I Like my Breast but Some Complications Have Made Me Regreat Surgery - West Palm Beach, FL

For many years I had wanted a breast reduction but...

For many years I had wanted a breast reduction but knew I wanted to breastfeed my kids. I waited until my youngest was a year and then decide to have it done. I knew I didnt wanna go to just the cheapest Dr. so I did my research and choose Dr. Vineyard. As a person he is very nice and takes the time to explain things and listen. I felt very comfortable with him so I decided to have my surgery with him. After waking up from surgery I immediately felt a very sharp pain down my leg and kept telling the nurse I couldnt move or feel my legs. The Dr. At the moment didnt know what had gone wrong or why I couldnt move my right leg from the knee down. The next day I was sent to a neurologist who diagnosed me with a stretch injury to the lumbosacral plexus. My breast never hurt and look amazing Dr. Vineyard did a very good job reducing them and making them look nice but now I cant use my right foot and Im in constant pain. I also spend my days worrying that I will never fully recover the use of my right foot. I cry every day and wish I would of just stayed with my big saggy boobs because at least I wasnt in constant pain and I could take care of my family. I dont know what happened while I was asleep and I never will but I would give anything to be how I was the day I walked my two perfectly good feet into that OR. Surgery is always a risk and I now realize it wasnt worth it for me.

Second opinion

I went today for a second opinion. This nurologist says its a compression or stretch injury of the sciatic nerve. He did EMG and NCS again and says its a classic sciatic nerve injury not a lumbosacral plexus injury. Hes also thinks there is a mixture of axon damaged and nuropraxia and where the axon is damaged the axon will have to grow back at 1 MM a day scaitic nerve can grow a little faster 3 - 5 mm What does this mean?...... It could be a year or more and if it dosnt grow down to the muscle in 2 years then the chances of that muscle ever working again are very slim. He referred me to a peripheral nerve damage specialist at the University of Miami and im waiting to see when my appt is since he has a very long waiting list.

9 weeks post op

Well its been 9 weeks since my surgery and my breast feel great and look great to me. My foot however is still paralyzed although the pain is no longer constant just zings every now and then throughout the day tangling and some burning I also have more areas where i can tell im being touched as oppose to not feeling anything at all prior to the 5 week mark. I really wish this nerve damage would of never happend because i really am happy with my breast results but its hard to be happy because i cant use my leg and it makes it difficult to go about my daily life and take care of my kids.

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