Rhinoplasty , After Years of Searching . Best Desicion I've Ever Made!! - Westfield, NJ

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It had been an emotional roller coaster over the...

It had been an emotional roller coaster over the years trying to find the right surgeon. 6 years and countless consultations. I was always a tomboy always wrestling with my sister and also took up boxing. Somewhere in that timeline my nose became sunken in. The middle appeared to be crushed like the cartliage just gave out. From my side profile it looked like a saddle. I was very depressed for many years. I wanted a nose job so bad. Many surgeons either told me my wish picture were unrealistic or my bone structure and thickness of my cartilage made it impossible to get what I wanted. Some doctors showed me morphed images of my nose and it looked scary. I gave up on the inside and just settled to contouring my nose , but the heart wants what it wants. I found real self in 2015 and I thank god I did. It gave me a platform to see actually patients before and afters and actually message them. I came across Dr Carlos burnett. All his pictures of his rhinoplasty looked so natural , you couldn't even tell they were done. so I scheduled a consultation. (I'll write a follow up after this post, just didn't wanna make a whole 10 paragraphs lol, gonna break it up)

My scheduled consultation

The day of my scheduled consultation , Dr Burnett examined my nose. Took different angled pictures of my nose. Nothing was rushed. I explained my worries and concerns and felt like he really listened to me, I just wasn't a number. I wanted a more defined bridge, better profile and less bulbous tip. I was lucky enough to have my simulation of what my before and after nose would resemble. He showed me pictures of his other patients Ethnic rhinoplasty. I was very impressed. Dr Burnett is extremely professional, I could tell he was truly passionate about getting the best natural result. Before the appointment ended I made up my mind. I breathed a sigh of relief you have no idea.. Like finally it's happening (I will attach photos that was taken the day of my consultation along with my simulation results)

Day of surgery - April 6th 2016

My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday April 6th 2016. I arrived to the hospital and the only thing I could picture in my head was good. I know... Food? Since you can't eat after 12... Yea food was on my mind. As soon as I walked up to the front desk I told the secretary who I was having surgery with, she goes wow Dr Burnett is great!!!! He's very talented ! What a great start to hear that :)... Had my parents with me. Got all my blood work done and had a final review with dr Burnett about the procedure. The surgery lasted alittle over 7 hours. Turns out My nose cartilage was a lot worse then we all anticipated. When they woke me up I was in no pain! Just stunned ! i was shocked , I was expecting to be in agonizing pain, guess all the meds had me talking. After surgery I went to a recovery house for the night . I was monitored around the clock. The staff was exceptional. They made sure I took all my meds. (Crushed it up in apple sauce) I was so emotional... Everyone was reassuring me everything was ok. They were a god send. everything was so personal and my mom was allowed to stay in the room with me. Words cannot explaIn how thankful I am to hope village and dr Burnett. To go years to wanted something so bad to actually making it happen.. Words cannot explain the joy I feel in my heart as I write this. I hope this in some way can help someone out going through what I went through. Pure happiness now when I look in the mirror. But will get to that later.

Follow up appointment

One week later I was scheduled to remove the cast, packing and stiches. I was excited since I couldn't breathe through my nose only my mouth. The whole process took no longer then 30 mintues. I was just advised to continue taking my vitamins and getting lots of rest. Easy... Didn't get a chance to see my nose yet but dr Burnett said it was for the best considering it would still be very swollen. Probably a good idea , I would of jump to conclusions.
Next week or so I just focused on drinking a lot of water and sleep. I was started on vitamins two weeks before surgery so as you can see in my earlier pictures . There was no black eyes. There was no bruises ... It's pretty amazing how the vitamins helped with my healing process.

Final results thus far

So leading up until now. I am officially 2 months and two days post op. I'm still swollen but started to seeing results. I feel so much better about myself and as u said before dr Burnett surpassed every wish I had for my nose. It only two months I'm not nearly halfway healed yet. But I feel amazing and my nose looks amazing I'm so happy to choose Dr Burnett as my doctor. Word cannot express how thankful I am. Everybody at work tells me I look amazing and connect put there finger on it. I wake up smiling. Never been more confident, Dr Burnett is a godsend.

Amazing results

Feeling pretty ????????

Nosing around

Nosing around
Still cannot believe it's only been two months. It's not even halfway point and I feeeeel Anazing ??

Throwback Thursday's

I know sometimes it's hard to see all the differences since all my pictures are scattered so I made some collages to help with the comparison. Hope this helps!


Bored at work snapping all the different Angles . Lol I swear I kill my phone battery so much faster now

No flex zone


Even on my worst day is a good day

Having a bad day, but knowing I finally went thru with this, everytime I look in the mirror makes everything worth it

Feeling pretty



Still swollen , little by little I notice it going down. The tip mostly is swollen so I have to keep up with massaging it and keeping the tape on at night. Overall in love with it

Happy summer

Healing nicely

Update update update


4 month update

Can't believe it's only been 4 months .... Getting so refined ... In absolute love.


Still healing

Getting smaller

Everytime I look in the mirror I notice my nose getting smaller and smaller, had to upload some ... It's been four months and I'm still in shock. Really can't believe I actually went through with it after wanting it for so long

Side by side

Sometimes I really can't tell the difference , until I compare old photos with my recent ones.

8 months update

heres a few pictures of me now, since a few of you have been asking for updated pictures. thought about deleted my account, but from all the comment, inboxs and etc I'm seeing its helping some people. . so as long as that happens. i will keep posting <3

3 more months until I make a year!

Can't believe I'm almost at my year anniversary, so happy!

Final Year update!

In 6 days I will make a year. I'm so thankful for realself for finding dr Burnett . He really is amazing. Loving my nose...
it never wasn't a up and down experience for me. From the moment the cast was off I knew it was the right choice. I'm probably going to delete my profile. I hope all my info helped out people . Peace and love.

1 year and couldn't be happier

Today was my follow up appointment with dr Burnett. Looking at the pictures from before till now really makes my heart skip a beat. We are really blessed this day in age to have websites like realself to help us find amazing surgeons we would have never found.

Hugs and kisses xxxxx


Dr Carlos Burnett is a miracle worker. He surpassed all my wishes with the surgery. He was very through and precise about what he would accomplish and did just that. My nose actually came out looking better then my wish pictures. Everything from the service to staff was remarkable. Laurie, Nicole, Patricia and Liz are amazing. They all made this experience one in a million. Everything feels so personal , I've never had people call me just to check up on my wellbeing. Feels very family oriented. Dr Burnett is a perfectionist, I know nothing's perfect but he will give you just about that. I thank god for this website because it lead me to him.

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