29 Year Old - Removing Implants! - Westbourne, GB

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Hi there, like many others here I unfortunately...

Hi there, like many others here I unfortunately made the mistake of having an augmentation. I was 24 and had lovely (albeit small) A cups and went up to a size C/D with Harley Medical Group (another mistake made but that's another story!). Although they look great, they don't impact my life in any positive way so I feel that they are completely unnecessary. I am looking forward to hugging people without feeling awkward, lying on my tummy in bed for the first time in 5 years (bliss) and not feeling frumpy in certain clothing. All things that of course you never consider when having them put in! But hey, lesson learnt... even if it was a very expensive one. I am booked in at the Westbourne Centre in B'ham with Dr Hiroshi Nishikawa in just less than 2 weeks! I am very nervous that they'll look saggy afterwards, but I look at your photos and am inspired and keeping everything crossed that they'll be OK. I will try and upload some photos of my journey and will of course review how everything goes!
Thanks to all in this community who have already supported me with your own stories without even knowing.

4 sleeps to go!

EEK! I keep thinking 'Oh, this is my last Monday with my implants..!' etc etc. I spoke to the Nurse on Friday and she explained a few bits. Apparently I won't need to wear a bra for a week as the dressings will act as support. In preparation I have contacted Jo Thornton who I cannot recommend enough to help with my transition of breast size. I've sadly read a few negative comments on here - 'embrace your shape!' / 'why would you want to wear padded bras after your implant' etc etc, but I think that's unfair. I don't want family/friends/colleagues to notice a drastic change and have 101 questions about a mistake I made years ago. So hopefully Jo will help me with a suitable 'pad' to slip in the sports bra. I will add a photo later - a pre-op if you will! I think they look good, nice even. But hopefully they'll look even nicer after Friday. Again, thanks for all the support on here. It really helps x

Pre implant removal pic

Implant recovery time??

So, a few close family and friends who know have already said they will visit over the weekend to see how I am. All good intentions of course but my main thought is 'bugger! Must do a deep clean tm!' Ha! If you're anything like me with a busy family home a clean up is ALWAYS done before guests arrive! I know the husband will help but he's just not as thorough as me! So I'll clean tm, op Friday and then tell everyone not to touch a hint until all guests have left Sunday! ???????? wonder if I'll be able to do anything soon after? I hope healing time is much less than augmentation. In other breast related news I've thought of something else I'm looking forward to! WARM BOOBS! Does anyone else have cold boobs since implant? No matter how hot I am, the underside if my breast is always cold! X

And they're out!

Will upload details and pics later, after a much needed cuppa! Fantastic experience with Dr Horishi and team, wouldn't have trusted anyone else. Ended up having them out under LA rather than general. Was able to hold the implants after - eww! Can't believe I carried them around with me for 5 years! Will post pics later X

24 hours post explant

Wow! First day has flown by! I'm yet to see my teeny tinies as I have compression tape on as seen in pics. This will stay on until Friday so I have some time before I get to see them. However, what I can see is that they're very flat! Hopefully the fluff fairy will visit me over the next few months! The pain last night was quite intense, particularly in my left breast. Sleeping sitting upright was tough. Feeling ok today, just tender.

I ended up having local rather than general which was an interesting experience! But I didn't feel a thing. Well, apart from feeling very, very tipsy, I asked the dr if he could bottle and sell it! I cannot recommend Dr Hiroshi and his team enough. I had such an awful experience when I had them out 5 years ago with a big well known brand. I was simply a number in a huge hospital, waiting for hours to be seen by anyone. Yesterday I was so looked after, the entire team were just lovely. They had me laughing from the moment I arrived to ease me nerves, and all of them came to see me in recovery to say goodbye. I cannot thank them enough.

I'm so happy I did this. I must admit I had a cry on my husbands shoulder when I got home and looked in the mirror last night, but I think that was mostly down to the drowsiness and tiredness! I feel so lucky to have such a supportive man in my life, he told me how beautiful I look... Which made me cry more! It will be a slow process and no doubt I will need to go shopping to buy some loose fitting clothes to help with my transition from big busted Betty to teeny tiny Trish! Will post more pics when tape is removed next week. Good luck to anyone else having surgery! X

1 week post implant

Finally got the compression tape off! So please excuse awful marks from the sticky tape! In a sports bra now for the next Couple of weeks. Slight pain on left scar in certain positions. Will keep taking it easy. Both quite itchy too, which I think is normal when healing. Other than that ready to face the world with my eenie meenies!

2 weeks post explant

Feeling much more 'normal' now. Back to walking dogs etc, even back to renovating some furniture I've been working on! Still keeping scars dry as tape needs to be kept on until tomorrow. So excited to have a shower without having to keep my breasts out of the water!

I'm so happy I did this. My breasts are now warm to touch (yay!), I no longer look frumpy and I feel happier hugging friends. My husband is VERY happy with the results, he much prefers the natural look. Just looking forward to lying on my tummy now! Hopefully I will feel more confident to do so over next few weeks.
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I found the staff and Dr to be very personable, making me feel at ease at my consultation.

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